Thursday, March 16, 2006


Still Watching TV...But From A Safe Distance

My blogging friends will be happy to hear that I have now recovered from getting hit on the head with a TV remote. Thank you for your sympathy. I am perfectly OK now, but my humans have been very nice to me while I was convalescing, so I shall try to stretch out the sympathy for a few more days.

This unfortunate incident has not put me off watching TV, but I am now snoozing at a slightly safer distance from the TV stand. Actually, my mum forced me to watch TV last night because she thought I ought to watch a programme called Fat Pets. It was on Channel 4, did any other British blogging kitties catch it?

I'm not sure what my mum was trying to achieve by making me watch this programme - was she trying to make me feel better about dieting? I felt quite good watching it, because all the animals featured looked MUCH fatter than I am! There was a ginormous cat called Archie whose humans put him on a diet and he lost 1kg in 8 weeks. So I suppose it can be done. The humans were trying to get Archie to take exercise by throwing balls at him, and he was looking at them with a "You want me to do what??" expression. I think Archie and I would get along if we ever met.

There were also some very fat woofies on the programme. All of them lost weight by the end except for one woofie whose owner said she liked her woofie to be fat. (My mum was calling that lady a "chav", whatever that means.) You can read some pretty good reviews of the programme here and here. My mum thinks bits of the programme were funny but there was some serious stuff about the health issues us generously-sized kitties can have. Maybe it's not such a bad idea to lose a little weight. I can still be Fat Eric if I weigh 9kg instead of 10kg, can't I?

Anyway, I am now in training for the Catolympics. Loads of kitties have entered already! I am entering for the Fitting in Boxes and the Sumo Wrestling. I have started working out my training schedule. Here is a picture of me doing a few stretches. Paws in...and out...and in...and out...

I think the only thing fat on you, Eric, is your tail! Mom thinks it is stupendous!!

Nice stretches.....I think I will do a few of those myself.
That's great! We can all take note of the correct posture for the exercises. Our Mom still wants to squeeze you... She says you're such a beautiful ball of fur!
Sammy is in the sumo wrestling too. he is prakticing by eating so that he gains weight. he already weighs 13 lbs!
You can be Fat Eric no matter how much you weigh.

Plus I saw you lefted a note on Oreo's blog and wondered how to convert 80 degree Fahrenhiet. Its about 27C.

Mum uses the following to help her when she comes to the UK, its close and she remembers it.
25C=77f or rounds to 80
My Mommy said that givin up McDonald's food made her lose 25 pounds so far. So if you stop eating just McDonald's food and eat anything else you want, like my Mommy, maybe you'll lose weight too. Funny tho, my Mommy says that fat and glossy is nice on cats just not on her. (Don't tell her, but I hadn't noticed her bein glossy, she hadn't got enuff fur!) *I* think you look nice and handsome Eric. But I bet I can squeeze in a smaller box than you! *kitty giggles*
You should hold some exercise classes for the kitties taking part in the Catolympics. Bombay is in need of some good stretching.

~5-Cat Style
Hi Fat Eric....Sweetie Here.

Boy, that must have hurt oretty bad..I am glad to hear you are recovering really really good.
I had a hard day because the Plumvers were here! UGH!
Fat Eric do your best!

But Fat Eric please don't lose too much weight!

Or else my Mom will find out it can be done.

And then it's MY turn!

Love, Teddy
PS - I want to know what's a "chav"? I want to know if I can eat it. Does it have chives? I don't like chives.
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Eric, please take all safety precautions when watching TV. If you need to wear a helmet, please, wear one! Safety first! And darling, I'm sure those TV cats were much fatter than you'll ever be. Don't worry, once you start your olympic training, the weight will start flying off. My mom says she knows what a "chav" is but she won't tell me.
Nala will have to get in line!
Nice training style! Do they have a TV Remote Dodging event as well?
We hope they don't diet too drastically on that show. Too much weight loss too quickly can lead to health problems.
I think "Fat Eric" is a state of mind. And if you get all skinny, you can still have all the girl kitties call you PHAT Eric. I won't 'cause that means "Pretty Hot and Terrific" (or "tasty" but I don't get that...) but I can do the guy thing and still call ya Fat Eric. Heh.
I don't know why your Mum thinks you are fat; about all you can see is hair. Maybe she should check again. ~Merlin
Idon't know what to enter in the Catolympics.......

[pathetic kitty look]

Can you helps me, Eric?

I fink you're just right, Eric. We say, there's just more of you to love. About the remote... Mom says, "Gravity... it's not just a good idea, it's the law." Whatever.
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