Monday, April 24, 2006


New Friends

After that lovely sunny day we had on Saturday, it poured with rain all day Sunday, so my mum decided not to do more gardening. Instead I made her concentrate on fixing the Gorgeous Gingers page. All the pictures and links are working again, and she added some more Gorgeous Ginger kitties too - there are 24 members of our group now! And I know there are some other blogging ginger kitties around who haven't signed up yet, so we could have a few more.

I have recently met some more blogging cats for the first time. I have added links on my blog to Beezer and Zeus, recent GG recruits. They are both handsome ginger kitties. Beezer is a big cuddly boy. Zeus lives in Houston, USA, with his sister Isis. He is also one of us generous-sized kitties. He is very clever and I think he may take over the world one day. Another new GG member is Spike. He lives in Montana (quite near my Uncle Sim!) and his human writes poetry.

Now, I must tell you about the amazing e-mail I got the other day. It was from a kitty who was surfing the internet and found the Gorgeous Gingers and my blog. He got in touch with me to let me know that his name is...Big Eric! Yes, that's right, there is another fat kitty called Eric out there. Amazing, eh? Not only does Big Eric share my name, but he is also ginger and white like me and he is a British kitty like me. In fact, he lives in Devon where I have just been on holiday! If I had know he was there I would have dropped in for a chat! Big Eric doesn't have his own blog yet, but he told me all about himself. He is almost as heavy as me at 19lb, and like me he is on a diet. He has a brother called Flynn who is only 13lb and very good at catching mice. They live in the countryside and have lots of mice, squirrels and pheasants to look at. Here's a picture of Big Eric so you can see that all us Erics are pretty handsome:
And here's a picture of Big Eric (on the left) and Flynn.

I wonder how many other kitties called Eric are out there? I think Big Eric and Flynn should start their own blog because they sound like they have an interesting life. It's great to make new friends. Now I must go, got to help my mum mark all those test papers she has got spread out on the living-room floor. She's had another hard day teaching the little monsters, I'm sure she could do with some help.

That is amazing! You could start a Big Eric Club. He and Flynn are good lookers and we'd like to hear about their life in Devon. They should do a blog.
I was just about to say what SS & S said. You could call it Big Erics United Cat Club. BEUCC for short. Maybe you could visit next time you're on holiday in Devon.
The human pet laughed hard, Princess Mia, at the BEUCC for short comment. I didn't get it, but she said not to worry about it.

I am very flattered, Fat Eric! I think being a big cat means I have big bones (or so the human pet tells me), and it is just "more to love". I suppose whatever makes the human pet content is fine by me!

Besides: I hear that the homo sapien word "phat" is said like "fat", and you could say you were Phat Eric instead of Fat Eric, and then everyone would know you were "pretty hot and tempting"!
Wow I hopes Eric and Flynn gets there own blog too.

Mum hadded the mappy thingy out the other night and showed me your car adventure. She says that I haven't ever had to be in the car that long. Even adding up all of my car journeys

Plus she founded Walthamstow on the mappy thing too. So now we knows exactly where you lives. Well, sort of.
There is an epidemic of gingers!!!
Wow, that's neat Eric! It'd be cool if Big Eric and Flynn blogged too.
We like the idea of the BEUCC that Princess Mia thought of. Maybe all Eric's are 'apposed to be big? - Miles
I'm with Zeus...Phat Eric sets the focus on your bad-assness, rather than your...ahem..."girth."

Let us know if Big Eric and Flynn get their own blog.
You're the best Eric, no matter how many more there are!

I like Phat Eric assocation... PEA (s) for short -- too cool you found another Eric who is a ginger like you. My brofurr Jinx is more on the rounded side, but my ginger brofurr is quite sleek. Dont know how they can be brofurrs and be so different.

Well, you know what they say...everyone has a twin somewhere. Apparently you found yours, living not too far from you. Is the world ready for 2 Erics?
Hi All you kitties, and especially to Fat Eric. Got mum to let me have a go on the computer so I can say thank you for all the nice comments to me and Flynn. I've been purring extra nice to her and doing extra needling (that's kneading with your claws out) on her shoulder so she may let me have a blog. She said her and dad are going on holiday soon (they kept that quiet!!!!) but when they come back, she will see what she can do. So all you kitties keep your claws crossed for me, and I might let Flynn to join in too as long as he catches me loads of mice. Hope to speak to you all soon. I've got a lot to do now, the sun is shining and the birds have got nests in our hedge, so I have to creep out without mum seeing me and see how the eggs are doing. Mum shouts at me if she catches me though. Don't know why, she is always saying I don't get enough exercise.
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