Saturday, October 07, 2006


I've Got Their Number

More news from my campaign to rid my personal garden of Small Black Kitties (also known as Evil Intruder Kitties). I have found out that they actually live down the road at number 29 - they do have a perfectly good home of their own, so why do they feel the need to come and frolic in my garden? They are obviously just doing it to annoy me. My mum says they have now taken to sitting on the front wall of their own house and greeting her when she goes past on her way home to me. That's just designed to annoy me as well! They are now wearing matching blue collars, so they are obviously just trying to copy me (my last collar was blue, before I managed to break that one).

I think we should all be vigilant. If you see any Small Black Kitties looking something like this:
call the Evil Intruder Kitty Police immediately to have them apprehended. Or they could be invading your garden next!

In other news, my dad is safely back from his mountain climbing! He came back all wet and dirty, I made a Stinky Face when I smelled him, but after he had had a shower I condescended to lick his hair. He also brought back bags full of stinky wet clothes. Still, I think he enjoyed himself. He has done a lot of sleeping since he got back. Last night I went to the party that Charlie and Pandora threw to celebrate Luna's return, so this morning I was quite tired and I have just been helping my mum to look up Ancient Egyptian gods on the internet (she is doing it for school). This afternoon I am going to help her do some gardening and plant some spring bulbs. And Derby is coming to visit me! I think I need to get in a few naps before he comes, maybe I'll go and join my dad for a nap right now...

Yea for your dad's safe return!!! Hope he haded fun! We keep a look out for the Evil Black Kitties on our side of the pond.
They DO have an evil look about them. They look like they are plotting something. Wea re glad they have a real home however.
our Lady thinks they're adorable, but we kin tell frum the sus-pish-us look in their eyes that they is up ta no good. watch out fur 'em!
Oh kwap ... Hummy just told me one of the kitties comming from overseas is a small BLACK kitty ... can you please please send over the Kitty Police to ward it off before it arrives?????
We're glad your Dad is home safe and sound. Our Mum says that if you're feeling neglected you're welcome to visit so she can rub that magnificent floofy belly and kiss your beauty spot. That's a quote. She thinks the hair-sucking thing wouldn't be too bad either as long as you did it while she was lying down. Jeez! These beans!
Tilly and Toby
P.S. I'm nowhere near your size and Mum says, "it ain't gonna happen". Toby
Hmmmm - those black kitties look kinda mean! We think they're messing with ya - but then again, maybe their humans don't give them much attention so they're coming over to your yard for some?

By the way, we meant to say thanks for visiting us back on our Gotcha Day! Come back and visit soon - we'll add you to our blog roll.
They look kinda like Buddah. Evil indeed...
Yeaaaa, yer daddy's back!

As fur the Small Black yoo think that formed a gang? If so, yoo bettur watch yer back fat eric. We'll be on the lukout over her fur the small black kittie gang!
Eric they look like their up to no good.How dare they kiss up to your mom!!
I agree you must stand up and protect what's yours.I 'm glad your dad got home all right.
Hey hey hey now...All BLACK kitties are NOT mean. I believe you are profiling man. Even when I was homeless I still respected my feline neighbors boundries and was friendly to beans. I never started it, but I would darn well kick ass if I needed too. These guys may be nice. All I am saying is don't judge a cat by it's colour. Eric just cause your fat I don't assume you are lazy. As a matter of fact I would love to snuggle in that soft fur belly of yours. grrowwwll
The stoopid squids winned the game. Just wanted to let y'all know.
So you have garden invaders. I hate that type of cat. I hope they go soon.
I have seen ONE black cat around my garden, I am not sure about him... that feline party was a lot of fun, nice to have met you and thanks for dropping by . Or should I say fanks?
I will be on the look out for small black kitties. I can now-'cause I have such a big window!
Poor kitties...maybe their people don't take care of them. Maybe they just need a good home. But they shouldn't copy your collar color. Blue is MY color too.

We will keep a lookout for the black kitties. We certainly don't want them to invade our courtyard!
They must be evil because my mom said, "Awww, aren't they precious?" when she saw the picture. HELLO? Do the words "evil" and "intruder" not mean anything to you, Mom?? I will be on the lookout for any like them around here.
yay for da's return! glad he din't fall off the mountain and returned all safe.

hope the little black kitties don't bother you too much to enjoy the yard. if they're as small as you say, they shouldn't take much chasin'. good thing there in YOUR garden and not ours. our mom would be feedin' 'em!

and no, i don't get complaints about hairs in the printer--i shed the least of all of us, thank goodness. one less thing to get hollered at for! ;-)

purrs, nitro
I'm glad your Dad is safely home!

And those kitties look sorta evil. Be furry furry careful, Eric!
Those small black kitties need to stay witin their own boundaries! What in the world are they thinking?
Greetings from across the big Pond. My Mommy said I could post a comment. I am Sgt. Andy of the Patio Police , and like you I have been on patrol. I encountered one intruder and ran him or her our of our Fiefdom , here in the kingdom of Texas. Hopefully , I will be promoted to part of the Queens inside staff soon , at least on a part time basis..

Good work .

Sgt. Andy
Patio Patrol Unit # 1
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