Monday, February 27, 2006


I'm Still Cuddly, Dad's In Trouble

I've been chatting lately with some of my cat-blogging friends about the challenges of being a Particularly Cuddly Cat. (Yes, I call it Cuddly, the v-e-t calls it Obese, my mum calls it Fat). Humans are very contrary - one minute they're cooing over how lovely it is to cuddle a plump furry cat, next minute they're frowning over the scales and mentioning the D-word (you know, D-I-E-T).

My name may be Fat Eric, but I prefer to think of myself as a cat of generous proportions. I've been that way for a long time. In fact, I was fatter when my mum and dad adopted me than I am now. The lovely ladies who looked after me in the cat sanctuary told my mum, "That cat looks like he's swallowed a rugby ball - or maybe he's just swallowed another cat." My mum may not think I've lost enough weight in the last few years, but she has to admit my silhouette is a little more streamlined than it used to be. (I have photos to prove it).

Anyway, for the last two years my food intake has been cut down and down, and I have this special diet food from the v-e-t. My mum is pretty strict with me, but I have stayed large and cuddly, mainly because I don't burn off the calories due to my extremely relaxed lifestyle. Hey, I can still get upstairs and jump in bed with my mum and dad, it's not like I'm one of those super-fat cats you see on TV who can't even walk. Still, I know my mum is doing it for my own good - she doesn't want me to get diabetes or one of those other fat-cat illnesses.

I know some of my cat-blogging friends have suffered from diet-pushing mums too - Shaggy has been put on a diet, and so have Edsel, Sophia, Max and Smeagol. How we all envy those lithe, skinny kitties who can eat anything and not put on a pound.

OK. I have a little confession. I wasn't going to confess this, but my mum is standing over me looking stern. She is not happy with me or my dad today. You see, my dad is a lovely person but he is kind of vague. He is always forgetting stuff. One of the things he forgets is how much food I am supposed to have for my diet. Lately my mum's been very busy and quite often it's been my dad who has been giving me my breakfast or dinner. And - heh, heh - he gives me more food than my mum does! Plus, I am only allowed two kitty treats a day, but dad gives me five or six at a time! But now mum has rumbled us. She came home last night and looked in my bowl and asked my dad how much food he gave me (because there was still loads left in my bowl). Then she looked at me and I was guiltily licking my lips after pigging out on treats.
Now dad has promised only to give me the same food that mum does, so my days of sneaking extra food are over. Maybe I really will start losing weight now...

Very depressing situation indeed. Luckily we 3 are not overweight (yet). We get only dry food, usually hairball formula for indoor cats - no stinky goodness in this house!

Good luck, Eric!
I am pretty svelte but Mittens.....her tummy hangs down..can you believe it, and sways wher she walks! She claims she doesn't eat enough to keep a bird alive.........I have mine doubts.....she can be sneaky and Mom leaves a bowl out all the time of crunchies. (If Mittens doesnt cut back, she will probably spoil everything and Mom will dish out the crunchies like she does stinky goodness.) It will be Mittens fault!!!
Oh, Mom says, about the cat tree. The one we have is VERY sturdy. Mom says she spent way to much monies on it, she ordered it off the internet. She says not to get a cheap one, you need one with a good base. Tell your Dad it is a piece of funrniture and YOU NEED IT!!!
Eric!! I need some help! She's done it again, she has. This time it was worse. NO MORE KITTY BATHS!
"Lovely person but kind of vague" I love it!!! Explains my dad too!!!
Diets suck! (That's an Americanism Eric for saying its a horrible thing)
Good luck, dude. Our vet says stinky goodness is the way to go -- protein. Crunchies is carbs. And we're slender!
P.S. I think you look good!
Dude...your dad sounds like the Man! Heh.
We have it all in my family. My bro Eddie is a little thinner than my mom would like, and Olivia has that kangaroo in her. Then there's Caroline the Locust. Me, my mom says I'm just perfect.

Oh, wait. She says that to all of us. But trying to regulate food intake with the four of us is kinda hard. So far so good, though--I don't think any one of us would like a diet.
My cousin, Gracie, has been put on a diet by my auntie. They put her dry kibble in a timed bowl. It releases a measured amount of food at specific times of the day.

Grace has become very adept at sticking her paw up in the slot and jiggling a few kibblets loose when she gets impatient. Auntie says she is a persistent cat!
The stupid humans can never seem to make up their minds. One minute you're too fat, the next you're too thin. Sheesh. I know in our house the Mom has a problem with fat Brats 'cause the Maine Coons eat up all the food that's meant for the rest of us and they're all fat. Though I will admit that the Mom does need to put a "wide load" sign on Fizzy. That one is a major chunkster.
Uh oh, sorry you and Dad got caught. Like the Crew, we just eat dry food. Well, except for treats and whatever falls on the floor from Mom and Grandma's plates. I'm not fat either, tho, just FLUFFY!
You are still such a lovely ginger kitty - extra weight or not. Our mom started feeding us the wet stinky stuff which we inhaled in about two minutes and then look for more. Beau Beau gained 3 lbs in a month from the new food so now every one's in an uproar. I'm still skinny (all hair) and I eat most of Beau Beaus food so I don't know why he gotted so heavy so quick. Angie
oh eric, you're not fat. just more to love.
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