Saturday, April 22, 2006


Lovely Sunny Day

What a beautiful warm day we have had in London today. It is the hottest day so far and it felt just like summer. My mum and dad drove into the countryside and went to lots of garden centres and had a pub lunch. I'm not interested in garden centres but wouldn't have minded sharing the lunch, especially as they had fish!

I am getting worried about my mum's plant-buying habit, it is getting worse and worse. She swears she hasn't got a problem and could stop any time she wants to, but I present the evidence - this was just one day's shopping!

Maybe I could sign her up to Plantaholics Anonymous? I am just worried that if she spends all her money on plants she won't be able to afford my Stinky Goodness. And I don't know why she needed to buy all those new plants, our garden is full of them already. It is quite pretty and flowery at the moment.

Did you spot the handsome ginger flower there?

It was so warm today there were many sunspots to choose from. I found the warmest spot and had a great nap while my mum was pulling up weeds.

Some kitties said they wanted a Giant Scratchy Mouse like mine. You can get your very own Giant Scratchy Mouse here. (IKEA in the UK seem to have stopped selling them, which is a shame).

The Gorgeous Gingers page is broken at the moment. My mum is working on it but she has to do it all again because the template got broken, or something. Stupid Blogger. I will make sure she works hard on it this weekend instead of going out and buying more plants.

Hope all kitties are having a lovely sunny weekend too.

Hi Eric,

Mine mum shared your sunshine here in Loughton today - she has been working very hard to make a new border in the front, and she went to the garden centre too (in Harlow) and bought pansies, and begonias, and snapdragons and geraniums - that border is now full!

I liked the Great Ginger Flowerball plant in your garden.
Hi Eric! Our mom has the same problem except it's books instead of flowers. You have the prettiest yard! And some great places for sun soaking! Enjoy the nice weather, and show more pictures when all that gets planted!
Hi Eric

You look mighty handsome out in your Momma's garden. Did you enjoy playin out in the sunbeams? That sure is a nice garden. It's startin' to get warm here and I think my Momma is going to go out and start gardening too. But she won't let me go out der wif her.

Mom went to England about 15 years ago and visited Manchester, York, Canterbury an Edinburough as well as London. She said the gardens were just loverly, wif so many flowers an real plants instead of just grass. But she didn't see any big, beautiful ginger flowers. Ask your mum to plant some catnip!
Daisy - hi there! They drove past the Loughton turn-off on their way home. Come and have tea with me sometime.
SS and S - I'm afraid my mum is just as bad over buying books as she is over buying plants.
Abby - Thanks for the compliment...purr...
Victor - I'm one of those kitties who doesn't get very excited by catnip. But maybe we should plant some in case I have kitty visitors.
Turtle - Yes I am gorgeous...purr!
HI Eric,
I got your comment about not being able to see a post on Caturday. Everythiing looks fine on this end. You can email me direct zuleme at, I'm not sure if you mean the latest post?
Mama was in England many years ago, too, but she says "Brits" are known for their lovely gardens. It is not a bad thing at all, to have those pretty flowers to smell and to stretch out in the sun next to.

P.S. Mama has trouble with books too.
Our Mom did the same thing yours did, bought a lot of plants. She also has a huge load of poop! Yes, and it isn't ours.....see our post tomorrow.

Your flowers are lovely, and so are you!
what a sweet picture. Napping in the sun is the best.
The plants are beautiful, and there are much more dangerous vices. You are lucky. The humans around here are not good with plants. They would probably forget to feed and water me if I didn't remind them. So obsessed with that sticky, germy little human...
Your human pet is very talented with gardening! Those are beautiful flowers, and I thought the ginger flower was a nice addition as well! ;)

My human pet is currently working on a lay-out for an English garden for her front yard, but with Houston weather, we'll see how well that works out! I probably won't be able to know if it worked out or not since that's in the City of Outside, and I have no Visa.
Hi Eric - thank you for your tea invitation, but they don't let me out, you know! But mine mum would love to "talk" to your mum - do you think she might like to email her at

After such a lovely day yesterday, it's been raining all day today. Time to nap again.

our mommy has the same plant buying prollem. she just boughted blueberries and raspberries, but doesn't know what kind of fertilizer to use, or if she can plant them near her roses. she should really read about those things before saying "they're pretty, lets buy them". - Sammy
We like your giant scratchy mouse too, but we would kill it real good and then there would be nothin' left of it. Glad your weather is gettin' warm. It's only gonna be 90 here today.
What a gorgeous ginger you are indeed having a nice nap in the warm spot. Our Mom hasn't gotten the plantahaulic bug yet coz it gotted cold and rainy again but she will when she gets back from va-cay-tion in the Turks place.
If you find a plantaholic group, let me know. I think mum needs to join too.
You have a wonderful garden, Eric. And you look so nice in it, too! You're very lucky to have such a talented mom. When my mom tries to plant stuff, usually the bad soil or our draught conditions or actually just Mom makes them all kinda die. Maybe she should just plant money in the ground and be done with it!
YOu are a very handsome flowerball, Eric! Our Mum doesn't let us go outside except for the balcony. She only has one living plant out there. Our Mum has the book buying problem as well. She has stacks and stacks around the house.

Oh, our slacker of a Mum finally sent you a package on Saturday. The postman said it would take 4-7 days to arrive so let us know if it doesn't arrive by the end of next week.

purrs to you,

Now Eric,
Mums need to make the garden look nice for a backdrop for our kitty photos! (My mum has the same problem).
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