Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Cats Of Many Colours

I am sorry to say that during the course of my campaign against the Evil Intruder Cats, some of my kitty friends have got the idea that I do not like black kitties. This is not true! I believe that fur of all colours, including black, can look beautiful on kitties. I am proud to say that several of my blogging kitty friends (at least, I hope they count me as a friend!) are gorgeous black cats - for example, the lovely Turtle, Huggy Bear, Buzzerbee & Meep, William of Mass Destruction and not forgetting Grr, Midnight & Cocoa!

My problem is that I don't like Evil Intruder Cats of any colour - they should respect my boundaries and not come in without being invited!

My mum found another poem in a book at her school. I don't really agree with some of the things in this poem but I thought I would share it with you anyway, as it is about cat colours:

Cat Selection (Joan Aiken)

Tabbies and blacks are aloof and superior
Tortoiseshells feminine, winsome and coy
White, unless clean, won't adorn your interior
Siamese yowls all affection destroy.

Greys are deceitful, remote, disingenuous
Owners of Persians are slaves to the comb
Manx are ungraceful and Maltese too strenuous
So marmalade cats are the cats for the home.

Hmm...had the person who wrote this had a bad experience with a grey cat? They don't seem to like some cat colours very much! And of course Manx cats are not ungraceful - just look at Abby. I'm not sure how annoying Siamese yowls are - I'll have to check with the Meezers' mum!

At least the poet loves us ginger/marmalade cats!

But we are all beautiful in our different, colourful ways.

hey! "aloof" an "superior"? Midnight an I protest! the only one of us who is those werds is GRR, so there you poet purrson!

we didn't think ya didn't like black kitties - just intruder kitties in general who are in yur space an tryin ta put the moves on yur mum an who in this case just happen ta be black wif a suss-pish-us look in their little eyes.
While that poet didn't really insult any of us in particular (I am a bit aloof, though not really superior, just shy), my mom said that poet needs a poke in the eye. Mom's Heather and Charcoal were both grey, and believe me, we often have to endure hearing about how sweet and perfect and loving lap-kitties they were... However, since Mom seems to know my finer points so well, too, I have to believe Mom is right about grey kitties, not that poet. (Moose volunteers to deliver the eye-poke, cause he's a momma's boy.)
~ turtle
I never thought you didn't like black cats, just those cats! I can't blame you one bit--I don't like it when intruders come into my yard either. And they don't even have to try to get friendly with my mom for me to not like 'em!
mommy only says our yowls are annoying in the middle of the night. we didn't fink you didn't like any black cats. see, Sammy has a prollem wif the mean ginger kitties that live outside and torment him efurry night at the window, but he loves ginger kitties - after all Norton and Trixie were furry gorgeous gingers. So, we knew what you was talking about. Don't worry.
That poet didn't have cats!
Funny how you guys like my Angus for one, like to just flop down on your backs !
The black kitties don`t look so terrible to me Fat Eric. I like black kitties too.

Momma says she has yet to see a cat that isn't beautiful and she is as old as dirt.

The poet has good tastes in kitties.
Hey Fat Eric,
Being an outdoorsy sorta cat, and a black cat to boot, I knew what ya meant. I don't care what color an intruder is, I'm not interested in having it in my yard. If the intruder wants to politely say hi and strike up a conversation, well, that's different. I might invite them for a sip from my water bowl. Especially if they're cute girl cats. Or at least not chase them if they cut across the corner of my yard. But to just come romp in your garden without your permission? No way. That's so not ok. Call the Evil Intruder Police, nefur mind what color they are. The only reason you need to know an intruder's color is to describe them to the EIP, or chase them off when you see them again. Nuff said.
Your bud,
All cats are b-e-a-utiful, no matter what da color may be.

Hey, but you guys know that already! heehee

*whispers* But torties rule! *giggle giggle snort*

Purrs - The Kitty Cats Corner cats
I never met a black cat I didn't like. Actually I never met a cat I didn't try to make friends with....but that's 'sides the point. Even I think those two kitties have 'spicious shifty eyes.

Huh! I can assure you that the poem's got it all wrong about us torties too! There's nothin' coy 'n' winsome 'bout me! I'm a street-fighting gal with all the scars to prove it - mostly on my bum, inflicted as I was making a tactical retreat(honest, I wasn't really runnin' away!). Round my neck of the woods (in darkest Somerset, England)you gotta be tuff, stand up to these kitties who want to annex your territory and who even try to smooze up to your beans (an' even pinch yor grub!!). It's gotta STOP, and I'm the kitty to do it (coy and winsome indeed - hah!!)
Hey all you Gingers out there please go over to
as her ginger has gone over the rainbow and she needs us.
Grey cats are the majority here so "bleeeeeh"
I know you like all kitties! I understand about Meowm crossed one last night.
We know you like black kitties, Fat Eric, just not THOSE black kitties. They do look like thugs.
We all think that poet was full of what's in the litterbox. Torties being coy and winsome- yeah, that's a laugh!
CalicoMom was right- all kitties are beautiful.
I knew it was just sneaky small black cats (not all black cats!) whom you were looking out for.

Cheysuli says that she doesn't yowl at all! Momma says she does sometimes but it's part of her charm.. actually Momma says at feeding time she does A LOT but it's still part of her charm...
Guy and I think Tabbies are superior ha ha. All kitties are great!
Eric thank you!!! I just read your coment. And would love to do the gingers page with the link. Thank you so much
That poem is full of broad generalizations and stereotypes. And we would be highly offended if there wasn't some truth to it all. -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie
That poem doesn't sound like it was written by a cat lover or even someone who knew cats.

Cats don't act a certain way because of what type or color they are. Duh.

Missy is a tabby and is aloof, but definitely not superior. And KC, the tortie, well, she is winsome and coy, but also a little fireball. And you are right, all cats are beautiful. Each in their own way.

Just don't try to sneak into Fat Eric's yard, right!
I agree with Scooby, Shaggy & Scout this poet OBVIOUSLY never owned anything except possibly a Ginger cat ... as a very fine example of a grey cat ... well acutally BLUE but still close enough us Blue cats are very sweet, easy going, friendly and loyal ... not to forget terribly playful ... so yeah I second Mooses eye poke to the poet :)

Nope didnt think you had anything against Black cats, just intruder cats ... and I am still waiting to hear if you are sending the intruder police my way!
yeah, i knew you just didn't like those stinky intruder cats. Dunno what they're thinkin comin on to your territory!
Ooo dat poet didn't know much 'bout Manxies! We's is furry graceful. Most of us are furry laid back...but of course I is an X-cept-shun to dat rule. My Momma says I am 5 1/2 pounds of catitude.
But she says it wif love, so I knows it is OK.

My goodness! That poet doesn't seem to like cats much. Too bad.

Very nice of you to do a tribute to Rainbow Gingers. So far, fortunately, with Luna's safe return, I haven't had to do that with my group, Coats of Many Colors.

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