Saturday, July 01, 2006


Mandy In The Sunshine

Hi, it's Mandarin here. Fat Eric said I could blog for him today because he was too hot to blog. Poor Eric, it was over 90 degrees F in London today and much too hot for a kitty with an enormous fur coat like him. He has spent most of the day pressed up against the door of the fridge, and the rest of the day lying in front of the electric fan the kind humans set up for him. Now it has cooled down this evening he is out lying by the pond watching the frogs and newts. I told him that Princess Mia had let my sister Mango do some blogging on her behalf so Eric said, "Why don't you have a turn?"

The humans have promised to leave the fan running for Eric tomorrow as they are going out all day to see old planes. Funny things these humans are interested in. They have been quite emotional today, something to do with football again. Apparently most of the humans in England spent this afternoon watching TV tensely and shouting "Oh no, not penalties again!" Unfortunately, this happened and the nation is now officially in mourning. As a newly-registered British catizen I have tried to show my sympathy.

Eric says I have to tell you that his friends Finny and Buddy have got a new friend called Sully. He is a Gorgeous Ginger too.

Eric was very upset this evening when his mum started talking to two Evil Intruder Kitties who were sitting on the garden fence. They were small, black, skinny and looked just like twins. They were quite shy and wouldn't let her touch them, but one of them let her get close. What Eric was really upset about was that his mum gave one of the Evil Intruder Kitties a couple of his Merican cat treats. He doesn't like sharing his food!

I didn't see the little black kitties because I was busy admiring the new poppies Eric's mum bought the other week. They are called Ladybird poppies because they are red with black spots like a ladybird. Pretty, aren't they?

Hi Mandy! Mango and I were watching the football too! Beanmom was furry upset about England too and then her 2nd favourite team lost as well. Now she doesn't know who to root for.


Keep an eye out for the evil intruders, we don't want Eric to turn psycho again.
Have a good weekend!
So much adventure there across the ocean Mandy! Glad we were able to hear from you today! Those poppies are pretty!!! Real different. Can we munch them?
Those are some very pretty flowers you have there, Mandarin! I know how Eric feels, though, when it comes to the heat and food. I don't like the heat or sharing my food. I'm still growing, you know! I'm sure he feels the same way.
WOW! Those poppies maked mommy's eyes pop right out too! They are nice orangey color like you Mandarin. Tell Eric we says hi and to stay cool. We's jus laying around today too. It feels like 90 degrees today.
Thanks for your post Mandarin! Tell Eric to stay purrfectly cool in that heat.
I like the new poppies too. My mom says she misses poppies in her garden and needs some. : )
Sorry about soccer. : (
Hi Mandarin, furry nice that you are letting Eric rest with the heat. It was 90 F here too today. But we have had lots of breezy wind. Plus it is getting ready to storm which will cool things off.

Mum was busy doing other things today, so we didn't watch any of the football matches. But she is sad that England lost.

Take care.
Daddy wuz watchin' the game in TX. He wuz FURRY upset about that game. We haven't talked to him since Brazil lost tho. Bet he's gonna be upset 'bout that too. The poppies are pretty!!
Hi, Mandy!
Inky here. The beans and kitties here have been too hot to blog, too.
Our beans are upset about football but are happy cuz' the Red Sox are doing well. Your flowers are very pretty. Mum won't let me out. I have promised to be good, so maybe if it ever stops raining and cools down, she'll let me out. I hang around the computer mostly. Mum allows it since I am very good and don't try to get on the keyboard.
I think Fat Eric should nurture the 2 Invader Kitties- they sound like they need the guidance of a Gorgeous Ginger!
Stay cool, everyone!
Hot, hot, hot. Mom tooked me in the car yesterday to the PetSmart where I dopted her sos they could trim my claws, an while we was in there, the car got furry hot. When it was noisy an shakin, there was nice cold air blowing through it.
SO when will the beans fix the weather to be kitty-purrfect?
Hi Mandy! Please tell Eric to keep cool bestest he can. It must be furry hard with such a long beautemous fur. I don know nuttin bout that bean football stuff, but sorry your beans team didn't win. Purrrrrrrrs
~~ Sanjee
and the rest of the Hot(M)BC crew
It is hot here, too. 89 a little while ago. Wish we had a cool air blowy thing, but Mama leaves the fans on, and I have the cool tub.
Hi Eric...err...Mandarin! It must be warm all over the world a'cause it's hot and sticky here too. Stay cool! Ya look real good in the garden like that and those ladybird poppies are divine! Momma says they kinda a'mind her of when she wented to Madrid and saw the fields of poppies!
Hi Mandy! Momma was furry sad to hear about England. We know why they are in mourning...

I would like to go sniff your flowers though--maybe when it's cooler and Fat Eric is more comfortable because I'm sort of puffy too...
You can come stay with us Eric. The Mom keeps the a/c so high that I'm waiting for icicles to form on my nose. You can help keep me warm.
HI Mandy!

You look so pretty in the garden. Ashes hasn't been allowed has been TOO hot. But there are some nice flowers he has to visit. Hope Eric can keep cool but with that high temperature, it will be hard.

Hi Mandy! I don't like it when my mom talks to strangers either, so I don't blame Eric one bit for getting cross. And then to have the heat on top of it--phew!
Those Ladybird poppies really are something! And you look incredible sitting there in the garden. We understand as a new catizen, you have to show your sympathy, but have you really figured out THAT game yet? -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie
Those poppies are so beautiful. Our Mom usually manages to kill any growing plants inside here. We don't have a yard persay. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
Oh, Mandy. You look so elegant sitting among the flowers! Our Mum says she wishes you and Fat Eric could stay with us when your Mum visits the States. She would love to rub and kiss your tummy. Fluffy dumpling, indeed! She says Toby is like Beatrix Potter's 'Roly Poly Pudding'. hehe
Just wondering if you ever got your postcard I sent you, Eric. I feel the need to check after the whole Blackie scandel...
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