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The Cinnamon Trust

I was reading a post that Magoo, Smudge, Bella and Dolce's dad wrote about having a special day for the humans to remember The Cats Who Came Before. This post made some of the humans discuss how they would make sure that us kitties were looked after if anything happened to them. It is nice for us kitties to know that all eventualities are taken care of.

My mum and I thought you might like to hear about an organisation called
The Cinnamon Trust. It is a charity which started in 1985 in Cornwall (where my mum comes from) but now they operate all over the UK. It was started by a lady called Averil and named after a woofie called Cinnamon. Averil knew that elderly people love having pets to keep them company but they worry about what might happen to their pets if they were not around any more. So she set up a charity to help elderly or very ill humans to make sure they would not have to worry about their pets.

The Cinnamon Trust does lots of different jobs. It has about 10,000 volunteers who work for it and my mum is one of them. They go round to help elderly or ill people look after their pets. For instance, my mum can't do as much as some volunteers because she works full-time, but she walks a woofie for an old lady who can't manage much walking. Lots of CT helpers take woofies for walks. Also if an elderly or ill person has to go into hospital the CT arranges for their pets to be fostered by a CT helper until the owner is home again. Also lots of elderly owners have signed agreements with the CT which means that if they should die or have to move into a place that doesn't take pets, the CT guarantees they will find a lovely new home for the pets. Sometimes they find foster homes. They also have two farm Sanctuaries in Cornwall which are rest homes where very old pets can go to see out their days when their owners are gone. They are not like kitty jails with pens, they are like old people's homes for pets with sofas and cushions and windowsills and all the comforts of home. If an owner is still alive but can't keep their pet any more, the CT makes sure they get lots of letters and photos, and visits if possible, so they can see their pets are happy in their new homes.

This week my mum showed me her newsletter she gets from the CT. It has updates on all the animals they are looking after, which animals have arrived at the rest homes, who has gone to the Rainbow Bridge since the last newsletter, and so on. This month's big news is that the Queen just gave Averil an MBE for taking good care of the animals!

From what my mum tells me, the Cinnamon Trust does a good job of making sure kitties (and other fluffies) are well looked after if they can't be with their owners any more for some reason. It would be great if there were humans doing the same thing all over the world. Maybe there are.

I don't mind my mum taking a woofie for walks, (as long as she doesn't bring it home!) She likes chatting to the old lady who owns the woofie, too. The woofie is called Angie and she is a yellow Labrador who is very old and arthritic, so she doesn't walk very fast. I always know when my mum has been out with Angie because she comes home with yellow woofie hairs on her trousers and I sniff her legs and make a Stinky Face.

In other news, my dad is still poorly although he is a little bit better, he will have to take it easy for a while longer. He has got to the stage of lying on the sofa watching TV, while I continue to provide kitty nursing services. My dad is hardly ever ill, usually my mum is the one who gets germs because she often catches them off the little monsters at school. Luckily next Monday is a Bank Holiday so she gets three whole days off now to spend time making a fuss of me and doing gardening. I'm off to get in some quality lap time. Hope all kitties have a lovely weekend.

I'm sorry to hear your Dad is still unwell, and hope he feels better soon. My mum is a member of the Cinnamon Trust, but not a volunteer. She says it is a wonderful organisation, and when she reads the sad-but-happy stories in the newsletter her eyes always leak. They sell a very special Christmas card, which is always a painting that includes a lot of the kitties and woofies who are being looked after by the CT. I think your Mum is very kind taking a woofie for a walk.
Oh how nice that someone has this trust thing. I ended up with my current mum as my firsted owner was put into a nursing home. So I am lucky that I founded a lovely new home.
What a terrific organization! I really enjoyed reading about it. It makes me wish that more places had groups like this working on this issue.
the Cinnamon Trust sounds like a wonderful thing. Mommy says that this is one more reason that she would like to move to England. We have a sanctuary in our area for old kitties who have been abandoned, and Mommy says that 99% of our shelters here are no-kill, but they're still shelters wif cages and stuff, not furry nice for any animal to end up in.
Kudos to the CT. Aweswome organization. We sure need more of these. Our Mom has what your dad has. She laid in bed all day yesterday, but is moving around a bit today checking the blogs. She's going to lay down again soon with us to watch over her.
We had never heard of this before--what a great organization! Thanks for letting us know.
Yes Eric

Thank you for letting us know. My Mom says she wants to help kitties more when she doesn't have to go to werk anymore and she says you have inspired her to come up wif an ider. It is a true need...and Mom says she has thought about the needs of those who can't quite care for their furkids and wants to help.

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