Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Rainbow Kitties

We are sad today. Two more kitties we know have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Hara of Hara and Lulu has gone to the Bridge. She was 8 years old and lived in Montana. We send our sympathies to Lulu and her humans.

Also, we are sad because one of my mum's good friends here has had a very bad week. Until this week, she and her family had three lovely kitties; Nessie, Lulu (another Lulu!) and Fluffy. A week ago, Fluffy disappeared from their garden and he has not been seen since. He has their phone number on his collar but nothing has been heard about him at all, so they are very worried about him. Then today, they had to help Nessie go to the Rainbow Bridge. She was 15 and was very ill with renal failure. So now her family are very sad, and Lulu is missing her brother and sister. We send them all our sympathies too, and we are still hoping that they may find Fluffy again.

Purrs to anyone who is feeling sad today...

oh no, how sad for your mum's friend. we will purray that fluffy will get home ok.
So sad that Fluffy gotted lost. We hope he comes home soon. Hearts are sad.
Oh, that is so sad. I hope Fluffy gets home soon.
Terrible news.....Momma says sometimes when it rains it pours.....lets hope they find Fluffy. Keep us posted, Eric.

Patches Lady
Our sympathies to both Lulus and their beans. Hara and Nessie passed quietly, but we may nefur know about poor Fluffy. We'll all meet again at the Rainbow Bridge sumday, but not too soon I hope. Fluffy, if you can, come home.
We are furry sad to hear about your friends, Fat Eric. Purrs and headbutts from all of us (even Chey).
Hopin Fluffy finds her way home very soon. Hurry Fluffy your family is waitin'!

So sad to hear about Hara, it is always hard to lose a loved one.

*ABBY(with sadness in her heart)
Tell your Mum's friend that she will be in our prayers. That must be so hard to lose two kitties like that. I'll also be sending prayers to Hara's family as well.
We're all sad to hear about Hara and Nessie and send purrs to their families. We hope Fluffy finds her way home quick.
That's very sad news.
How awful for the family to lose 2 kitties at once. We'll think good kittythoughts for them and hope Fluffy is found.
That's so sad about Fluffy and Nessie! I sure hope they find Fluffy!! What is Lulu to do?! Poor family! We've been to Hara and Lulu's site as well. So young!
Poor Lulu must be sad and confused about where her friends went. Hope Fluffy comes home!
Eric, it is very hot here now too! Where's the zipper? I want to take my fur off! -Shaggy
Oh no that am way too sad! Think happy thoughts to counteract the sad.
poor litle kitty! =^^=
That's so much to deal with in one week's time. I hope that Fluffy comes home soon, but in the meanwhile, perhaps Lulu can help her humans feel better with some purrs and headbutts. Keep us posted on whether or not the feline returns home.
I pass on my sympathies to your friends. 15 was the age of my older 'sister' when she crossed over the bridge four yrs ago. She sent me to mom, you know. : )
Two Little Lulu cats left all alone.

How very sad. Our hearts go out to their families. Fat Eric, looks like we picked a sad day to make our first visit with you.

So sorry to hear about little Hara, being only 8 years old and going to the Bridge. And then Nessie and Fluffy. Hopefully, Fluffy will return from an adventure.

Definitely purrs and headbutts for everyone feeling sad today...!
we are very sad for them
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