Saturday, December 30, 2006


My Christmas Presents

My mum is back from Cornwall. I am glad she is back because I have been a bit bored without her and also my dad wouldn't switch on the computer. Still, he did feed me and look after me and I have been mostly sleeping behind Devon Grandma's sofa or snuggling by her fire (we don't have a fire in London so it is nice on a cold rainy day).

Anyway, my mum came back last night. It was horrible weather, raining and blowing a gale, my dad had to drive to the nearest railway station (which is called Whimple) to pick her up and some of the lanes were flooding. Good weather for staying inside keeping cosy. When she walked in, I came out from behind the sofa and jumped on her and licked her hair and then her chin and her ears and her glasses, I think she enjoyed that. Since then I have been mostly sitting on her and purring.

I think she had a nice time in Cornwall but some of her clothes smell of d-o-g, because she has been fraternizing with Cornish Grandma's Scottie, Barney - I hate him! (My mum says she knows the US President has a Scottie called Barney too but ours was named first...) My mum weighed Barney and he is only 2 pounds heavier than me, I think I could take him if it came to a fight. Remind me to tell you some time about the dreadful stress I experienced at Christmas 2004 when I had to spend a week in the same house as this monster, he kept trying to lick me and sniff me, it was awful.

I am really enjoying my Christmas presents. Devon Grandma gave me some gourmet cat meals from Marks & Sparks, the kind of food my own humans are too mean to buy usually. My humans gave me some Sheba food, which I don't usually get either because I am on the d-i-e-t food. I got a new yellow feather stick from mum's sister to replace the one I destroyed a couple of months ago, I am very happy with that.

The only present I do not like is this annoying red dot thing that my mum thinks is very funny. I follow this red dot round and try to swat it with my paw but I can never catch it. I even got up and chased it quite energetically but I still couldn't catch it, so I went and sulked behind the sofa. Not fun.

Oh yes! Something amazing happened! While she was in Cornwall my mum and Cornish Grandma went into a pet shop looking for some breath-freshening dog treats (because the evil Scottie has serious halitosis) and guess what they found? Two packets of Feline Greenies! This is amazing because FG's are not normally on sale in the UK, which is why we always have to get some from Mericky. They only had two packets, which my mum bought for me, but Cornish Grandma is going to check and let us know if they ever get any more in.

So I am quite happy with all the stuff I have got, I am going to catch up on my friends' blogs now and I hope they are all having fun too. We have taken some nice photos but can't post any until we get back to London.

Glad your mum made it back from Cornwall safely. She has had lot of travel adventures this holiday.

Your pressies sound good, M&S food and all, with Greenies too.

Take care, looking forward to the pictures.
Greenies!?!?! You are so lucky! I LOVE Greenies!
We're glad to hear you're enjoying your holiday and that your Mum had a safe trip.
GREENIES??????Yer mum found Greenies in Cornwall. Rite I'm sending mum to Cornwall to scour all the shops furr them. We had them a while back in our purrize furrom Grr Midnight and Cocoa. Eric wasn't over fussed about them, but I loved them even more than Temtayshuns.We've nefurr had M&S gourmet foos either. Wonder if we can drop mum a few hints.
We don't like all this awful weather we are getting. Even though we like water, we don't like it when it comes out of the sky so fast, or all this horrybull wind that blows yer furrs inside out. We are spending all our time laying in front of the woodburner, and then mum comes in furrom doing the horsies looking like a drowned rat. Fink she's getting fed up wiv it too.
Oh eric I luff Greenies Too I get the chicken ones 3 times a day 6 pices licks lips I aways beg my mama for them. I got 12 packs for chunnnka one night somethig about free shiping and cheep so she got a years worth.

You fat ginger freind. PS my mama Said she going to post a picuter latter maybe monday night for tummy tuseday since she wont have her commper that compaers me to you I might be JUSt of fluffy
ya gots sum Greenies? YAY! an guess what? our Lady went ta PetSmart an they had a couple new kinds of Sheba, an ONE OF 'EM WUZ THE DUCK. or, that's whut the empty display sed. sumbuddy alreddy boughted all the duck, so we still didn't get ta try it, but looks like we're gonna!
Hi Eric. Glad to hear that your mummy is back.

What are greenies? I'm so glad that I'm blogging because I can see that I've been missing out on some important things.

We are also having windy rainy days up here in Surrey.

love, Pearl.
I'm glad you got some nice presents - can't wait to see your photos!
What a wonderful holiday you had Eric. I hope you have an excellent New Year-
Its good to hear that you are having a good holiday. I gots lots of tempts-tations for my christmas. I've never had sheba, but I'm getting fancy feast for my dinner because its new years eve. I think people shoud make up more holidays, it puts them in a good mood and that makes them give us the really good stuff.

It's gud yu had such a nice holiday! I knoos yu wuz furry glad to see yur Momma. We has nefur had Greenies...Mom there somefink noo yu is gonna hafta to go and find fur us!

Hi Eric! I'm so glad you had a great Christmas! I loooooooove greenies. If you efer need anyone to send them ofer to you, email me your address and I'll be happy to help.
I can't believe you had to spend a week with a woofie! Wow. I am really afraid of them (when they first brought me home, I'd hide under the bed whenever a woofie would walk by on the sidewalk). Mommy thinks I must've had a very bad experience when I was a feral.
Haf a wunderful New Year!! I hopes 2007 is a happy, healthy one for you and yours!!!!!!
We wish you a furry happy, healthy, safe, snuggly, flea-free, Temptations-filled New Year!
We love to play wif the red dot! Well at least I do. Angie gets bored. You efur want some Feline Greenies you just ask! In fact you send us an email wif yur address and we'll send you all you want! Happy healthy wealthy and wise New Year!
Hi Eric, It's a little past midnight your time and I'm just leaving you this note to let you know that Faz told us about first-pawing for Hogmanay, and so I came and stuck a paw under your door as a dark-furred male so you'd have a good year, and I left a few crumbs of shortbread, and a drop of scotch and some liver greenies and Dentabite Temptations for you! I hope it still works if I didn't come all the way in your house! And hopefully the intruder kitties won't get them before you get home from Devon!

Have a good New Year!!
Happy New Year Eric. And to your mum and dad. And mum says thanks for the card!
Oh my gosh, you're already in a different year from me! Happy New Year to you and your mum and dad!
We's glad you had a good Chrissymouse, Eric. We hope you have a sooper New Year too!
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree
Happy New Year!!!

You have Greenies? What are those? We have M&S here too but I don't think they sell any cat food though. I'll get Mummy to comb all M&S shops for their gourmet cat food.
Happy New Year
... Missy Blue Eyes, KC and lil Bear
Sounds like you had a great Christmas and vacation in Devon.

Happy New Year.
Happy Mew Year Eric! We have that pesky red dot toy too. Spot loves it, but I am wise to it...
At least you don't have to live with a dog -- I do! He likes me and all but he's still annoying (he nuzzles my neck and I end up covered in dog spit -- bleck)! My Mom got a red dot toy for me but I pretty much ignore it except to entertain her on occasion. The dog, on the other hand, chases it until Mom gets tired and puts it away. Anyway, wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year!
HAPPY NEW YEAR, ERIC! May 2007 be filled with Feline Greenies!


Enjoy the Greenies! I haven't had any yet, but they sound most excellent...
Happy New Year!
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