Thursday, June 22, 2006


Happy Day!

Yay! Today was a good day. My mum worked very hard and finished all her reports a day early! Then she annoyed her colleagues by going "La la la la la, I've finished my reports and you haven't!" Then she came home to spend a happy evening giving me lots of cuddles. When she got home, something even more exciting had happened, because a big box had been left for her with our neighbour, and it was from Derby! I bet you can guess what was in it...

It's from Derby! It must be Mandarin (Mandy), Vir-ginger's sister! Quick, open the box!

Yes, it's Mandy, she's made it here all the way from Wisconsin! And look, she's even brought toys and treats with her!

She's cute, but will she want to share my Scratchy Mouse? Because I'm very possessive about my Scratchy Mouse...

No, it's OK, she's going to explore the garden instead. I hope she likes English gardens.

We hope Mandy enjoys her new life as a British catizen. We'll make sure she keeps in touch with all her brothers and sisters in Mericky. Thank you very much for sending her, Derby, we'll try our best to be a good adoptive family!

I see that you were sent some Deli Slices treats! They are da'bomb, as the kids say. My absolute favoriate. I'll do most anything for some of those :)

--- Beezer
That is soooooo exciting Eric! Mandy looks thrilled to be there with you. I can't wait to see what adventures you'll be having with her!
Good for you, Eric! Aren't the deli slices tasty? We had never had them before. Mum is doling them out as she says we're greedy...
Inky and Tilly are getting along a bit better. I, of course, welcomed him to our home. I think you and Mandy look great together out in the garden.
YAY, Mandy gotted there safely. Mum and I are so happy about that. She looks furry much at home in your garden, just like Vir-ginger.

Enjoy Mandy, the treaties and toys. Plus, a big YAY for your mum being done with here reports. That means more time for you two.
Your Mandy is very cute! Mama wants to know...will she have dual citizenship?? Huh?? Oh, be a Mericky Cat and a British catizen too at the same time.
Mandy is adorable. The Mom says she wants to get one but we don't need any more kitties in this house. Nine are enough.
Mandy looks good amongst the very pretty flowers.
Wow! That was a very fast naturalization process! Perhaps one of the fastest I have ever seen! I'm glad you and Mandy are getting along, and I am sure you will have many fine adventures together!
Woo hoo, Mom time!
Mandy looks purrfectly adorable and at "home" in your English garden. It's amazing how quickly Mandy adapted to being a British catizen!

Mandy looks soo good in her new home. We can't believe she didn't have more problems with immigration. She must really be a celebrity! -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie
Looking good!
Yey! I'll tell Charcoalie that Mandy's in Ing-land now. He'll be furry happy fur her.
Mandy looks like she likes it there lots. We's glad she made it there safe. She looks furry purrty in the English garden specially.
~~ Sanjee (and the gang)
Momma loves your garden pichers.....She is nutty about flowers! Plain nutty.....

Take good care of her outside cuz Sunny and Cloudy runned off with Mistrie. They got grounded in the house now.

Patches Lady
Are you gonna lets her share your bed, Eric Dude??

Cos Sramic Kitty's shouldn't share beds.......

Mandy's cool - and Mum has FINALLY updated our Blog!

That sounds like a great day! And Mandy looks like she's a great addition to the family...
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