Saturday, March 04, 2006


Weekend News

Derby has a very clever mum. She has invented a logo for us Gorgeous Gingers to put on our webpages. (Scroll down a bit and look left to see the logo on this page). We've sent the code for this to most of the Gorgeous Gingers, but if you want the logo, and you don't have the code yet, let us know.

I will be spending most of this weekend at Magoo's birthday party, but I just popped home to update my blog. I hope Magoo enjoys being 10, I am already 10 and it is a pretty good age to be. Don't tell my mum that I am busting my diet by scoffing loads of delicious food at Magoo's party!

It is good that we have parties and so on to cheer us up. We are a little sad in our house this weekend, as it is exactly 2 years since my sister Hattie went to the Rainbow Bridge. We are going to post Hattie's story on this page over the next few days.

I hope your Mom is feeling better. Spot had a sister that died too, so he knows how you feel about Hattie.

Have fun at your party!
Hi Eric, I was on a horrible almost no calorie diet to lose the 5lbs. It only took me about a month,then after that we switched to Iams multicat. So now my underwight bruddy Punkin, who's orange like you but has megecolon and can eat all he wants and never get fat, and I can eat the same food and maintain our weight. Although, it hasn't worked fur my sissyfur Luna yet. She is still way fat. I hope this helps. I don't know if you have the Iams in the UK.
I'm blowing my diet at the party too Eric. Don't tell mom. I'm blowing it & I don't care!!!
We're saying prayers for your mom. It's always very sad losing a sibling--my sympathies! I just dropped by Magooo's party. Just found out about it. I never hear about these things until after the fact. =sigh=
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