Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Widebody Wednesday

I wasn't going to post for Widebody Wednesday today, but by popular demand...
You can probably tell from this picture that I am trying to grow even more floofy fur for winter.

Oh Eric! It wouldn't have been widebody wednesday without you. Thanks for posting!
You gotta keep warm, so you are nice and fluffy.
You are so floofy Fat Eric that our Mom can hardly keep from tickling the compuuuper screen. ~Merlin, SHadow, Ko kO
OH Eric,you are about as fluffy as me!
Wow Eric, that's a lot of fluff. Maybe your Mum can shave off some of the fluff for a pillow stuffing and have it sold on ebay? I'm sure lots will be scrambling to buy it and you will have pocket money for more Stinky Goodness which will give you more fluff.
hullo, lad! good to see you in such fine fettle!! that is just a crackerjack photo--glad you posted!

My goodness, you are certainly just about as floofy as a cat can get. Happy snoozing, Eric.
I'm with Mr. Hendrix, just wouldn't be Widebody Wednesday without you!

Wow, what beautiful floof and fluff. Is there a kitty under there?

You are one gorgeous little kitty, Eric.
Oh Mr Eric

You look so comfy and happy and floofy!

Oh Eric! I'm with the others, you just embody WW! Hehee! And I too want to just reach thru the screen and give you lots of pets! You look so sweet Eric...and comfy!
Yep, our mommy too wants to just snuggle all of your floof!
You are setting new standards, Eric!
Eric, not only would it not be WW without you, but you ARE Widebody Wednesday. You are definitely king of the WW's and you just get floofier and floofier.
Yours in awe (Big) Eric
Yeah Eric you are the KING! Mom wishes she could reach out and touch yur furry body it looks so soft. We's sorry you don't haf a Thanksgiving day today but you can still be thankful. Eat some good turkey anyway!
Wow Eric. I didn't think you could get any Floofier!! Don't take it to far though. My Mom is already banging her head on the computer screen trying to bury her face in your belly.
Man, oh man ... That's SOME floofy fur you've got! I am so jealous of your plushiness. Mom's fingers were getting agitated just looking at that belly. Did you feel some psychic tickling?
DaisyMae Maus
Oh My...You are one very very impressive wide bodied boy. Yup you sure are.
We agree...yur the King of Floof!! Too bad y'all don't haf Thanksgiving....yur welcome to teleport ofur and haf some of our turkey, we gots PLENTY!
~Meeko, Kiara, & Emmy
Love that fat tummy Eric!

"OK - who ripped a hole in the duvet? No - don't deny it ... look at all that huge pile of fluff and fevvers an'.....oh, hold on a minute, it's not floof - it's you, Fat Eric!!" Anyway -fluff an fevvers don't snore, eh, Eric...zzzzzzz?

Bestest purrs from your female feline fan Tinker
Gosh, Eric, that looks so comfy that I'm going to have to...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
mama said mu she did you telport your self to england i been seen in the exact same pose on the down comfter
Whatever you are doing, it is working. You are definitely more floofy!

That is SuperFluffy. I've never seen anything like it. You look fabulous, darling.
How did I miss this? What a wonderful picture!
Eric! You is soooooooooo floofy. Ha you had a prem?
Saffi and Jasmin xx
ooooooops soz Eric...we is not spelling well. That was - you is soooooooooooooooo floofy! Has you had a perm? Saffi and Jasmin xx
THat is the BEST BEST BEST widebody wednesday weve evur seen!!! Yer a natchural to pose for the most cuddlie cat evur!
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