Sunday, February 05, 2006


Waiting For Spring

I know some of my kitty friends across the pond are up to their tails in snow, but today in London it was a much milder Sunday. My mum could go out to tidy the garden without rushing back in going "brrr!" I went outside to help her. My mum says it is not really Spring yet but I think I could sniff Spring coming! The garden still looks wintry and messy but there are lots of little green spikes sticking up everywhere which will soon be snowdrops and crocuses and daffodils and tulips. I haven't enjoyed going out while it was brrr-cold but today I had a good explore all round and even went under the big bushes and behind the shed to check that everything still smelt right. My mum says we will probably have some more brrr-cold days before Spring really comes. I'm looking forward to the day my frogs come back to the pond and I can start a new season of my favourite sport, frog-chasing!! Here's a picture of me enjoying some sunshine by my pond last April - it won't be long now until I can do this again! (...and oh, yes, I have to say sorry to my mum for the thing I did on top of her daffodils today. Sorry...)

By the way, check out the little ginger kitty in the top left corner of my blog! Oreo told me how to get him. If you click on him he chases the mouse! I had to get a ginger kitty so it would look more like me.

Hi Fat Eric - you ave a cool yard. i think prawns are just really big shrimp. i can send you a shrimp if you like.
NY has been very warm. We had snow only once and it rained this weekend! This has been the mildest winter in a very long time. Very lovely yard.
AW! Thanks for the plug!! It am furry cold here. 23 degrees this morning.
What you did to the daffodils was completely necessary! They will grow much better now.
Ohhh, the garden looks so nice. I don't get to go outside in mum's garden. I just get to watch from inside.
What a nice garden you have, Eric. With grass and everything! We literally just got our backyard cleaned up so I can't wait to help Mom plan for it. Don't think it will look as nice as yours, though. We've kind of opted out of grass because of our water situation here in the desert.
Hi Eric...Thanks for welcoming me to the Big Bold Blogesphere! (my momma is typing this for me cause my typing is not very good at all...truthfully, hers is not much better, but she try's...and she loves me A BIG BUNCH...
I hope Spring comes very very soon for you...
Hi Fat Eric! Thanks for stoppin' by our blog. We like your blog too! It was nice of your sister to get you 'dopted along with her. We're sorry that she went to the Rainbow Bridge so soon after that, though.

Your yard looks like lots of fun!
That's a real purty place yall have, Fat Eric. And my Grandma says that asparagus is a food, but I'm not too sure. It doesn't look like a food to me.
Eric, mom wants to come and read at the neat little table out there in the sun. You look very relaxed and stretchy in that picture. have a pond! Wow, you are the cutest spoiled kitty ever. Love the tip on how to add the cute icon on the top...I must try.

Can wait to see you amonst the daffodils and tulips!
The Tart
After reading this post I decided I needed a Web Neko on my blog too. I've added an orange one, just like you!
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