Friday, March 10, 2006


Diet Wars Update

I have been working hard to get my dad on my side about the diet thing, and I think it is working! Yesterday he was watching my mum serve my breakfast, and he commented that I would waste away on so little food. My mum replied "Does this cat look like he is wasting away?", which I thought was rather unfeeling of her. This morning at dawn I targeted my dad with desperate pillow trampling and head-licking; then, when my servants took too long getting downstairs to feed me, I sat on the landing so they couldn't get in or out of the bathroom or bedroom without falling over me, and miaowed pitifully. (My best "starving kitty" routine). My dad said, "Poor Eric, look, he is so hungry, you're not feeding him enough." Hooray! I am getting him on my side! I reckon in a few days he will be feeling so sorry for me that he will be sneaking me lots of delicious treats while my mum is not looking.

In other news, we now have no less than sixteen Gorgeous Ginger kitties in our gang! And two of them are beautiful ginger girls - welcome Luna and Nala! All the blogging kitties seem to be joining gangs these days - of course the Tuxedo Gang started it, but now the black kitties are ganging up at House Panthers and the tabby kitties are getting together over at Attack of the Tabbies. We should really organise some sports or quizzes or something so we can compete in our teams!

My mum was walking home today when, at the other end of our road, she was pounced from behind a hedge by a Gorgeous Ginger kitty she had never seen before. He (or she) seemed to enjoy a few strokes and scritches. When my mum arrived home I could smell from her hands that she had been unfaithful to me with a strange kitty. Bah.

Eric, she might have given a few scritches to that kittie. But she came home to you. You are the one she loves mostest.

Yes, lots of gingers, and even a few girl gingers. Your mum said they were rare, but we founded some. Thats good.
We want to be in a group!!
I know this petting and scritching other cats is so morally wrong!! There is nothing we, as faithful cats, can do about it either. Maybe you will get extra treats???
She still loves you! (So do I, tee hee)
Hey Athena, how's my favourite girl-kitty? Purrs to you!
Maybe she was just checking to make sure it was okay.
Ugh! Humans are so fickle! My mom will go hoarse telling me that I'm her favorite kitty (all in a baby voice, of course) and then think nothing of snuggling with her best friend's calicos!

I just meow "JUDAS!" to her. Because she's not fluent in Meow, it never has the desired impact, though.
Urgh, I can't believe it. On the one hand, she is starving you to death and on the other hand, she is loving on strange kitties. I think you should have a serious talk with the dad about this.
It's important for guys to stick together. Good work in getting Dad on your side on this issue.
oh no, cheating, that is the WORST ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

PS completely unforgivable
Eric you are much too handsome for your Mom to be cheating on you. For shame for shame!

Nice work Eric! Yep, a few more days and your dad will be slipping you goodies on the side. It also helps if you lie around looking too sad or tired to move.
My mom keeps telling me and Huggy Bear that we are going to have to go on a diet or start running on the treadmill, but I haven't seen any changes yet....Keep working on your dad. They can be such softies!!

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