Friday, May 19, 2006


Stomach Ache

(Don't read this post if you're feeling squeamish.)
Tuesday was a very good day for me this week - my lovely presents arrived from Mericky. Thursday was not so good. I woke my mum up as normal and she came downstairs and gave me my breakfast. I inhaled the lot in 5 seconds flat, as normal, and my mum started making coffee, getting dressed and all that stuff humans do in the morning. Ten minutes later I was sick on the hall carpet. Then I was sick again in the kitchen, twice. I didn't bring up any hairballs, just my breakfast. My mum sighed and cleaned it all up, and she said she thought I ate my food too fast and I should take it more slowly. I went and had a little lie down because my stomach was sore.

When my mum got home from work, I had thrown up twice more - on the living room carpet this time, just to vary things. (Hey, I would have cleaned it up for her but I'm a cat, I don't have opposable thumbs.)

My mum was a bit worried about me so she kept an eye on me for the evening. She gave me two little meals instead of my usual evening meal and I scoffed the lot and used my litter box, so she thought I was probably OK. But I still felt a bit fragile so I wanted to lie on her cuddling all evening. That made me feel much better, even though it made my mum lose all feeling in her legs, she said.

My mum keeps telling me I should eat slower, but I can't help it, I love food so much I have to slurp it all up straight away, I can't leave it sitting there in my bowl. Now she is talking about splitting my food into smaller meals so I can't eat so much at a time. She is also wondering if I have been eating too many treats since all my presents arrived...I didn't know anyone could have too many treats!

I ate all my food today without any problems so I think my stomach ache is better now. I'm glad I didn't have to go to the v-e-t or anything. I think all that snuggling with my mum helped to cure me. I do like to spend a lot of time snuggling with her! (She has nothing better to do, right?)

Hope all my kitty friends are feeling well today.

I'm glad that your tum-tum is better.
My person gets very upset if I get sick, so I try not to. But it can be hard. I get small meals and just a few treats, but worst of all the stinky goodness is called a treat!

A good snuggle always makes me feel better, even if I wasn't sick.

Chin up mate, as they say on your side on the pond.
Oh, Eric, we're so sorry you're not well. We have the same problem sometimes, especially Tilly. It's hard to eat slowly when it tastes so good. Being cuddled is the best cure. We're sending purrs your way.
I'm glad you are feeling better now, Eric. Tummy aches and throwing up are just no fun at all.
You look very smiley there Eric. Snuggling with your mum should make you smile.

Does you gets wet or dry food? I gets dry and used to eat to fast too. Mum gotted very big bowls with flat bottoms for my dry food. Since the food isn't deep, it won't let me get big mouthfuls.
I'm sorry you didn't feel good. I hope your tummy is better soon
Hey, big fellow, I hope you're feeling better now. Just cuddle up to your mum and let her take good care of you until you are back to normal.
Ahhh Eric...I've been there so many times. I also scarf the food when I have had another food that I wasn't too crazy about. Cuddling sure works wonders, doesn't it?
Glad to hear that your tum-tum is all better. Are you gonna make it to Gemini's party today?
Scarf & Barf. Scooby does that regularily! We hope you are feeling better big guy! Last time I was sick I kept throwing up until there wasn't any ore to throw up. It was awful -Shaggy
snuggling always makes a kitty feel better.
You look so happy snugglin' wif you Mum. Lookit that contented smiley on yur face. You is so pretty we would snuggle up to you all day too!
Hope you are better. Mittens does that a lot, she eats too much, proof when it comes back up, the Mom says how can her little stomach hold all that (sorry, I know that is indelicate.) Sometimes Mom thinks it is the dye they put in the food.

Those greenies upset our tummtumms so maybe that was it. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO
We had such a great time dancin' wif you Eric!! You're a wonderful dancer. Hope that Ms. Athena didn't get jealous or anyfing.
You sure look all happy in your picture, Eric! I hope you're feeling better.

We're used to that sort of upset at my house. My bro is pretty much of a barfing machine sometimes.
Are you feeling better Eric?
Eric, I'm glad you got to feeling better. We would so have missed you at the party if you hadn't come. Georgia really enjoyed meeting you.
It must have been international ginger throw-up weekend. I threw up twice on Saturday. UGH! I hardly ever throw-up so my mom was a little worried, and kept a close eye on me, but I was fine. I think I ate a bad buggie!


You look so happy snuggling wif your Momma. I fink that made all the difference in your recovery. Glads to know you are better.

Tell your mum not to worry too much, you wouldn't be a cat if you didn't throw up sometimes.
Oh Eric, I just read your last post. Hope you're feeling better now. I, too, eat too fast and throw up, sometimes right back into the bowl. I know, I know, we have to learn to pace ourselves so everything will stay down.

Eric, Eric, Eric...

Darling, I know you want to keep your "robust" stature, but I think you may be confusing the quantity of your food with the speed with which you eat it.

It's not how fast you eat it, it's how full the bowl is!

Take it from the round Empress, herself!
Hi Eric -- We were so happy that you came to visit us. If only we'd known, we'd have shared some of our Greenies with you. Even if they make your tummy upset sometimes, they're worth it. Don't they have them where you come from? Hope you are feeling better now so you can enjoy your company.-- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie
Tuesday are you doing big fellow?
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