Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Midweek Mewsings

Not much time to blog this week, it is so busy round here. I am busy guarding my yellow chair and my mum is busy at school. Tomorrow night she will be home late because it is parents' evening so she has to stay at school all evening too and interview all the parents to tell them how well (or not) their little darlings are getting on. But don't worry, my dad has promised to make sure I still get my dinner on time even though mum won't be home to feed me!

I caught my mum yesterday, looking on the website of the cat sanctuary where she adopted me and Hattie three years ago. This alarmed me - what was she doing? Is she planning to get me a sibling?! Because I LIKE being a spoilt only kitty, you know!

Phew, she is not looking for a sibling for me. She is looking for some kitties for someone else. Back in July, I blogged about one of my mum's friends who was very sad. She had three cats called Nessie, Lulu and Fluffy. In the same week in July, Nessie went to the Rainbow Bridge and Fluffy disappeared. Fluffy is still missing and Lulu has been a bit lonely since then, so her mum wants to get two more kitties to keep her company. She and my mum are planning to go to the cat sanctuary soon to find a pair of siblings for Lulu. I just need to remind my mum not to "accidentally" pick up any kitties for herself while she's there!

Have you heard the exciting news that I just read on Grr, Midnight and Cocoa's page? There might be a Blogging Cats Calendar and we can all send in our pictures! We could all be pin-ups! I must start trying out my cutest floofy poses...

*EDITED* to add
YAY!!! We've been biting our fingernails and claws all evening listening to the big game...but the best team won!

My Door Opener checks out the local listings for rescued kitties all the time. It doesn't mean she's planning to get another cat anytime soon. Just maybe someday. . .

So you very well might be safe for the time being!
Ah, you are safe - in my excitement at being your first commenter, I didn't even finish reading! But you get my point - you can't blame anyone for enjoying the perusal of pictures of fantastic felines!
we hopes that your mommy's furriend finds some poodins to make her and Lulu happy
YAY on the football score.

Mum says yes, noon my time is your 6 PM. And Saturday the honoring ceremony will be at 11 PM or so your time. She wanted to make it early enough so your beans could be up to see you honored.
Oh I am furry happy that you are liking your Chair Eric! And it's nice of your Momma to go looking around for friends for Lulu...
We're glad your Mum is helping Lulu get some friends. I wouldn't worry about your Mum looking at kitties online- it's the cute black kitties in the yard you have to beware of. They are too cute!
Congrats to Chelsea!
I'm glad Chelsea won! I read the article and it sounds like a purry good game. I like being a spoilt kitty too, but sometimes it gets lonely....
Oh that is so nice that yur Mom is helping Lulu find anutter brofur and sisfur. Dat means two more poodins will find their furever home.

I hope Lulu finds some wonderful siblings!
Oh, we think it is high time for you to get a little brother or sister. He, he.
Yipes - cut the cord. No more brothers and sisters!
I'll give the nice lady Mini! Please can I huh? Can I? I'll efun pay to ship her dere.
~~ Sanjee
I hope your Mum finds some nice siblings for Lulu. Be sure to take a very nice picture for the calendar. Show off that floofy tummy.
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