Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Letter To My Mum

Dear Mum,

This is a letter of protest. For the last two or three weeks my emotional needs have been sadly neglected. Yes, I know you have to finish writing the school reports on all the little monsters and that you have to do your job properly in order to keep earning enough money to buy my Stinky Goodness, but this is getting ridiculous. Every time I see you around the house, I immediately fall on my back mewing "I need a tummy tickle!" but all I get is about 10 seconds of token tickling and then you are off again, ignoring me and hogging the computer. I haven't been able to update my blog either except for those times when you rush downstairs to check out how England are doing in the World Cup.

I mean, how could anyone prefer to write boring reports when there is such a cute floofy tummy to be tickled?

I can't wait until you hand in the reports on Friday. I need to catch up on my cuddling time and tell you all about the Catolympics. I won a bronze medal in Sumo Wrestling, you know! You can see it on the left of this page.

But since you are obviously too busy to snuggle me right now, I am going to comfort eat instead. At least you haven't forgotten to feed me. Although I think it would have been difficult to forget, when I was standing on your chest screaming "FEED ME NOW!" at six this morning. I will eat my Stinky Goodness and look forward to Friday, when you have promised that normality will be resumed. You owe me a lot of lap time.

With licks and headbutts from your annoyed but gracious and forebearing kitty,

Fat Eric.

I love it Eric, you tell your mum that you deserve much more time.

Plus mum saw your comment about holidays made for just selling stuff. Mum thinks Father's Day is OK. It the Sweetest Day, Gramdparents Day, Secretary Day and all of the other things she calls Hallmark Holidays.
You are correct Eric. You need more 'tenshun. We knows what you mean acoz our mom goes out on the deck now wif the nice weathur and we has to stay inside, lookin forlornly out the window.
So, you ALSO get that same tired old line about how "they" have to work to buy our stinky goodness? Oh, if we had a tummy rub for every time we've heard THAT line, we'd all have bald tummies. If your letter works, let us know, it's a good try --Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie
Oh you poor boy. Why don't you come over to Singapurr now? I am sure my beans will give you lots of tummy rubs all day long. They keep saying you are too cute to resist.

From fat Kim Kim
Momma sed for you to come teleport ofur to our house and she'd tickle your floofy tummy. She's good at that.
Eric, watch that tummy...Momma said if there wasn't a great big pond a'tween our homes, she'd come and tickle you herself! Be glad for that. She does is ALL the time!!
Momma said she'd be happy to come and pet your tummy, Eric. She says it's beautiful. I know what you mean about humans getting so busy. Momma said she'd be gone for a day or so next week! NO!!!
Come on Friday! Hurry Up! Eric needs his pettings!
I hate to ask this, but is she saying the World Cup is more important than your tummy rub? Our Mom isn't into soccer so, if you want, teleport over here and she'll take care of the necessary tummy business.
Eric, you are MUCH too lenient. You must take matters into your own paws and... handle... the paperwork yourself. If nothing else, lie on top of the papers to present your belly. Throw your weight around! Hmph. And my woman says your tummy is irresistable. She's MINE.
Hi Fat Eric. Thanks for checking in with me. I hear you about the lack of attention. While I was at the friend peeps house, I got sooo much attention I came to realize that I am usually woefully neglected. Perhaps if I threaten to move out, they'll give me more play and personal attention time. On a totally different subject my peeps absolutely loved Bosten because it is the home of Boston Cream Pie, Boston Baked Beans, oysters on the half shell, etc. Boston is all about food which is extremely important to both my peeps. They say, your peeps hafta go to Legal Seafoods if you can and to the Union Oyster House and to almost any street pub you see. Try the Sam Adams light beer if you can, or perhaps one of the blueberry or other seasonal beers. They sometimes have pumpkin beer in the fall. Hoo Boy eatin' and drinking in Boston is the good life.
Ooooh, Fat Eric! How can your Mum ignore that wide belly deployed? My beans are thankfully trained to respond to the siren call of the fluffy belly! Both the Other One and myself have cuddly tums(mine more so). I bet if we got on a bed next to each other, there'd be no room for anything else.hehehe
P.S. Are your beans still coming to Boston?
I couldn't ignore that cute tummy ~PMJane

Wow you have an impressive tummy Fat Eric and thanks for being the greatest opponent a sumo wrestling cat could have ~Merlin
Fat Eric, your fluffy tummy is too much for my beanmom. She is scritching the picture.

Your floffy tummie is too cute to resist...My Mum would love to tickle your furry tummie!

*ABBY(with a very floffy tummie too)
How can your mom NOT rub your belly? It looks like such a nice belly to rub too. Maybe what you need to do is strategically place yourself near where your mom is doing her reports (preferably on top of them) and that way she can work on them and rub your belly. It is what I would do.
Eric, you certainly do have an incredibly cute floofy tummy. In fact, it's one of the most spectacular floofy tummies I've ever seen! Your mum must have amazing willpower to resist the floofiness of your tummy. :) Jasmine.
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