Thursday, January 26, 2006


My Favourite Toy

Now, I am not really what you would call a playful cat. I am much more of a lying-around-snoring-until-food-is-served cat, one of your mature, sensible types. However, my mum keeps trying to get me to play with stuff - it's all part of her put-Eric-on-a-diet-and-make-him-take-more-exercise routine. I have a lot of mice and things but I usually only smash them a bit with my killer front paw while the rest of my body stays still. Sometimes I have sudden fits of madness and try to kill my yellow string thing which hangs from the back of one of the dining chairs. And my auntie and uncle in America sent me a really cool wire Cat Dancer thing which I can get quite energetic with if I am in the mood. (They always send me cool stuff!)

But my very favourite thing I never get tired of is my big IKEA mousie. It is wicker and my mum bought it for me hoping I would use it to scratch on instead of the wicker laundry basket which is my favourite scratching place. I do scratch my mousie sometimes but mostly I just like to love it. I spend ages lying on it, hugging it with my paws, using it as a pillow or a tail rest, it is so versatile! And let's face it, a big cat like me needs a really big mousie! Here are some pictures of me loving my IKEA mousie.

That is an awesome mousie!!!! We have a cat dance too! It's our favorite too! We love it. Good luck with the exercise!
Dude, that's a fricking huge mousie! Are you sure it doesn't bite back???
Eric, that is the right sized mousie for you. We had no idea IKEA made wicker rodents. We may have to check into this...
What a great mousie! Maybe Mom will get one for us. Mom's had us on diets for a year and I think we have actually gotten bigger.

Looks so tasty!
Wow! That mousie is bigger than bof of us combined!
What the...?! Now that's what you call a MOUSE! And you Brits think we Americans overdo things... :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm going to add you to my links and spend some time reading up on you. I love fat kitties--especially those who meow with British accents...
Gosh that's a ginormous mousie!!! I want one!!! We have Ikea in Houston!!! MOOOOOOOOM!!!
Hi Eric, Derby here. Nice to meet you and happy to see another fine kittie joining our community.

My mum has been to London, but hasn't been to your side of town, yet!

Your mousie is huge, but then you's ia big cat.
Oh, I would LOVE to have that!!!! Thanks for coming to see me. I hope you don't mind if I link to you.
Wow, that is some mousie! I'll have to get Sanjee to come look at that mousie. I bet she'd like one that big. (*whispers* She's a big girl, but not as big as you.)
Good to meet you Fat Eric :) I'm gonna link to you, ok?
Hi Eric!! Wow, that's a great mousie! I like my little soft mousie that I can carry around in my mouth and make mom throw for me. Buddy likes to knock his mousies down the stairs.

We are the 2 Carolina Cats, we live in Charlotte, North Carolina America. We hope you'll come by and visit our blog, we're new to the group too.

Finn & Buddy
What a great mouse! We must have one....our mom got us the wicker dog bed from IKEA...we like to nap in has a big quilt on it too!

You are so handsome,by the Way!...xxxooo Miss S

The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South

I want one! MOM, where's IKEA? But, does it come a little smaller? 'Member Sylvester seeing a baby kangaroo and finking it's a mouse? That would be me and that mouse.
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