Friday, December 08, 2006


I Told You So

I told you the weather round here was we have had our very own London tornado!

Now I know that some cats live in areas where tornadoes aren't that uncommon, but it is pretty bloomin' unusual for houses in London to have their roofs ripped off by tornadoes...

Luckily for us, it didn't happen in our part of London, but about nine or ten miles away. I was at home guarding the house, my mum was at work about a mile away, and dad was at work in central London. My mum said that at the time the tornado struck, she was in the school playground when suddenly the sky went from sunny to black. She went inside with the children and then there were some huge claps of thunder and the wind started battering the windows of her classroom really hard. They saw some branches breaking off trees but they didn't realise there was a tornado happening a few miles away!

Me? Well, I heard the thunder...well, no, actually, I admit it...I slept through the whole thing! It was very windy for hours afterwards, and my mum had to pick up some plant pots that got blown around the garden, but that's all. Luckily we got the loose slates on our roof mended in the summer.

I'm going to help my mum put up the tree and Christmas decorations tonight. One of my mum's friends sent her this picture of her cat Snowy helping to put up the Christmas tree. Here is Snowy - notice her odd eyes! She has a twin called Frosty, but Frosty has two yellow eyes. A handy way to tell them apart.

I'm off to play help with the decorations. Have a nice weekend!

That am all the way scary!!! We're furry glad that y'all are OK. We hadded a few tornadoes go by us in TX....we hadded to go hid in the closet (we efun went into our carriers, that's how scary it was!).
i wuz heerin abowt da tornado in london. we're havin sum vizitorz frum da uk dis week but not frum london.
i hope yer all ok.
luv--yer frend--jh
Meowm says that one of those happened here in downtown Salt Lake City one year. Very strange!

I am glad you and your beans are safe. I hope no beans or animals were hurt in the tornado!
Grampa Norton and Gramma Trixie (and The One Who Came Before) hadded a tornado hit their house in Hamden, CT when they were just kittens. Grampa Norton saided that it was scary and that all the windows in the kitchen shattered, and that there were power lines arcing in the driveway!
We is glad you are all ok.
Snowy is purrty. Mommy saided that if a white kitty has blue eyes, then the kitty will most likely be deaf, and if it has one blue eye, that it will most likely be deaf on the side where the blue eye is.
Movie pictures of your tornado maded it to Mericky TV today. Mum hadded the Weaather Channel on TV today and they showed pictures and talked to a guy from the MET office too.

Glad you are safe. Mum says that is one of the scary parts of bad storms, 'cuz you can't truly predict them.

Have fun helping with the decorations.
That was a very scary thing to have happen. I have never heard of a tornado in London before. Your weather is getting *very strange. Have fun helping with the decorations. Um, tree climbing is probably not a good idea.
Gasp! A snowball kitty in a tree!
We had a tornato warning here in Connecticut Dec. 1 when we were out. The weather is furry scary all ofur.
A tornado is way scary, we had one here once when I was a baby kitty. We're glad you were all safe. Momma said that a tornado in London is freakish but the weather effury where is weird. Except here, in Wisconsin, it's cold and it snowed and that's pretty normal fur December. Thanks fur visitin our bloggy~Zippy
Scary times Eric! Glad you're all safe. Pretty Snowy cat! Looks like mom's cat when she was young.
Snowy looks like the perfect natural decoration for the tree.

We're glad the tornado skirted you. Tornadoes don't just happen in Kansas and the Wizard of Oz anymore.

Happy Decorating!

Oh my goodness! On both pictures!

Glad to hear you and your mum and dad weren't in any danger.
Hello Eric we was scared too! We was at home and mum was at work, both about 2 miles away from the tornAdee. We hearded big thunder and saw big flashes and we ran under the chairs to hide. That's where we were when mum phoned John over the road to check if we were safe. After he came we felt a bit better then and sat on the window-sill to watch the rubbish bins flying down the road.....never sseen that before! Like your mum, my mum was in the playground with the children too and they all got soaked before they could get back in. By the time she came home we was all snuggled up near the radiator and then she showed us the pictures on the telly. Well scary! Glad you are OK Eric! Love Saffi and Jasmin xx
I'm sure glad to hear you're safe after such a harrowing experience (even if you slept through it)!
Wow that sounds really unusual. I know we have had water spouts a lot this year and that is unusual for here. I wonder what is up with Old Man Weather? Maybe he is grumpy ~Merlin
That does sound very unusual. I'm quite glad that you and your family are doing well..

Snowy looks like a darling and a big help too.
Wow, yoo have such a grate life Fat Eric. Keep up the hard werk....errr, helping yer familie with the tree. But dont try to so what Snowy's mite nock over the tree!
Glad to hear the tornado missed your part of London Eric, must haf been scary, just as well yoo slept through it. Mum sed in the papers it sed that there were kitties missing after it. We just hope they survived it and got back home safely.
Mama grew up where they have a lot of tornados. She kinda laughs when she says that she spent half of her summers in the basement. They had a little room down there to go to where they had some water, a radio and some games to play. They had a woofie then, and he got to go to the little room, too.

But it was scary, too, she said.

I don't think we have had one in our city since I was born. Looks like I haven't missed anything.

Glad you and your beans were okay.
I'm glad you were not affected by the Tornado, Eric. I've never experienced one either, but I did go through a little hurricane last year! It didn't pass through where I live, but nearby. We did get lots of wind, but hardly any rain.
Wow that sounds scary, we're glad you're safe and we hopes those other kitties find their way home!

One of Those Who Came Before Us was a white kitty with a blue eye and a yellow eye, her name was Bunny. We likes the picture of Snowy in the tree!

The Mini Moes said to tell you they will always remember how nice you were to them when you gave them all baths!
Tornados are pretty scary things. We haven't been in one actually, but some of us were in a couple of hurricanes going over land and that was bad enough. Glad you're safe. How did it go with the decorations? -- Alberta,Sky, Blackie, Charlie and Maggie Fu
Thank heavens you survived (or should we say, slept though) your terrible ordeal. We have tornados here in the Midwest for about 6 months of the year, but nothing has hit our house.
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