Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Spring Is Sprung mum was touched by all the purrthday wishes. Thank you all very much.

We've been waiting and waiting for the spring flowers to come out. All the flowers here are several weeks later than usual, because of the winter we had. Today was a very springlike day, sunny, with occasional sudden showers, and strong winds blowing all the flowers about.

We had a little photo session in the garden when my mum got home from work:

Sniff...sniff...hmm, smells nice, and I like the feel of the wind blowing through my fur.

Bit too yellow for my taste, I prefer ginger...

My mum says all this mess of forsythia is being dug up as soon as it has finished flowering; she has other plans for this messy corner...of course, she said that last spring too...

The camellias aren't quite out yet, but they'll be pretty in a week or two.

Last year the hellebores only had 2 flowers, this year they've had loads. We would have taken some pictures of the lovely crocuses but they are all over now. Lots of other things coming up though. Now you know what springtime is looking like in London - hope the flowers come soon for the kitties who still have snow!

The flowers are just now poking their heads through the soil. No blooms like you have!

Mom thought we were done with snow and then last week, we got an inch! It went away quickly, though, and today is a nice spring day.

I can't wait for it to be warm enough to have the windows open again. I love the fresh air!
Such pretty flowers & and a very handsome kitty!

Happy Be-lated Birthday wishes to your mum - hope she had a very nice day!

Thank you for adding us to your blog - you are on ours as well.
You are soooo lucky to have all those flowers!! Mama said that there still is a little snow out front, yet, but the birdies are back. No flowers in my back yard yet. A lot of it is a parking lot, but one of the ladies plants flowers back there every year.
It is going to rain tonight and tomorrow, so the leftover snow will wash away, and maybe the flowers need a little drinkie to start coming up. Crocuses have come up and one of my mama's friends has tulips.
What pretty flowers!! We wish that Mum would let us outside but since we don't have front claws, we have to stay inside. Mum does say that we would be indoor kitties no matter what though. She has to be careful with any plants since Knightly is a muncher. Last year, he ate all of the tiny roses that Mom had. Lizzie and I just sniff the plants and occasionally taste them - we let Mum think that it's Knightly doing all of the damage.

our croak-us-is are just starting to show through the dirt. Mommy says our spring is furry late.
you are an impressive lookin' kitty! we don't have hardly anythin' bloomin' yet, it's too early. in 'bout three weeks my Mom says, it'll be lookin' springy.
Mum loves the flower pictures, specially the daffs makes her think of her trips to England. Shes only been there in March.

Mum likes for-sith-ia, don't figure you could send it to her. Guess shes gotta go get her own.
Mom checked today and our daffy-dills are coming up. They are poking their green shoots about an inch out of the soil. You have lots of neat plants in your yard. And such great pictures of you in all your rotund glory!
Georgia misses the garden most now that we are in a condo... she envies you your flowers.

Gemini is impressed with your puffy fur. She always thought she was the only puffy cat but you have proved her wrong... now she's just the only puffy cat in our house.
Eric, you look down right handsome out amongst the daffodils.
Lovely pretty pics. Velvet and Arty love to pose in the sunspots and flowers too.
Oh Eric! We are jealous. The daffodils in our yard aren't in full bloom until the 3rd week of April and you're already enjoying spring!

Lookin' good among those purrdy flowers. Your Momma must have one of dos green tums... that what I heard my Momma called it.

**ABBY (the manx)
Yup, it am getting spring here too. Mom and Dad are so busy outside they arent spending enough time with us!! This is so wrong!
Lookit all the fleurs! We only has daffydills so far. Mom will takes picshurs Saturday fur us so we can show you. We would loves to snuggle up to Eric wif all that fluffiness.

Please have your Mum email my Mum with your address (ladybug220 @ - we have a present for you!!

Oh, Eric, we only has green things poking out of the ground but Mom says they'll be daffy dills soon. Have your dad come see the pictors and words Mom put up about trains! I let her do it just fur you cuz you're a friend.
Spring looks lovely in London. Mom says she wants to visit there someday. We will tell her to go during Spring to see the flowers ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
Gorgeous! And the flowers are nice too.
ooh, we forgot to wish your Mum a late happy purrthday - hope it was a wonderful day!
Yoohoo, Eric!

Can you purr-liss be my personal trainer for the upcoming Catolympics? Efurrybody says I am fat and lazy. I AM NOT!!!
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