Thursday, October 12, 2006


Rainbow Gingers

I am glad that we all agree that cats of all colours are beautiful, although I am always proud to be ginger. As you probably know, there are lots of Gorgeous Ginger kitties like me over at my Gorgeous Gingers page. I have just added a few more, and there are yet more gingers waiting to be added, when Blogger decides to co-operate in uploading their pictures...

Today I would like to tell you about a brand-new page, The Rainbow Gingers. You will also find a link to it on the Gorgeous Gingers page. It is a page to pay tribute to those members of the Gorgeous Gingers who have now gone ahead to wait at the Rainbow Bridge. There are some old friends there, including Trixie, Norton, Ullrick and Butterscotch - and I am going to put a picture of my ginger sister Hattie on there too.

Please let me know if you can think of any other lovely ginger cats who have gone on to the Bridge and need to be honoured as members of the Rainbow Gingers.

what a sweet idea! sad, but sweet.
Rainbow Gingers is a nice idea, but we have no gingers in our house, except one of the guinea pigs!
In answer to your question, no I'm not a lap cat, none of us are, and mom wishes we were. Scout will sleep by her on the bed however. -Shaggy
The Rainbow Ginger page is furry nice. They may be gone, but not forgotten.
What a lovely and touching idea, Eric. It's nice to know all these gingers can be remembered in one place.
Dis wuz a furry sweet & touchin' fink you did Edsel!

Eric your a very handsome ginger kitty.What a lovely page The Rainbow Gingers very touching.
You're too cool to keep up on all of this, Eric.

This is merely one of the things that make you so attractive...
Oh that's furry nice of you Eric to do this. Is this just for Gingers who had a blog or can any gorgeous Ginger be on there? If any of them can, Momma will scan a photo of our big Iggy cat. He was a handsome fellow like you, but he has long since gone to the bridge.
That certainly is a furry nice thing fur you to do Eric. A wonderful tribute to all those beautiful Gingers.
o, Eric, that be so nices of u's to do this fur those gone befores us.
...o, 'n Eric, me 'n Sanjee put linkies to your Ginger bloggies in our Weekend News so efurryone that reads it will knows how to visit...
That's a really good idea Fat Eric. ~Merlin, Shadow, KO KO
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