Thursday, October 26, 2006


Happy Purrthday To Me!

Yes! It is my purrthday. Well, technically it is my Gotcha-Day, as it is exactly 3 years since Hattie and I came to live here. Anyway, I am officially 11 years old today.

I am having a great purrthday so far. First, I had all the excitement of the party Derby threw for all us October cats last weekend. That was lots of fun. Then, last night my mum and her sister came home from Paris, so that was good because I was getting worried they wouldn't be here to make a fuss of me on my purrthday. My mum hasn't been able to do much unpacking yet because I wouldn't get off her lap. (Have you tried moving a 21 lb cat when he doesn't want to be moved?)

This morning, I was given a special purrthday breakfast - gourmet tuna flakes with shrimps in jelly,, what diet? I am having the same food for dinner this evening too! My mum also bought me a new water dish in Paris, she says it is what all the smart Parisian cats are using. I will post a picture of it soon.

To add to all the excitement, I have just found out that today I am Kat's Cat Of The Day. How nice of them to pick today to mention me on there.

I expect I will be quite tired by the time I have finished celebrating, but I will be back soon to report on what happened while my mum was in Paris. Merci bien to my friends who wished us well! You're all invited to share my purrthday cake!

Goody, I get to be the first to congratulate you on your special day.

Take advantage of the extra foods and such. Keep loving your mum up.

We did have a good time at the party. October cats rule.
o, Eric, happy gotcha day and congratulations on being Kat's Cat of the Day. Wow.
HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!!! and concatulationns on "Cat of the Day"!! we are so proud to know such a pulchritudinous (ed's word) and popular kitty, and to count him as our friend! live long, and prosper, Eric!

loud meows of excitement from your friends,

nelson, sir ed, nitro, and xing lu
happy gotcha day to you happy gotcha day to you happy gotcha day dear eric happy gotcha day to you annnn many more
You are a ginger's ginger! Your tum-tum is a joy, your smile shows true happiness.

We hope you and your people enjoy the day with treats and lap sits!

lhk & Beezer
Happy Birthday Eric. And Congrats on being Kat's Cat of the Day. We are glad to hear your Mom is back from Paris so you can enjoy her lap.
Happy Gotcha Day, Eric!!

Jasmine said to send you a virtual tummy tickle and cuddle from her for your special day. :)
Happy birthday, Fat Eric!
You were the first kitty we discovered blogging and you're still our hero!
Our Mum sends kisse, cuddles and tummy rubs to her second favorite Gorgeous Ginger! (Tilly is first)
Enjoy your day!
Tilly, Toby and Kate
Happy Purfday Eric! Congratulations on being Kat's Cat of the Day. You deserve it! What a nice thing it happened on your purfday.
Your cake looks yummy for the tummy and what a floofy tummy you have. Have a wunderful purfday.
Happy Birthday and Happy Gotcha day Eric! HOpe you get lots and lots of pressies and have a purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect time! Lots of kitty kisses,
Saffi and Jasmin xxxxxxx
Happy Purrthday Eric!! You deserve all those good good things!
Hippo Birdy Two Ewes,
Hippo Birdy Two Ewes,
Hippo Birdy Deer Eric,
Hippo Birdy Two Ewes!
... And many more!!!!!
Cool! What a coincidence! Happy B-day Eric!! Hope you day was great!
Hi Eric ... Happy Purrthday! Fankyou fur stopping by my blog. I'll make shure momma adds you to the blogroll.
Happy Gotcha Day! Hope you are spoiled the whole day! And concatulations on being Kat's Cat of the Day!
Happy Purrthday, Eric! Lots of headbutts and tunas to you! And I'm glad your mum is home to give you all the laps and cuddles you deserve!
Happy birthday! Is there shrimp? I hope you get shrimp. And chicken. Ooh yeah, shrimp and chicken. And kitty crack!
Happy Birthday Eric! May you have many more.

Happy Purrthday Eric!!
Happy Purrthday, wonderful Eric. I hope you have a very nice birthday.

Your friend,
Happy Purrthday Fat Eric! Yur one of the most gorgeous floofy boys we know. Purrs!
Happy Purrthday Fat Eric :) We hope you had a super fantastic purrthday and gets lots more.
Boni, Mini, Pepi, Gree, and Sanjee

PS. Fanks for the cake too!
Happy purrthday, Eric! We love you!
Happy gotcha day!
Hapy gotcha day !!! Mommys BF birthday is today too. It is a great dat.
Yer lady came back frum paris, yoo got TONS of tuna flakes with shrimpies AND yoo are the kat of the day.....culd yoo be any culer today!!

Hapie burthday, Fat Eric!!!
Happy purrthday! :)

With every good wish,
CatDonna & Cats
A belated Happy Burrfday to you, Eric!!
Headbutts and sandpapery licks from your female feline admirer in the West Country (PS Do you like chicken or turkey?? That's my purrfect treat!!)
Congrats, Eric, on being chosen Cat of the Day. Sorry we couldn't log on for your Purrthday yesterday, but my Mom wasn't by a computer. Hope your day was great!

oh, a Happy Belated Purrfday to you Eric!!!!
Happy Birthday(gotcha day) Eric.
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Eric!!
Happy birthday to you!!

And many many more!!
Happy purrthday! And many more.
Happy Purrthday/Gotcha Day!
ERIC! We didn't know you were home or we would have come over sooner! Happy Birthday Eric. We are so glad we know you! Can't wait to see the water bowl.
Happy Belated Gotcha Day! We hope that you got lots and lots of treats!

The Monsters
Happy happy purrday!
Happy Birthday Eric! Sorry I couldn't be at the party to say it in person. Sounds like you are having the day you deserve!!
Happy belated Gotcha Day from me and all the Good Cats (who all have Gotcha Days too). Sounds like you had a very happy one -- may you have many more!
Happpy late Purrrthday to you
Happy late PUrrrrrthday to you
Happpppy late Purrrthday dear Fat Eric
From the Poiland Tribe too
Happy Purrthday!!!!!

Pursssssss from Spain!
Whoo Hoo, Way to Go Fat Eric. Happy Gotcha Day. Did you get the world's record for the most comments. How did you ever read them all, Talk to you again soon.
Happy Birthday, Eric! I hope your day was as special and enjoyable as it could be. Here's to many, many more!

Congratulations as well on being the Cat Of The Day! It seems the blogosphere timed that perfectly for you! ;)
Happy Belated Birthday. I just found your blog.
Bonnie in Virginia
Happy belated birthday pal! My human brother turned 20 on the 24th of October.
I'm six!
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