Monday, January 30, 2006


I'm Seriously Displeased

Huh. My human servants have seriously displeased me.

When I agreed to take them on as my servants, I made it clear that I was an easy-going, easy-to-please kitty. I only insist on a few ground rules. And one of those is that Meals Must Always Be On Time. Food, after all, is very important to me. Now, my mum is usually fairly good about this. This time, however, she has Seriously Let Me Down.

Last Saturday evening, do you know why she totally failed to notice I had teleported off to the Calico Girls' Nap-a-thon? Because she wasn't even there! She and my dad went out for the evening. Wining, dining, going to the theatre, anyone would think they had nothing better to do than enjoy themselves. In fact, they enjoyed themselves so much that by the time they got home they were Four And A Half Hours Late serving my evening meal.

Four And A Half Hours!!!

Luckily for me, I had nipped off to the Nap-a-thon and was enjoying some American Stinky Goodness, but for all they knew or cared, I was at home. Alone. Starving. Wasting Away.

To make matters WORSE, they were tired (ahem, hung-over) on Sunday morning, making my breakfast seriously late as well! I had to trample all over their heads and pillows and lick their hair for a good hour before I saw any breakfast action.

I'll be giving them a very cold shoulder for the next few days to mark my displeasure.

Dude, that's just not right. You are going to have to really snub them.
Thanks! Now go vote for me!! J/K. I have you in a folder to be added to my links too, if I can ever get mine Mom to do it....
Poor Eric - we are glad you survived until those humans got up & served your food. You will need to think of some suitable punishment for them
Man that is just not right. You coulda been abducted by aliens and they wouldn't miss you for ages.
That is just shameful!! They should be verry ashamed of themselfs and you should punish them a lot. Lots of ignoring and when they do feed you, scratch like you're going to berry it and they will put lots more foods down in better flavors.

Finny & Buddy
Humans are sooo unreliable. Give them the cold shoulder for a little while. They have only a rudimentary understanding of Meow, so make your body language shout at them. Oh, and thanks for linking us - got you, too.
It was good to meet you at the nap-a-thon, Fat Eric! Bummer that you didn't get your dinner or brekky on time, tho. I hope those beans of yours have straightened out now.
Oh Eric, that's terrible. My mama was two hours late last night and I thought I might wither away. Four and a half hours is just horrifying.
I don't know what to tell you, Eric. On one paw, I feel terribly that you are being mistreated in this fashion. On the other paw, I have to ask you: WHY DID YOU EXPECT BETTER BEHAVIOR FROM SELFISH HUMANS?

From my experience, the cold shoulder is very effective, so stay strong and focused and avoid all loving pats and scratches. And remember...when you think they've been punished enough, ignore them for one more hour--just to be on the safe side.
I don't blame you one bit. It is a cat law that dinner must be served promptly and on time!
This am terrible. I have trained Mom to keep two bowls of crunchies full at all times. She is pretty good, but then she slams mine tail in the door too! Bet your mom has never done that!!
Thanks for the sympathy Patches. You get bowls full of crunchies, you are lucky! Since i started my diet the v-e-t told my mum not to fill the crunchy bowl but only to put enough to cover the bottom of the bowl. It is torture. And yet I still don't get any thinner...
Our Mom does it too! She thinks that her schedule is more important than our hungry tummies! The cold shoulder is effective but you may have to come up with something else.

The Monsters
This is completely unacceptable behaviour from your staff. You must have stern words with them. Usher them into your office and read them the riot act. Threaten to fire them! That should get their attention more than the cold shoulder.
Thanks for the link Fat Eric! I got you on my links now too. :) I tried to get Mom to help with it yesterday but she was bizzy as usual. (Did you ever notice that bizzy rhymes with dizzy?)
That's horrible! I wonder how they would feel if someone did that to them? I think you should poop in their shoes and pee all over their stuff. I'll bite them if you want.
I think you should lodge a complaint with your local RSPCA for failure to feed a feline in a timely manner. I think it's horrible. The cold shoulder is very effective punishment for this heinous crime. Stay strong.
Well Eric, If you would have signed the CBA, you would have a legal avenue to pursue. That is one of the clauses. Maybe you should have your humans re-read the fine print.
Oh baby...go lick you dad's hair until he gets your food. You could threaten him with baldness, that might work.

The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South.
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