Saturday, October 21, 2006


Ma Maman Part En Vacances

My mum has a week off from teaching the little monsters. She is going to Paris tomorrow morning on the Eurostar with her sister, whose purrthday is on Monday. They are coming back on Wednesday. This means that I have been put in charge of looking after the house, of course, and also looking after my dad, who has a heavy cold and is sneezing all over the house. It's quite a responsibility.

I will miss my mum's scritches but, on the plus side, my dad tends to be more generous with the food portions. It is my purrthday on Thursday so my mum will be back in time for that, which is good. She is going to look for a new water dish for me in Paris because she can't find one she likes here. Maybe I will get a dish which is très chic?

As you can see, I add a little knowledge of French to my other talents. I've picked up a few phrases from my dad, who is fluent. As he isn't going on this trip, my mum and her sister will have to struggle by with their own French, which isn't as fluent!

A funny thing happened tonight, I had just come in from the garden and mum was combing me. She found something stuck in my long fur and she thought it was a pebble, but it turned out to be a baby snail that was hitching a ride! It was still alive and crawled up Mum's finger so she put it back in the garden. It is lucky it is not a French snail, apparently they sometimes get eaten there...

I had a great time this weekend at the wonderful party Derby and his mum threw for all us October kitties. I won't be blogging now for a few days because I'll be so busy looking after my dad. It's lucky je suis un chat très utile!

Hi Eric
Love your pages....our mum had parents' evening last week and she had the dreaded school disco on friday so we had to snuggle her when she got home all tired. We must've done well cos she fell asleep quickly! She's on half term too next week, but she's only going away for a day at a time. We think we'll get more morning tummy rubs! Hope you get a real trendy water bowl and that mum brings you back some tasty treats too. Keep away from dad's sneezes....and remember....YOU'RE in charge!
Love Saffi and Jasmin xxx
We hopes that your Momma has a good time and that you get lots of extra scritches and scratches when she is home!
Hi wow you look like me a furry hansome cat. I not fat I just fluffy and that makes more of me to love. Come by and meet me. I hope your mum has fun. My mom went to london and pairs she luffed them both. She said she loved a city called bath. Why would some name a citty about water (shutter)
Bonjour Eric, comment ca va? Ca va tres bien ici, mais il fait froid dehors. Tu n'aimes pas les escargots?

Votre amie,
Hello, F.E.,
Dad wants to know how slow moving are you that a snail was able to hitch?
Le pauvre Papa. Il est distrait. Il faut qu'il avoir du cafe.
Prendre le bon soin de votre papa. J'espère que votre maman trouve un bon plat pour vous à Paris.

Just so you know, that I don't know French, neither does mum. We did it through a translation site. hehe.

Good to have you at the party over the weekend. You missed the big blogger outage.
Take good care of your Dad. I hope you get lots of extra scritches when your Mum gets home.
Oh, your lucky Mum! Hope she has a great time in Paris.
Ew....a mushy snail stuck to you!

Ahhhhhh, happie earlie burthday, Fat Eric! Tell yer lady to have a grate time in Pair-Is and its a gud that she didnt bring the snail she fownd on yoo!

Owr lady said to tell yer lady to eat TONS of nutella craypes. She luvs thowse...thay probablie taste a lot like the chicken treets we luv!
Wow Eric! You are by-lingual. That is purry wonderful. My mommy learnded spanish in college but she doesn't get to practice much. She is impuressed you know French! Enjoy the extra treatsies and let us know how your purfday is. Hope you gets lotsa stuff.
our Allergic Girl went ta Paris (and England) when we wuz kittens. she loved it an wants ta go back - bet yur momma will haf fun!
We hope your Mom enjoys Paris. And hope you will get some extra food from your Dad.
Happy Early Purrthday Eric! Hope you have a fun time with your Dad while Mum is away!
Oh Happy Purrthday early Fat ERic in case we don't tell you in time. We don't think snails sound very good to eat, but the vermin said they would try them ~Merlin, Shadow, KO kO
Did your Mum take the chunnel? Mom and Dad went to Paris for their 20th anniversary, and they heard about the chunnel between London and Paris while they were there. They are determined to use it next time they go! (They said they think it goes under water? Is that true? I don't think I'd wanna try that...)
~ moose
You are in charge!? Wow! That will be fun! And you may get a new Parisian dish!? We want a picture if you do get one!
Wow Paris that sounds like fun.Hope your dad feels better soon.
how excellent! fat eric, large and in charge--we hopes yer dad understands what an honor it is to be ruled by a glorious ginger!! they sometimes just don't get it.

we hopes you gets a tray chick dish, an' maybe some franch treatsies to go in it. (english is our language, couldja tell?;-)(well, a smattering of spanish . . .)
I hear the gud portun fud sizes in paris are noneggsistant. Its a gud thing yoo stay behind with yer dad.

Hey...tell yer lady to bring home fries. I heard the french have grate fries!!
Congrats on being named Kat's Cat of the Day! Way to go!
Eric, sorry we're late, but we hope you had a "Bon anniversaire" with lots of great treats.

Happy Birthday Eric! I'll check back later today (it is 11:45am in Ohio right now) to see how your big day went....
Happy happy berthday, Fat Eric! I hope yoo can whoop it up!!!
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