Saturday, July 15, 2006


Here Be Pirates!

This evening I had great fun over at Timothy Dickens' chat page. Because of the time difference, I usually get there earlier than the Mericky kitties do, so I don't often find anyone else waiting to chat there. But tonight I found both my good friend Derby and the lovely Fiona Bun were there! We had a great time chatting and we even staged a virtual kitty pirate battle, which was very exciting.

Chatting with Derby and Fiona helped me to work out a solution to the problem of what to give the incomparable Empress Kukka-Maria for a blogiversary present. Some of the presents she has already been given are amazing, and what do you give to the feline who seemingly already has efurrything?

Sticking to a pirate theme, I decided she might like to have her own pirate/slave/eye-candy. So here you are, Empress, my gift to you...

Johnny Depp? Oooh. The Mom would be very, very jealous.
Yeah Eric, way to go.
It was a blast chatting with you. We logged in hopping we might get you on line. We did!!!

Eric, I must protest! I am in love with Johnny Depp, and Kukka-Maria just cannot have him! I draw the line here. Wasn't Brad Pitt enough for her anyhow? Leave some man for the rest of us, sister.

Marina, Zeus and Isis' mom
Oh man, there's never anyone in the chat room when I get there!
Mom informed us that she'd like one of those for her birthday. Where'd you get it? We have no idea where to look...
Hi Eric!

Smooches from Athena.
What a gift! Does she really get to keep him?
Momma says that's a wonderful gift. If Kukka-Maria doesn't want him, she suggested that I ask for her hand me downs...
Um, Eric? I'm pretty sure Johnny Depp belongs to my mom.
No.....My mom has him!
Well, he is quite handsome...and Kukka-Maria has been known to cavort with humans in addition to keeping her tomcat I think it's a great gift!


NOW that was a good gift for Kukka!

Hello, Fat Eric,
Mum has two questions:
1. Could you send her an email with your email address so she can write to your beans?
2. Could you please send her Russell Crowe?
Thank you.
Tilly and Toby
What a dreamy gift! I apologize for my delay in thanking you properly. I have spent some time in the clinker recently--and, would you believe, did not have internet access!

Thank you so much, Eric!
Since Kukka is in jail, can I have back my Johnny Depp now please?

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