Monday, March 20, 2006


Stupid Post Office

Something happened today that made me cross (and my mum too). Here's the story:

A week or two ago we ordered some books written by the very talented Max, the Psychokitty. We ordered one via Max's mum, so that Max could sign it, but the other book (his older one) we ordered direct from the CafePress website.

Today when the postman came, he dropped a big CafePress envelope through our door. Hooray, I thought, Max's book has come! I couldn't wait for my mum to get home and open the envelope with her opposable thumbs so that we could read Max's book.

But...when mum did get home she found that something really BAD had happened! Some Bad Person had ripped open the envelope right along the top. And in the envelope was a packing slip, a CafePress leaflet, an empty plastic bag...BUT NO BOOK!!!

My mum was really cross and said bad words again. She doesn't think it was CafePress's fault, it was some Bad Person working for the Stupid Post Office somewhere along the chain. Our local Post Office district is actually one of the worst in the UK for losing stuff, but we'll probably never know exactly where Max's book went.

The good news is, my mum called the CafePress international help line and straight away they agreed to send out another copy of the book at no extra charge. Though we still have to wait a while until we can read it. Huh.

To change the subject, if you haven't yet seen the picture of how brilliantly I can fit in a small box, just scroll down the page...

Oh that's too bad! I'm still waiting for mom to order my copies. MOM!
Oh, that's not good that stuff is being stolen out of the mail but at least you are going to get another copy. Mom ordered Max's books for us too and they arrived today as well so she is going to start reading them to us tonight.

We are impressed with your ability to squeeze into the box. Mom started laughing but we are impressed.

The Monsters
Oh no, that's really terrible that your post office would lose that. Hey MOM, you forgotted to order Max's first book.
Mebbe I'm just too irresistible...
Glad to hear Cafe Press is bein' helpful! When Max's book does arrive, you'll have another cool box to get in!

Thanks for droppin' by our site - we really like your blog!
What the bl*& h#%$? Let 'em buy their own book. (Pardon my french, but that's just wrong.) Glad Cafe Press is going to help you out. Enjoy!
The Post Office peoples charge enough postage Mom says!!! She says it costs more to send stuff to you guys across the big waters, than the presents themselves....Mom, you better buy more expensive presents...
That's just terrible. I'm glad you'll get another. Hope you get that one!
So sorry -- how awful -- not even a mouse inside, huh?
ooooooohhhhhhnnnnnooo!! At least you're going to get 'nother book from Cafe Press! Somethin' good for the poodin' to look forward to1

That stinks, Eric! What gives? Perhaps the post office is passing Max's book around so they all can enjoy it!

As for the box squeezing? I choose not to notice how tight a fit it really is. You look regal!
Mom visited London in 1991, an when she mailed stuff back to Dad, sumone opened it, read the British railroad magazines, then sealed it and sent it on to Merika. Mom could tell cuz she sent 2 packages at once an they arrived weeks apart, an cuz it wasn't packed the same an the tape was differen. I hope the thief at least likes the book!
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