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Hattie's Story (part 2 of 2)

By the end of January 2004, Hattie and I had been living with our mum and dad for four months and we were really enjoying our new lives. Everything seemed fine, until one day, Hattie stopped eating. She didn’t eat anything for two days, so our mum took her to the v-e-t. (We have a couple of different v-e-ts who work together, but this was Dylan, the Lovely South African Vet). He examined Hattie very thoroughly and gave my mum some very bad news. Hattie had several large tumours in her abdomen, and they weren’t operable. Dylan told our mum he could give Hattie some medication. If the medicine worked for her, she would feel better and start eating again, and she could live for a long time quite happily. If it didn’t work, she would die. My mum was so sad to hear this. She got some pills and brought Hattie home.

I got a bit jealous at this point, because my mum and dad started giving Hattie yummy foods like cream cheese and ham, to tempt her appetite, and I was kept on the usual boring cat foods! But I knew she was ill so I didn’t mind when she got lots of extra fuss.

The pills worked well – within two days Hattie was catching up on her eating and stuffing her face with all sorts of treats. She went back to being her normal happy, purry self. The vet was really pleased with her progress. Unfortunately, Hattie hated taking the pills and every morning there was a pill-taking battle before breakfast. But we got into a routine, and we all hoped that as long as Hattie kept taking her pills, she would feel well for a long time.

At the beginning of March 2004 my mum and dad took Hattie back to see Dylan for another check-up. I went along too - Dylan said I was very healthy, though fat! He was really pleased with how perky Hattie was looking, and he gave her another month’s supply of pills.

Two days after that check-up, my mum thought Hattie was looking poorly. She wouldn’t eat her breakfast and she was very subdued. She didn’t eat dinner either, though my mum managed to get a pill and some water down her. Then she started drooling a lot. She wouldn’t even look at treats. My mum noticed that I wasn’t licking Hattie or sitting near her the way I normally did. She smelt funny to me, and I knew something was very wrong. By the next morning, she looked very ill, her breath smelt and her coat was staring. Although she didn’t usually sleep on the bed, that night she had crawled on to the bed and laid close to my mum. As soon as the vet’s surgery opened in the morning, my mum rang up and said she was bringing Hattie straight in. Before she left, my mum carried Hattie over to me. She was looking very very sad. She told me, “Eric, I don’t think Hattie is coming back, and you should say goodbye to her.” I sniffed my sister through the bars of the carrier and touched noses and purred at her. I was sad, because I knew this could be goodbye. My mum and dad took Hattie to see Dylan. He was shocked at how fast she had gone downhill since he had seen her only a few days before looking really well. He examined her and sadly told my mum that the pills weren’t working any more. The cancer had spread and Hattie’s liver and kidneys had failed. Hattie was so ill, Dylan said that he thought all my mum and dad could do now was to help her go peacefully to sleep. My mum and dad cried and they both stroked Hattie as she closed her eyes and went to the Rainbow Bridge very quickly and peacefully.

We were all very sad about losing Hattie. My mum and dad only knew her for five months, but they already loved her a lot. After Hattie died, my mum and I hugged each other a lot, which made us feel better. My mum was worried that I would be lonely on my own, but I adjusted to being a Spoilt Only Cat much more quickly than she thought I would. I love getting all the fuss and attention (and when other cats come to visit, I am mean to them!!) My mum noticed that before Hattie died, I wasn’t a very vocal kitty, but now I am an only cat, I talk to my humans a lot more. It’s been two years now since Hattie left us, and though we miss her, we have nice memories of her. One day I’ll see her again.

Here we are helping to unpack boxes after moving house.

Here we are trying out the sofa at Devon Grandma's house for the first time.

And this is my mum's favourite Hattie picture. Thanks for reading Hattie's story.

Hattie looks like a playful little kitten in that last one! She must have been a wonderful cat to have around. She was very lucky to have such a loving brother and human parents to take care of her. At least she was loved and comfortable in the end. Now I have to go comfort my Mom because she is crying.
I forgot to say what a beautiful cat she was.
We agree, a real beauty. Such a sad story but you have a good vet and you all loved her to the end. It was especially good of mum to let you say goodbye.
What a sad story. I'm sorry to hear about Hattie passing. They both are such beautiful ginger cats.
Dear Eric and mom bean too, thank you for sharing Miss Hattie with us. She was very beautiful and I know she is watching over you now from Rainbow Bridge. She was very lucky to have you to love her and to love you too.

Buddy & Finny
sniff, sniff. Hattie sounds like a very good kittie and a nice sister to you. But being a single spoiled cat does have its advantages. hehehe
Ohh :(

It's so hard to lose a sister, especially one you've had since the beginning of time. I'm sorry, Eric. But I bet Hattie is playing with Sophie. And all the other kidlets on the other side, too.
Mommy would have commented last night when she read this, but her eyes were leaking. all she could think about was how gramma trixie is going to feel when grampa norton goes to the bridge. thank you for sharing Hattie wif us - she was purry purry beautiful.
What a touching stoy about a beautiful cat. It made mom have water in her eyes. Thanks for sharing it. Hey, do you want to be a sumo wrestler in the Catolympics? Come by my site, see what's offered and sign up!
Thank you for sharing about Hattie, Eric, she was a beautiful kitty. Even though she only got to be with your beans for a short time, we are glad that she was with them when she got sick and not at the shelter.

And you should definitely sign up for Sumo Wrestling in the Catolympics (and whatever else you want to do!)
What a lovely story! Our mom wants to join the ginger kitties too! She will do that today in memory of Hattie!

Blackie & The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South
We are all sniffling here after reading such a beautiful tribute to Hattie.

It must have been very hard to let her go...but I suppose it was better than letting her suffer.

Thanks for sharing!
Our mom is crying but she wants to say thank you for the rest of the story. What a real beauty Hattie was. Eric, you and Hattie looked so good together. So sorry you don't have her to play wif anymore.
that was a beautifurr story and thanx extra so much to share with us. you must have been very proud of hattie to tell such a story. we can tell how much you loved her. you were a very loving BIG brother and we know she is waiting for you at that special place. that great big beautiful rainbow bridge. our mommy bean has leaky eyes, time for purayers and headbutts.
The Woan says it's not fair to make her get all teary eyed when she doesn't have anything nearby but me to wipe her face with. I'm just glad it as her eyes leaking and not her nose...

I'm glad you got to say goodbye to Hattie. I didn't get to say goodbye to Hank because the People were in denial and hoped he was coming home...but I suppose he knows, anyway.
Aw, that's a nice story bout Hattie. She was a beatemous sister and she got loved lots so she had a good life. Yall treated her best. look so much alike. What a sad story..She is playing in the daisies with all the other kitties "who have gone before"
It was a very touching story. At least, Hattie had a mom, a dad and a brother who loved her very much.
awww, Eric, that was such a beautiful post about your sisfur. It made me and my bean mom feel sad and sniffy. It's always sad when they go to the bridge. But it's good to remember how loved they were and how much they loved us back.

oh, so sad to lose a sister. she was very, very pretty too.
Oh Eric, Hattie was very pretty. I can tell you love her. My sister Shecky also went to kitty heaven 2 years ago. I miss her too.
Sniff, sniff...crying kitty tears. Poor Hattie. Glad you had her in your life for at least a little while. And I agree, she was so pretty too.
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