Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Widebody Wednesday

Here I am stationed on the upstairs landing, an excellent strategic position as no one can go upstairs or downstairs, or in or out of any of the upstairs rooms, without me seeing them! I like to keep an eye on things.

More Widebody Wednesday pictures today from Rocky, Beezer, Beau Beau, Rascal and Merlin.

Good form Eric!
I likes to sleep on my back too.

--- Beezer
That sounds like the perfect place to lay!
Oh mum says she just wants to sit on the steps by you and give your tummy a big rub.
You looks like you is floor dancing with your arms out like that. Wuz yur Mom playing music when you were laying there?
A perfect place to stretch out Eric! You are a FINE FINE cat.
What an esteemed group of widebodies! I feel much better about it now.
Eric, it's important to keep tabs on what goes on around the house, and you obviously have that mastered. And you can show your cute tummy at the same time! Well done...
Excellent wide-ly-ness you are showing Eric!
Kitties DO have to keep an eye on all things going on in their households - you have a great vantage point here!

Lux's Mom
Frum the simple onlukers purrspective yoo luk like yoo are just resting and relaxing....frum eggsperienced, smart kitties like us we know yoo are watching owt fur everyone that comes clowse to any upstairs room. Vary strategic!
mi brudder mickey mantle iz havin a wide body wednesday hizself! i hope we can selubrate wid sum tuna juice!
Darn it, Eric, you've just given away a vital chunk of cat strategy! I was kinda hoping my humans wouldn't guess why I likes to lie at the top of the stairs. They just fink I'm there furr the nice view, but (hee-hee) little do they know I can spy effurry move they make from my vantage point. And I look so innocent when one of 'em nearly trips ofurr me as I sprall out my widebody just like yoo!!
Great picture, Eric. Mom really wants to rub your belly - she really likes cat bellies. I don't let her rub mine though.

excellent pikshur!
large and in charge! I love it! It is impurative that all kitties lay where they can keep an eye on things.
Mommy has to get to feeling better so you can see the floofy kitty she rescued a couple weeks ago. He is settling in with grandma and grandpa pury nicely!
Great widebody picture.
Eric, what a beautiful shot. You are a very handsome boy. And aren't you in the perfect, strategic position.
Hey, are you a Maine Coon? I love them since my Maple is a Maine Coon herself..hehe. love the way she too can check out my post on solar powered kitty to find some more stuffs.

Good move, just so it's not dark when you lay there or someone is going down!
I just did the wide lay across the doorway last night. Who knew?
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How many years does it take to get such a volumputous tummy?

Precious Flower
what a beautiful kitty cat!
Oh fat are so adorable and funny. You lay just like my Angus LOL

Fat Eric, Mom says she would like to pick you up and give you snuggles because you look so fluffy and sweet ~Merlin, SHadow, KO KO
Very strategic! You remind me of my buddy Andy, He used to do that a lot, only he wasn't so floofy, since he had short hair. Maybe I should post his picture for wide-body wednesday next week!
Yup a great place I luff that place too in grandma house. It purffect makes sure no one can get by you
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