Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I Love Computers

Here are some reasons why I love computers.
1. I can use them to blog
and make new kitty friends! (waves paw to kitty friends).
2. I can spend quality time with my mum when she is working on the computer, and help her by pressing buttons with my paws.
3. Behind the keyboard she keeps this "scanner" thing which is nice and flat and just the right size for a Fat Eric sleeping place. Mmm...comfy...
4. Next to the computer she's got this "printer" thing which has a comfy kitty headrest on it and I like to sleep on that too - although my dad got cross once when the printer jammed and there was big lumps of kitty hair in it...looks innocent...
5. Here are some pictures of me enjoying my computer - I've put in an old one of me with my sister Hattie so you can see that she looked quite a bit like me! (only a bit smaller).
What do you all like to do with your computers?

Hi, Eric... we like computers so we can talk to our friends & because Mom earns money using one to pay for our stinky goodness, treats & toys. Welcome to bloggy world.
Sit on them, definitely. Mom gets such a kick out of those little clumps of kitty hair in between the keys on her keyboard.
~ tm&n

No, I do not.
What a cute tummy you have there!
Hattie was a pretty kitty. Really did look hust like you, only...ahem...petite. We like to watch the little arrow thin go around, but mostly we stay out of the way cause mom's laptop crashes a lot and we don't want to get crashed on & hurt!
Hi there. Mom is helping me put your link on our site. Thanks for adding ours.

We are having a kitty nap-a-thon and you are invited. Details on my blog tomorrow.....
We dont' really go by the computer too much. We prefer to dictate to Mom, who types for us. Saves us a lot of work!
I write diligently for the blog, but my brother Brach looks at kitty porn. What a perv!

You and Hattie do look so much alike! I bet you miss her a lot...
I loves to step on the keys and get Mom's wiggly fingers to do somefing useful like rub me. Do you really weigh 22 pounds? I thought Bonnie was big, but she's only 12 pounds. I was 6 pounds but that was 3 monfs ago and I'm bigger now.
Other than blogging, my favorite part of computers is the chair. I let my man use the bestest puter chair in the world, when I'm not sleeping in it.
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