Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Are you a Gorgeous Ginger?

Thanks all for the sympathy over my diet. This morning I was so hungry that I jumped on the bed half an hour before the humans' alarm clocks went off and started chewing my dad's hair. Maybe if I keep up this treatment every morning his resistance will crack.

I have started a new page - just a small one, for fun. I decided that the Tuxedo Gang have been having things all their own way for long enough. OK, so black and white looks smart, but really, what could be more gorgeous than a lovely ginger kitty glowing in the sunlight? So I bring you...

The Gorgeous Gingers

(I didn't want to call it the Ginger Gang in case those tuxedo kitties thought we were trying to copy them). If you are one of my ginger brethren, go and visit the page and you can have your link added to it. I won't be blogging on that page, it's just a place to link to all us ginger kitties, and we can make a page full of all those handsome ginger faces! My mum says she might design a membership button we can add to our blogs. Looking forward to hearing from my orange brethren...

Eric, Do I count as a ginger? Mum says I am buff or tan, not ginger.
In British-speak you are definitely ginger, Derby - you are welcome to join!
Hmmmmm, Eric, I have a little problem. I am deffinitly ginger, but Finny is not. Can I still be in the group?

Buddy the Orinch
This am so not fair!! But, hey, we calico girls have ginger as one of our colors......
Thanks for the invite to join, Eric! I just sent my info to you and can't wait until our first secret club meeting!

I'm working on a sign for our clubhouse door that says, "No Empresses Allowed--AND THAT MEANS YOU, KUKKA-MARIA!"
Shaggy was meowing for mom to get up way to early for her today too. But she went "harummpf" and got up!! Shaggy won!
i'm on board!!

I think that's a grand idea! I think there should also be a club for the grey cats, and one for the calicos.
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