Wednesday, December 13, 2006


My 100th Post

Yes, this post is special because it is my 100th post. I have achieved my goal of managing 100 posts before the end of my first year of blogging - yay me!

I offered a prize for anyone who could guess why this post would be special, and Eric and Flynn were the first to guess the correct answer. (Derby also guessed correctly.) Eric and Flynn, there is a link to our e-mail on the Gorgeous Gingers page - if you would like to e-mail me with your address, I will get my mum to send off your prize. As we are in the same country, I don't think we will have any trouble with Customs this time!

I was planning to celebrate my 100th post by looking back over my blogging history and showing some lovely Christmas tree pictures. Unfortunately, I am too traumatised to do that now, due to the events of this evening. I was snuggling up in my cosy bed by the radiator for the evening when I was suddenly grabbed from behind and found myself heading towards the gaping mouth of the Evil Cat Carrier! I managed to break free and hide under the dining-table, but my mum pulled me out from under there. She started trying to post me into the Evil Cat Carrier - I wriggled, I dodged, I braced my legs, I made myself even bigger, but eventually she cruelly thrust me in and slammed the door on me. I was NOT happy! I wailed loudly as I was carried out to the car. I gave pitiful mews for help as the humans drove me away. I was worried that I might be off to kitty jail or some such place, but five minutes later we pulled up outside the v-e-ts. "Hello Eric!" said the v-e-t's assistant as I was carried in, still wailing. "He's very loud, isn't he?"

"I'm not ill! I don't need to be here!" I screamed as I was carried into the v-e-t's room. To make matters worse, my regular v-e-t is on holiday so it was some total stranger who lifted me up and made rude remarks about my weight. Without even asking me, he pulled at my ears, prodded at my eyes and tried to look at my teeth. I closed my mouth so tightly he couldn't prise it open! Then he got out a metal thing on a string (mum called it a stethoscope) and started listening to my heart. My mum was pleased when he said my heart and lungs are in excellent shape. When the v-e-t started trying to examine me in more intimate areas, I'd had enough, so I actually dived back into the hated cat carrier to get away from him. But he didn't play fair, as he took the roof off it and stabbed me with a needle! My mum said, "It's all for your own good Eric, if your vaccinations aren't up to date, the cat holiday camp won't take you next summer." (Like that's going to make me feel better about it?)

By the time we got home, I was so traumatised I had to cancel my special 100th post and have a large meal to regain my strength. I just hope my humans are feeling guilty about ruining my day!

Congratulations, Eric on your 100th post! We is looking forwards to your pictures, but we understand the need to fight and protest against the Evil cat carrier and all wot use them. As for the v-e-t- who stabbed you, if it was a locum and he comes round here (cos we're quite near!) we'll sink our sharp teeth into his hand for you. Cat holiday camp doesn't sound too good....we've never been - what's it like? Hope you got a REALLY large meal to compensate.
Love Saffi and Jasmin xx
Fat Eric, that was a horrendous experience! The nerve of the humans! And that V-E-T deserved a good bitye for making rude remarks. No wonder you had to run for cover.

Well, congratulations on your 100th post.
Oh Eric we're so excited to win yer compytishun that we guessed right.
Poor you what a terrybull fing to happen to you on your 100th. post day. We hope you are recovering now. You didn't need that vet to tell you yer lungs were all right, he should haf known furrom the way you were wailing.
We are worried, mum's weighing us tomorrow and Flynn has stayed on 13 lbs for ages, but the last twice I had put on 1 lb each time.She said last February I was 19 lbs, but I was 21 lbs (same as you)when they came back furrom their holly days at the end of October. Keep yer paws crossed furr me cuz I'm in big trubble if I've put on any more weight.
Concatulations on your 100th post and to Eric and Flynn for guessing it firsted. It took me a while to figure it out.

Boy, what a rude thing to do to take you to the VET at this happy holiday season. I would have liked to see your holiday pics.

Plus if you didn't get your shots, then you couldn't go to the kittie jail. Right?

Congratulations on your 100th post... sorry about the mean vet giving you shots.

Mia & Ghost
congrats on your 100th post and congrats to Eric and Flynn for guessing!
Hoorah for Eric & Flynn's good guessing!!
Hoorah for you 100th post!!

Boo-hiss for the V-E-T and the shots and for poking things in back where they have no busy-ness even looking. Grrrrrr...
how cruel of them to ruin your speshul day!!
Yay fur yur 100th post, an yay fur Eric & Flynn guessin' rite! duzzn't yur people no that this wuz supposta be yur speshul day? how dare they hawl ya off ta be torchured!
Oh, Eric, I can so empathize! My experience was every bit as bad! I hope you can recover enough to feel at least a little better about your 100th post. Concatulations!

Poor Eric. The vet sucks.
Congrats on your 100th post.
Awww, sorry to hear you had a bad day Eric, how could they say you are fat? You are wonderfully fluffy! Congratz on your 100th post!
Your humans *should feel guilty, ruining your special day! (By the way, congratulations on the 100 posts!)
w00t! 100!

I keep tellin' you guys, POOP ON THE STABBY GUYS!!!!

100 posts! Yu did outstanding Eric!! But...sorry it was ruined by having to go into the evil cat carrier and of all fings go to da vets! Glad yu are home and all is well.

Lookin forward to yur 101st post!

You have my sympathies as a fellow sufferer. I too have found myself on several occasions this year, torn from the comforts of my nice warm bed, or comfy spot on the rug and thrust without my permission (huh - as if!!)into the Evil Cat Carrier. As soon as I see it being brought downstairs (it lives in a corner of the spare bedroom) I try to make a run for it, but usually, all resistance is futile. I'm a bit nervous at present, 'cos when the humans put that pointy tree - thingy up, I know it means a trip to the so-called cat holiday camp is imminent. Anyway, well done on achieving your 100th post - us fellow cats all look forward to reading many more from you in future!
Oh poor Eric, and all on your 100th post day too! Maybe you are a tiny bit lucky because the vet didn't try to take your temperature!

Yes, we think you deserve quite a lovely meal for the horrors you've been through!
Really Eric, to spring a V.E.T. visit on you while you were busy planning a 100th post celebration borders on unforgiveable! You need to have a few stern words with your staff about the type of service you expect.

Congrats Eric! We keep forgetting to keep track of things like that!
Thanks for leaving your sympathies with Shaggy. He was quite traumatized at the vets too, but 'cause he was sick he didn't put up much of a fight! -Scooby
Why would they do such a thing on such an important day? What were they thinking? We hope you got an extra special meal to make up for it. Congratulations on the 100th post! -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie, Charlie and MAggie Fu
You know, I've never been one to poop on anything. In fact I won't poop anywhere but my box no matter HOW bad it is, but ...yeah, what everycat else said! Poop on 'em!!!

Dumb humans, you're just floofy and well-fed. It's a very handsome look!

Congratulations on 100 posts, and to Eric and Flynn for guessing!
Concatulations on your 100th post! Sorry you had to be traumatised on what should have been a most glorious day.
Oh, poor Eric. That's no way to treat a cat, specially a cat werkin on his special 100th post. Maybe you shuld have a special 101th post instead?
If you wanna smile, go see how I helped wif our tree. I didn't climb it; I's a good boy.
Oh eric,

I fell for ya bud this has been happening to me alot lately to make it worst on your speical 100 post day !!!! Hunmp how could they runinc something so speical
Haf another meal Fat Eric. You deserve it after that trauma ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko
Concatulations on 100 posts, Eric! :)
Congratulations on your 100th post Eric! I'm sorry to hear about your visit to the yucky vet. Did you get any special treats because of it? I hope so. Here's to you and many more hundred posts.
Whoo hooo! Concatulations on reaching your 100th post milestone! I'm furry happy for you!

A big "bah" to your mum for forcing you into the prison box for a trip to the dreaded v-e-t ... You definitely deserved a big meal after your ordeal.

I'm looking forward to your special post and the photos of your Christmas tree.

DaisyMae Maus
Oh, yes YES! We'd love to try duck flavor Sheba! Would you like to do an exchange? We could send you whatever you want that you can't get there. Feline Greenies? We think we remember you saying you couldn't get those. Anything else you'd like? Your e-mail address doesn't show up, could you e-mail our Lady at purrrrr - thank you!
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