Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Missing Dad

My dad has gone away for a week. He has gone to Scotland to climb a mountain. I hope he doesn't fall off! Here are some pictures of the mountain.

Before he went, my dad told me I had to look after my mum. I have interpreted this to mean that I should:
1. Never let her out of my sight while she is in the house.
2. Follow her closely up and down stairs until she trips over me.
3. Lie on her all night and make sure she wakes up extra-early for work.
4. Share all her meals with her.
5. Sit on any books or newspapers she attempts to read.
6. Sit next to the bath while she is in it and meow loudly (in case she drowns and I am left with no human servants at all).

My dad is due home on Friday night, I will be absolutely worn out by then after working so hard to keep everything under control here.

Jasmine laughed furry hard when she read your list and looked your photo. I don't understand why though. That list seems pretty sensible to me, and you look furry comfortable and relaxed in the photo.
I can see the strenuous nature of the yoga you are practicing there. I shall join you in your efforts!
We hope that your dad has a good time. The mountains look so wild and beautiful.
Eric, don't overdo it- you need to conserve your energy. remember he's going to be gone a whole week.
You will be exhausted by the end of the week. Keep a good eye on your mum.

That looks like a furry big thing to climb. Hope he has a good time and is safe.
I'm sure your mum needs to be taken care of and all but why didn't your dad take you to that mountain? It looks like a lot of fun and I bet there's lots of little things you could hunt and maybe even eat.

I think you need to ask him when he gets back.
i hope you're gettin' paid a lot to do such hard work for a whole week!
oh my step brudder baby duz dat fat kitty lay on back tingie.

you iz funny.

bye bye.
Fat Eric, you are a shining example to all of us kitties with beans to soopervise! I too follow your list of activities when my lady bean is on her own. I even sit by the window when I'm expecting her back from work so's I can keep an eye on that too. PS Eric, my beans say you hav a "magnificent corporation" - and "it must've cost a lot of money too look like that". Well -you're my hero!!
Sounds like you are working hard Fat Eric. Watching and taking care of 'beans is EXHAUSTING work. Don't over do it. We loved the poem ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
That is a furry good list Eric. Our dad sed he went partways up Ben Nevis wiv his frend when he wuz yunger. He sed he went up the track way, an he duzn't fink he wud do it now. That's a luvly pichur of yer tummy. When yer dad gets back, he may be ecks-awstedd like yoo.
Our Meowmie has actually been on that mountain! She did not climb, she just went up in some kind of hanging car. She said it was pretty cold up there. We hope you Dad is warmly dressed.
Your doing a good job Eric. It is important to take care of our humans or as I like to call Ma my treatie dispenser. Don't forget to take a good long cat nap!
Thanks for all your well wishes for our Momma. she is doing better all the time, thanks to all you blogging cats and your nice visits and purrs.

good man, eric! you are in charge while he is away, and you seem to have efurrything under control. the list is impressive, but i have no doubt that you will succeed in performing efurry duty purrfectly. carry on!

sir edmund
Sounds like my Morgan has been reading this blog as he does most of these things.
Perfectly reasonable rules.
OMGosh! FEric, I must add your belly up pose to my Slide box!!! You are too adorable! Those little, er...manly back legs all stretched out! So sweet...and...manly. Lol, ;) Sounds like you are taking care of things while your dad is gone!
Oh, Eric! I was wondering, would you like to be posted as cat of the day at Kat's Cat? I would love to add you to my list of kitties to be posted! If you'd like, email me a couple of your fave pix of yourself (or I can take a couple from your site) and write a short paragraph about yourself.
Wow, yer dad sownds super adventuraus. Thats vary nice of yoo to take care of yer mom like that. Yoo sownd like yer on top of things. Gud fur yoo!!!
Almost time for your Dad to come home! Hope you have not worn yourself out looking after your mum!
excellent plan - we are taking notes in case we need them in the future.
Fank yoo Eric furr inviting us to stay wiv yoo in London when the beans are away. We wuz going to wish yoo an eary happy gotcha day cuz we can't get on the compooter at the rite time, but maybe we can visit yoo then an we can go out an selly-brate.
I think your to-do list is thorough and respectable! I would only add: 7. Knock things off of tables and shelves to help keep her agile as she is required to bend, pick up. Bend, pick up.

It's the least you can do.
Eric, I know just what you mean. It's just exhausting having to be "The Man of the House". When my Dad returned home after a business trip, it was all I could do to keep my eyes open long enough to say hello to him. I NEEDED A NAP!

I'm sure he'll be very grateful that you've taken such good care of your Mom.

Oh your dad will be so proud of all you've done. It looks like a lovely mountain but climbing it seems hard. I hope you can hold up with all that work!
Poor Fat Eric. That's a lot of responsibility for one Cat. Humans tend to need a lot of looking after. No wonder you're exhausted.
Eric, you are SUCH a thoughtful kitty. I hope you mommy is truly appreciative and does not try to strangle you.

Take care!
Oooooohhh we luvs yur belly! You can actually keep a good eye on yur Mum from that viewpoint.

Looks like you've exhausted yourself taking care of your up while you can, I know you did a super-berb job of keeping efurryfink safe until your Dad got back.

Hey now, fluffy fellow, you're going to get a good tummy rub if you keep lying around like that. And for taking good care of your mum, you deserve one!
That mountain your dad is climbing looks really awesome but we can't believe he left you alone with all that responsiblity. How do you keep up?
You deserve lotza naps & xtra treats for bein' the man of the house while your dad was away!
Oh gosh, we hope your Dad doesn't fall off too! It'd be awful to lose staff that way. Well, any way really, cuz we needs our staff (and I's not sure you should tell them, but we luvs them too). I 'proves of your list too. No wonder it wears you all out!
You are furry good to take such good care of your mum.
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