Saturday, October 28, 2006


We're Tired

I had a great purrthday, but all the excitement was very tiring. I have been mainly sleeping it off since. My mum has been quite tired too, so we have been spending a lot of time napping together or watching daytime TV. She has to go back to work on Monday but she is feeling a bit weak (she is not quite recovered from the poisoned mushroom crêpe she ate in Paris, but I'll tell you more about that later). We have been supervising dad cleaning the house, washing up, vacumning, doing laundry - he has been doing a good job. Mum's sister has gone home now so we are back to normal.

I would like to thank all my friends who sent me purrthday wishes. I got lots and lots of treats and fuss. I think we should all have two purrthdays every year, like the Queen.

My dad ran out of the dry cat food while mum was in Paris and he bought a different brand to the one mum buys me. She wasn't very pleased because she thought I might not like changing brands so abruptly. Then she turned round and saw me stuffing the food into my face...gobble, gobble, crunch, crunch, mmm! Now she has decided that I obviously don't care as long as it is FOOD! But when I have finished this bag she is going to go back to my usual brand because it helps me to get fewer hairballs.

This is the new bowl my mum bought me in Paris. I like it - what do you think?
I thought you might like to hear about a fat cat called Willie. He was a cat from Mericky who moved to Wales. Look what happens to fat Mericky cats in Wales! Amazing.

Hi Eric, Glad you had a nice purrthday celebration. Your food bowl is très beau.Plus I agree, food is food. Just feed me.

What is it with your mum and bad food on trips? Didn't she get sick coming back from Mericky?
That is some nice bowl, that will be improved when it is full of food!

I'm glads you had a fun purfday Eric! That is so nice of your mommy to brings you back a purty dish from her travels. As for poisoned mushrooms, even kitties know not to eat plants unless it is grass or in nip form.
o, Eric, bee-you-tee-full bowl. 'n it's got tha french writing on it. very nice.

i's so glad u had a good purrthday.
That is what my mom is trying to do to me!!!!!! -Shaggy
ps: That is a very nice bowl.
Yoo got a new bowl complete with french kitties on it!!! Cul!

Yer lady shuld have stuck to french snails. We hear thowse are yummy. Owr lady also said that insted of mushroom crepes yer lady shuld have had nutella crepes! Maybe yoo shuld have joynd her in paris to make sure she ate rite.
Nice bowl! Even better when it's filled up with breakfast or dinner. You call yourself "fat," but you're svelte compared to the first picture of Willie. Our Mom won't let us get fat because she always measured our dry food, and never leaves food for us to snack on. Too bad for us.

That's a very nice bowl, Eric. I'm sorry your Mom got a bad crepe in Paris. I'm glad you had a very happy birthday. Watch out if your Mum is reading up on dieting cats. You could be next.
Get well soon, Eric's Mum!

Glad you had a great celebration, Eric.

We clicked on your link and read about the slimming cat. I am very frightened now, I would not wish to be put on a diet.

I don't like the way Mummy is looking at me; I'd better go.

ps - Mummy says that's not too far from where she was earlier this year. She remembers driving past Tenby on the way to Llanstadwel. Pembrokeshire. What a pretty name!
Cool foodbowl.
That is a great food bowl and it has French on it, Do you speak French, Fat Eric? We are sorry our Purrthday wishes are late. We posted them on the blog entry below. Our Mom said poisinous mushrooms are not good, but mushrooms are one of her favorite so she wouldn't want one of the poisinous ones. If that makes any sense ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO
Happy Purrthday Fat Eric! That is a furry nice bowl you gots for yur purrthday gotcha day. Yur Mom is always tinking about you.
Eric, I think you'd better stay far, far away from Wales!

I like your new bowl--tres chic! Hope your mum feels better soon.
Hi Eric, Happy Purrthday to you! I hope your mum feels better soon.
Eric, Quelle jolie nouvelle cuvette vous avez la!
(PS: I only speak "cattish" - my lady bean helped me with the Frenchie thing).
That pickchoor of the really fat cat from Mericky makes me feel dead slim, just when my beans were getting on to me about my dangly bits - whew! I feel like a feline Kate Moss by comparison....!
Oh, Eric! I can't believe Brach and I missed your birthday! Sounds like you made out like a bandit!

With all of my celebrity, I've never received anything from Paris!

Happy Belated Birthday, Ginger friend!
That is a wonderful dish Eric!
Love the bowl!

May be the Giggy needs to move to Wales too. I am getting a hernia from picking his lardbutt off the floor.
Wow, belated happy birthday. Sorry I missed it. Must get around the blogosphere more often.
Sorry we missed your purthday - DKM took the laptop away!

Hoppy Halloween!
Nice bowl!

Have a safe Meow-lo-ween!
tres chic, le bowl! (told ya we weren't french speakers;-) hope your special (second) day was marvy! sorry to hear that your mum is unwell--and we think you should go purr on her right now to help her mend.

we'd give ya a penny for the guy, but all's we gots is candy, and mom & dad aren't sharin' acause they say it's bad for us. huh! they just wants it all theirselves!
I'm with you, Eric. If it's food, it's good. That's a cool bowl you've got. It must be extra fun eating all the food to see the writing in the bottom of the bowl hehehe
Mini, Boni, Gree, Pepi and Sanjee
You're absolutely right, Eric. I have discovered this "not caring" attitude in regards to food as of late also. Since Isis and I have been on this diet, I am too hungry to care what the human pet puts before us - so long as I get to eat! Your dad was right on!

Your new bowl is awesome! It reminds me of Hello Kitty!. It's very cute, though I wonder if it's not just a tad girlish for you. Hmm...
How cool is that! I'm sure you'll feel very "continental" eating from your Parisian bowl.

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