Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Introducing Myself

A very warm welcome to my new blog! I've been sneaking on to my mum's computer for quite a while now to send e-mails, but up till now she hasn't given way to my demands for my very own blog (as I pointed out to her, all the other kitties have one...) Anyway, here we are at last. My name is Fat Eric, although I also answer to Eric, Fatboy, and pretty much anything else she calls me in her ramblings. I was also called Max in a previous life but more of that later. I now live in Walthamstow, north-east London, UK, with my two human servants. I'll fill you all in on my life story another time, but here's a photo of me to get started.
As you can see I am a devilishly handsome ginger-and-white 10-year-old boy. I have an incredibly thick double-density coat (my v-e-t thinks I have some Norwegian Forest Cat in me, who knows?) which makes me extremely cuddly and good at covering my house with hair. I am a very big cat, and you can tell from my name that I am of generous dimensions, currently weighing in at 10kg (22lb). I have in fact been on a diet for the past two years, but it doesn't seem to be making much difference, probably because of my extremely "relaxed" lifestyle.
I'm really looking forward to making some kitty friends all over the world - hope to hear from you soon!

Welcome to the circle. I hear that Tub Hockey is great way to work off a few pounds. Come check us out and see if you want to enter a team.
Hi Fat Eric!!!! Thanks for "outing" on my blog. I must concede the poofiest, floofiest belly belongs to you!! You are one handsome cat! You even make me feel skinny at only 18 pounds. We all say welcome to the blog world. It is addicting, but you make so many friends, and we have so much fun! -Shaggy
Hi Eric. It is nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy the blogosphere. You sound like a nice kitty.

I'm usually a lurker; but, I occassionally post a comment or two. I have five indoor kitties that I simply adore.
Hi Eric! Oh I'm so a'cited to see you have a blog now! You should be thankful you live across the big pond a'cause Momma wanted to kiss your belly. I hate it when she does that! It tickles too much!! You're just a bit bigger than me :) I'm about 18 lbs.
Welcome to the world of cat blogging, Fat Eric. This is such a great group of kitties and there are so many of us now!
Lovely Cats. My Cat is a calico.
My goodness Eric, you are looking good! Bigger than me and my bruvver together. He won't let me cuddles but I bet I could have a nice nap with you.
Hi Eric

Welcome to our cat blogging community. Boy, at 22 lb. you might be the biggest guy around. We weigh in at about 14 lb. each, but are only given dry food, so what can you expect?

George & Max
The Crew
Hi Eric,

Glad to see you've joined us! I have to say, you're *twice* the cat I am. But that's why my mom calls me Tiny Boy sometimes (I'm 11 pounds).
Always good to find a handsome ginger brother's blog. Welcome and good on ya, mate.
Holy crap! My mom thinks I'm hefty, but I weigh in at a mere 12.5 lbs (5.669904625 kg or 0.892857143 stone...I had to Google the conversion so I could be polite)!

I say wear your weight with pride! It's not like we have clothing into which we need to squeeze!
G'day Eric - Lovely to meet you. You and I could like, be related or something 'cause we both have ginger fur. If you think you are big you will have to see my Uncle Jackson (Gramma's kitty), he is gigantic! (his knickname is giganticus caticus). I will have to get a photo to put on my blog of him.

Anyway, welcome to blogland!
If I was a girl cat, I'd say you were a hunk and a half!
Welcome to blogland!
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