Thursday, May 11, 2006


They're Here!

It is so exciting at my house at the moment! Uncle Sim, Auntie Jan and Auntie Jody are all here - our house is full of jet-lagged Americans. I like them all but they do weird stuff like get up and make cups of tea at 4.a.m. because they are confused about what time it is. I have had a lot of adoration already (but no more than I deserve, obviously), Auntie Jody says I am like a big fluffy teddy bear. Excuse me? I am a kitty, not a bear! It was very hot today, my mum had to go to work but my dad has taken time off so he could go and help all our visitors to do touristy stuff around London.

And...I have presents! They brought me 3 packets of Feline Greenies (Yum!) and a toy hedgehog which can be filled with catnip. Apparently I was supposed to get 4 packets of treats but my greedy cousin Fred (one of Uncle Sim's cats) chewed open one of the packets and scoffed them before they could be brought to me! What a cheek! I will have to plan my revenge on him...
For me? Wow!

Wonderful! Enjoy your presents and do show us your hedgehog. What is an appropriate British name for a hedgehog anyway?
That's fantastic! Too bad about Greedy Cousin Fred stealing one of your packets! No worries. Enjoy your jet-lagged Americans!
Hello, Fat Eric,
I'm SO sorry to hear of Greedy Cousin Fred being,well, greedy. Just jealous of the glory that is ginger. Your treats look really good. Enjoy them!
Tilly and Toby
P. S. When beans beans are jet-lagged, they sleep deeper, so you have be extra loud when you race around at odd hours.
Sometimes I get called a Teddy Bear. I have been called worse, I suppose.

You look happy with your treats. I see you are living up to your name! You are a big handsome devil, just like me. (Except I am black and not fluffy. Just fat.)
Crew - I don't know, we just call them hedgehogs!
Tilly and Toby - my greedy cousin Fred is actually ginger himself. So I don't think he can be jealous of my gingerness - probably just jealous I am more beautiful and intelligent than he is!
Mum says she has learned to minimize jet lag. You sleeps on the plane as best you can, stay up the entire British day until regular bedtime. Then gets a good sleep. Next day, no problem. She has had more issues coming home.

Enjoy your visitors, gets lots of scritches and other goodies from them.
Is your cousin Greedy Fred the same Fred on the GG page? He's a very handsome cat, even by exceptional ginger standards.
My Mum and Dad call me their butterscotch and cream pudding...
Hooray! You got your treats! We are glad the 'mericans are giving you proper adoration. We are glad you treats didn't get held at customs like the things Edsel sent to Magoo! The Canadian officials think cat food is a subversive material!
Yeah, at least you didn't lose your treats at customs. ~Merlin, Shadow, KO Ko
You are looking mighty fine, I must say! Have you been working out for the lympics?

Patches Lady
You are one lucky boy, Eric! Have lots of fun with your family!
The Yanks are there? Wow-and gift givers at that-very awesome. Give them a lick for me.
Cos ;p
Tilly - No, my greedy cousin Fred is not on the GG page yet. He and his doofus brother Barney are both gingers, I will have to add them.
Miss Patches - why, thank you for the compliment! (blushes)
enjoy your treats and enjoy your visit!
You are soooo lucky that the Feline Greenies made it through customs!

I guess the Brits are more sensible about these things than their Canadian Cousins!!
I'm not familiar with the greenies, but they look good from what I can tell. When visitors come over, it's awesome because you get plenty of extra attention, scritches, and tummy rubs. I bet you're in heaven!
You are looking so hot sitting next to those treats. I'm not sure what is making me, or the tasty treats!
Becareful with those greenies, my mama works at a big pet store here in the states and she said people who buy them for their kitty's tell her they are the really yummy, but some of the doggies that eat them got choked (it was on the news)
We are soooo happy that your present may have arrived. Mum was getting really worried - she was going to go shopping again if it didn't show up.

Have fun with your Aunts and Uncle and may sure you have them spoil you properly. Although, it seems that they have made a good start with all of those treats!

Enjoy your treasties! Just don't eat them all at once....youmight not feel too good. We do have to agree wif the Calico Girls & are furry handsome. ::blushes (& purrs):: ~Meeko & Kiara
You are looking very restrained - Arty would be trying to open the packets by now!
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