Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Watching TV Can Damage Your Health

I have been traumatised today. Let me explain.

First, I like watching TV. I wouldn't call myself an addict, but I like to stretch out close to the TV sometimes, my head pillowed on my Giant Scratchy Mouse, enjoying the warmth radiating off the TV, video, DVD player and digibox (did I mention my humans like piling their gadgets up on each other?)

OK, so sometimes I fall asleep watching TV. And when I'm enjoying a relaxing snooze, I like to streeeeetch out my paws and get all comfy.

But I didn't mean to press the STOP button on the video recorder with my back paws. That was an accident. And I certainly didn't mean to do it while my mum was taping ER last night. And I'm very sorry that she missed out on the last 25 minutes of her programme, and I know she adores that Dr. Kovac character, so I can understand that she was upset...but it was an accident, right?

But that wasn't the really traumatic event. Oh no.

Not having learnt by experience, I was enjoying another comfortable snooze close to the TV this evening. And I may have kicked the TV stand with my paws again. Only this time, it made the TV remote control fall off the top of the TV and it hit me on the head!!! It hit me! It hurt!

I leapt up and ran to my mum, and you will be glad to hear that she was very sympathetic this time. I have had lots of comforting and pampering all evening. My mum doesn't think I am actually injured, but she is keeping an eye on me in case I am Concussed. I am intending to play the Accident Victim card for as long as possible. So far it has got me a lot of fuss, a lot of cosy lap time and two lots of extra treats as my humans were checking that my appetite had not been affected by the trauma (it hasn't).

I will keep you posted on the state of my health as I convalesce. Meanwhile, I am taking the advice of several of my kitty friends and continuing to work on brainwashing my dad, to get him to give me extra food without telling my mum, who is still making me diet. Here is a picture of me cosying up to my dad, as part of the brainwashing process. He, of course, thinks I am just being an adoring kitty...

Poor Eric!! I would put the bite on that remote for sure!
I'm on a special diet because of my health. Icky food. But sometimes I get a treat of baby food.

My people leave those remote thingies all over the place. They drop them alot, too.
Poor Eric! I wish I were there to cuddle you back to health. Good going on the brainwashing!
Eric, thank you for warning us about the dangers inherent to watching TV at your home. It has inspired we cats to remind our humans to keep a safe home. Hope your booboo feels better soon!
Poor Eric, I hope you will be better soon.

Thank you for the lovely logo! I have put it up on the blog with Mom's help.

Mom says she tried to mail you but it bounced back. The surrver is acting funny, she says. But she isn't laughing. I wonder why?

Anyway here I am, the messenger of thanks. *purr*

Poor guy, I bet that hurt! We all need to be ever-vigilant for flying remotes!
Milk it for all its worth(pun intended). I try sucking up to get fed, it works, eventually. Those remotes should be placed below your sleepy spots.
Poor Eric! I'm sure that really hurted! Good thing you're getting extra treats. I like to push the remote control off of mommys bedside table and hit her in the head wif it in the middle of the night. it's a lot of fun! - Sammy

Note from Sammy's mom - no, as you know Eric, it's NOT fun to get hit in the head with a remote.
You may have to go get a cat scan!!

Accidents are so great for treats. They always want to check our appetites and so we get treats too when that happens......Will they never learn.......hope not....
I've heard the best way to heal a possible concussion is to feed the victim...constantly...with good food and snacks!

Try that one out on Mom. Be sure to give the pouty face while you say it--and don't start laughing! She'll know it's a scam then!

I see you learned the secret amongst cats. LOOK injured and they comfort and feed us.

GOOD job!
You are alright, aren't you? You're not really suppose to get hurt, just look like it.
Oh how horrible. Nothing like a klunk on the head. Keep working on the man. That fluffy sleep pose in the picture looks like a good tactic.
Mum keeps the remotes on the couch. So I could sit or lay on them and not have them land on my head. But I have turned things off and on by accident, even changed channels.

Milk this for all its worth, treats, extra loving etc.
'scuse me for laughing, but HAHAHAHA...just once I'd like to push STOP when the people are recording something, just to see what they'd do...!
Ut oh you might have gots an Owie on your head! We will have to watch out for the evil remote now too. Thanks for warnin us! Hope your head feels better, but try to get some treats out of it though.
Arty says that you can get your own back like he did last week. He waited until 4am and then sat on the remote and turned on the TV at full volume!! Woke up dad!

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