Monday, March 06, 2006


Hattie's Story (part 1 of 2)

Some of my fellow cat-bloggers have been commenting lately on how most of us Gorgeous Gingers are male. It’s true that female ginger cats are rarer. I’d like to tell you the story of a special ginger girl – my sister Hattie.

Hattie and I were born in the same litter, back in 1995. My mum doesn’t know much about our early lives, but she thinks we must have been seriously cute little fluffy ginger kittens. We looked quite similar, except that I am a bit bigger. Hattie had a ginger splash on her nose, and I have a ginger beauty-spot on my cheek. We lived in a household with 4 other cats, not related to us, and an old lady who let us eat off the table and gave me lots of tit-bits, which is how I got to be Fat. When our old lady died in October 2003, all us cats were taken to the cat sanctuary. We wondered what would happen to us. They promised to find us new homes, but they didn’t think anyone would take all 6 of us together, so we were split up into pairs, and Hattie and I were kept together. The girls in the sanctuary were very nice to us (I used to lick their hair a lot) but it was kind of noisy with all those cats mewing, and a bit scary. One day, my mum and dad came looking for a cat. They said, “We’re not looking for a kitten, we’re looking for a fat, lazy cat.” “Come right this way,” said the girls. My mum and dad saw two big fluffy orange balls sleeping on a shelf. I was so busy snoring, I didn’t even wake up to meet my mum, but Hattie woke up and she purred at my mum and did fluffy headbutts and gave her such good kitty loving that she got both of us adopted! Lucky for me I had such a clever sister. A few days later we were both wide awake and we saw my mum and dad coming back with two cat carriers, the next thing we were in a car going to our forever home, we were so excited! It didn’t take us long to settle in, by the end of a week we were acting like we had been living there all our lives. That was when we got our new names. Our old names were Max and Molly, but our mum and dad decided to call us Eric and Hattie (they’re the characters in a really really old British comedy show).

Hattie and I got on really well together, although we both liked to do our own thing so we weren’t often to be found in the same place. Hattie liked to sit on windowsills – every morning after breakfast she would jump on the front windowsill so that she could wave goodbye to our mum and dad when they went off to work. When they got home she would be in the window again watching for them! (I don’t do this because my bottom is too broad to fit comfortably on windowsills). She was really good at climbing and jumping up to sit in high places. She loved to snuggle with my dad. Sometimes she would sit on my mum and I would jump up and push her off because I am a total lap-hog! My mum knew that Hattie was really the boss cat in our house, though, because I always let her push me away from the food bowls, even though I love food! She would eat first and then let me eat. I used to wash her a lot, I licked her head all over and kept her ears very clean – I wash my mum and dad a lot now instead.

At Christmas 2003 we got taken to stay with Devon Grandma and Grandpa. I mewed all the way and did something unspeakable in my cat carrier, but Hattie was as good as gold on journeys. We quickly made ourselves at home in Devon and got lots of fuss all Christmas.

We only had four months of great times with my mum and dad before Hattie started to get ill. I’ll tell you the rest of Hattie’s story tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are some of our favourite Hattie pictures.

This is Hattie testing my mum’s laptop for comfort.
This is Hattie trying to sit on mum’s lap even though I am hogging the space!
And here we are trying to synchronise our best cute expressions.

You two is SO gorgeous.......


awwww. you look like you loved your sister furry furry much. Grampa Norton and Gramma Trixie (ooo, both are SOLID GINGER kitties) are like that too. They are twins, 'cept Norton is short haired and trixie is long haired.
What gorgeous cats! And lucky too, to have such nice beans who took you both home so you could be together.
Hattie was such a pretty kittie. So we do get a few female ginger kitties. Like Miss S of the Whippy Curly Tails.
Oh, just look at you two! I'm so sad Hattie's not with you now but I'm glad you're telling her story.
I'm with William. I'm wiping a few tears from my eyes after reading this part of Hattie's story. It's hard to say goodbye to such a great cat!

But remembering her and sharing her story is such a great way to honor her!
Thanks for sharing Hattie's story with us. We can tell she was a great sister.
We love that picture of both of you on the lap. You must miss her very much.
Mine Mom's human son has a cat they call Billie. She is a ginger GIRL cat. Remember, she came to the napathon and gave us a talk about how to get what we want from our humans?

Lovely pichers!!!
You am such a handsome brother and sister. I'm sad to hear that Hattie is no longer with us. Thank for telling us her story.
Oooohh what a nice story. We's waiting for the second part. How beautiful you two are and it was nice of your mum to take such lovelys as you. Angie is 5 and our mum scooped her up quick at the big cat place so's I could have a playmate. You must miss your sister.
Eric and Hattie, you two are beautiful cats!! I'm adding you to our blog.
What beautiful cats, of all the cats I have had over the last 50 years I never had a ginger, you two are really big.
I also wanted to say how sad I am about your sister, it is not easy to have your friend gone.
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