Thursday, May 04, 2006


News Round-Up

Firstly, on behalf of Gorgeous Gingers everywhere, I would like to pay my respects to Grandpa Norton, the wise and venerable senior Ginger who has left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Norton was a furry special kitty and his family are missing him very much. We are glad, though, that he had a very long and happy life. I know lots of blogging kitties have already sent messages to Norton's family.

Secondly, thank you efurrycat who sent get-well messages to my dad. He is feeling much better (although my mum says his chest still sounds like a wheezy old accordion when he coughs). He went back to work today. I know he appreciated my nursing while he was ill, because he let me lick his head all over this morning without moaning about it like he usually does.

Thirdly, my new friend (and namesake) Big Eric was very happy to see all the comments about him that my friends posted on my blog. If you missed my posting about Big Eric and his brother, Flynn, you can find it here (and Big Eric wrote a message to you all on the comments there). Big Eric and Flynn have asked their mum if they can have their own blog, and she says they can, so I will let you know when they get it up and running. They tell me that Flynn gave them a scare recently - his mum broke her leg and had to stay in hospital, and Flynn was so upset he wouldn't eat while she was away. But she is home now so Flynn is eating again and he is fine. Here he is looking after his mum's leg.

Fourthly, I have some exciting news! My mum and dad told me that Uncle Sim and Auntie Jan are coming to stay next week! (Uncle Sim is my dad's brother, he married Auntie Jan and went across the big pond to live in Montana so we don't see him that often). I am furry excited about seeing them, and not just because they always bring me really good presents from America! What is even more exciting is that they are bringing Auntie Jody with them, who is Auntie Jan's sister and lives in Idaho with her kitty, Lil' Orphan Annie. I have never met Auntie Jody but my mum and dad stayed with her in Idaho three years ago and they told me she is a very nice human who loves cats. I am going to have so many humans making a fuss of me next week!

My friend Happy-Go-Lucky has tagged me to name some of my favourite birds. I will have to have a think about this and post at the weekend, it's been quite hot here today so I have to go and find somewhere cool to lie down (and help my mum get out her summer sandals!)

Wow, you have lots of news Eric. Will look forward to your friends new blog. Maybe your Uncle can bring you kittie treats and such that you can only get here in Mericky!
Thank you Eric (and your beans) for the furry nice card you sent us from Norton's rainbow bridge page. It meant alot to all of us.
Is this uncle that is coming the same one who boughted you those treats you liked so much? Were they Feline Greenies? mommy sawed them in the store last week for the first time, and she said that she thought those were the treats you liked. So, if he doesn't bring you any, or you run out, we can send some to you.
Eric, I hope your dad didn't eat an accordian while he was sick. If he did, just tell him to find a nice rug and throw it up there.

It sounds like you're going to be having lots of exciting fun coming up! Tell us all about it when you get back to blogging!
Holy moley! Visitors who love cats means more pets, scritches, and, if you work it properly, more treats!

Have fun with them!
Kukka-Maria hit the nail on the head. I need say no more!
Wow, Eric you have lots and lots of news today. I am glad that your dad is feeling better.
Boy Eric

You really had lots of good news to share. So 'xcitin to hear about your Auntie & Uncle coming to visit you - lots of fun for you!!

Keep us informed about the other Eric. You ginger boys have to stick together.

Have you ever traveled across the pond?

*ABBY(livin' on the other side of da pond)
Sounding good Eric. Friends, treats, new blogs, is grand!
Yes, having visitors means lots of presents for you. Of course, you deserve all of them. You're a very good son!
You will have lots and lots of lovins' comin' up ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
Eric, thanks you soooo much for "reminding" momma that yesterday was my purrthday! SShe felt bad and went to the store an bought turkey and special stinky goodness to make up for it.
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