Sunday, July 09, 2006


Things We Have Been Doing Lately

Blimey. I've just realised it's 8 days since I updated my blog. I've been really slack about reading my friends' blogs this week too, but it's been a bit of a hectic week. We've had some very hot weather and I haven't enjoyed that - with my long, double-layered coat of hair I've been most uncomfortable. All I wanted to do on those hot days was to drink water and find a cool place to sleep. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen lying up against the fridge door. My mum gave me a frozen bottle of water to lie against and that helped a bit. She also left an electric fan on for me to lie in front of and put ice cubes in my drinking bowl. Wish we had air-conditioning like some Mericky kitties do.

The weather's cooled down a bit now, although it is very windy today. My mum has been cursing because all her plant pots keep blowing over. She's been really busy at work this week too, some of the computers at school got broken and she was stressed out about that. It made her forget to turn on the home computer so that I could blog. And some of her little monsters at school have been misbehaving and giving her a hard time because they are over-excited that there are only 2 weeks of term left until the summer holidays (...they're excited? - my mum is counting the days!) Plus, at home, the microwave and combi oven broke so the humans had to go and buy a new one at great expense. It's been that sort of week.

I got a postcard from Zeus! All the way from Texas! It has a picture of a cow with long horns on it. I would post a picture of it but my dad's camera is playing up (it must have caught something from the faulty microwave). Thanks Zeus! Strangely, I got another Mericky postcard this week - my Auntie Jan has been at a library conference in New Orleans and she sent us one. It's so interesting finding out about other places.

My mum bought me a Zoom Groom, because she'd found out about them on other kitties' blogs. You can't find them in pet shops here but she found one on eBay. I quite like it - I love being groomed anyway. It's fun being Zoom Groomed but it doesn't get the tangles out as well as my comb does, so my mum says she will use a combination of the two.
Here's my mum Zoom-Grooming me while I wash my face. By the way, can you see my little Snacky Mouse in this picture? I must tell you about my Snacky Mouse some time, it's another of my favourite toys. Hope all kitties have a good week.

I am so relieved to know that you got your postcard! I have been wondering if I needed to hunt down the post office person and inform them of how to do his/her job correctly. It's been a nightmare, needless to say.

Sorry that you had to endure the heat without air conditioning. I would have mailed you a fan had I known you would in be in such desperate times. Perhaps, (and I shudder to say this) it is time for you to get....a shave!
Oh, Eric, I'm sorry it's so hot over there for you. It's very hot here in Texas too. I have my own fan as well.

I'm shocked at the picture of you with the Evil Zoom Groom Be careful, be very careful. It's a devilish device.
Glad they finally turned the computer on for you Eric! But sorry to hear about all the trouble with those cooking machines the humans feel they have to use. It's so much simpler to just open a can of stinky goodness and eat away. It's hot over here in Florida too and the humans have that air conditioning thing on. But we all go out to the porch so we don't have to sit in it. Go figure? -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie
Poor Eric. Stay cool, man!
Hot here too......momma spends a lot of time watering all her blooming thingys and drinking cold water. You look very 'laxed as your momma zoom grooms you.

Patches Lady
Zoom Groom sounds a'scary. I don't likes it when Momma comes near me with that brush thing. Snacky Mouse sounds divine! Keep cool Eric!
We's glad you're survivin the hot, Eric. Our Mericky beans got air conditionin but they still leave it awful warm for us folks wif furs. So we lays under the spinnin fan thingies on the ceilin too. Furry nice of your Mommy to give you ice to snuggle n stuff. Sorry your beans had problems wif their cookin thingy. You looks like you're havin fun wif your zoom groom.
~~ Sanjee
Oh I am furry sorry that you are so uncomfortable in the heat. It's nasty. It does sound like your Momma is a good Momma giving you an ice bottle and all...
You look like you are really enjoyin that Zoom Groom. I may have to convince my Momma we need one. Sorry about the heat Eric. It's very hot here too, but we have A/C. Hope it lets up soon.

We have a zoom groom too. Mom uses it on me after she does the thorough brushing because she says it's great to get all those loose fly-away hairs. I like the zoom groom! -Shaggy
You have the same color Zoom Groom as I do! I like mine, but Tipper & Max don't. I guess it's a personal choice.

How very nice of your mother to fix an ice bottle for you to lay on. Most mothers wouldn't even think of that!

Hello Fat Eric, Sir.

If you ever need anuther Zoom Groom, you can tell your mum that she can probably buy one from the vet, which is where my mum got mine from.

I'm glad it's cooled down a bit now, aren't you? I had to get taken to the 'mergency vet at Wanstead Hospital last weekend, which was scary, but I'm o.k. now.
Poor Fat Eric. You aren't used to the heat it seems. We don't have aircondition here. It's too expensive. We just lay around on the tile a lot this time of year. We are lucky and get trade winds a lot so that helps keep us cool too. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
Take it easy buddy, try to stay cool. But don't get that beautiful coat shaved off.

It gets hot here for a few days then cools off. So thankfully not lots of heat. But I do have the advantage of the cool dungeon and A/C.
Hey Eric, did you know there's a Fat Eric lookalike at the Kitty Bed Gallery that Rascal linked to? The impostor is bout halfways down the page. hehehe

I hopes you's stayin cools!
~~ Sanjee
Hi Eric, I just learned about you from the Hot(M)BC gang and thought I'd trot on over to meet you.

Zoom Groom? Never heard of it. I don't like my brush; but Mom says I have to be brushed 'cuz I'm shedding. Next time she hogs the computer I'll tell her to look into it.
Hi Eric,

I will be 18 bean years old on the 24 July!

That's 78 years old in our lifetimes..... sheesh, no wonder my bones creak....

Mama says I can have a party on the 21st July, but she's gonna be away for a week now. So spread the word. All felines and beans, buns, woofies invited....

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