Saturday, December 23, 2006


Traumatic Experience

I may never recover from yesterday. I knew it was going to be bad, what with being forced into the Evil Cat Carrier and trapped in the car to drive down to Devon Grandma's, but it was even worse than I expected.

We left home at 10 AM, which should usually mean that we get down to Devon Grandma's at about 3 PM. It was foggy, but there wasn't as much traffic as we were fearing, so we whizzed round the M25 and down the M3 in pretty quick time. I was quite loud for the first part of the journey, but then I got bored and concentrated on looking out of the window at the foggy trees going past.

Things went horribly wrong at about 12.15, when we had left the motorway and were heading down the A303 through Hampshire, Dorset and Somerset. Suddenly we were stuck at the end of a long, foggy queue. No one was going anywhere. My humans were listening to the traffic news on the radio. Something about a tanker lorry having jack-knifed and everyone getting diverted. We sat still in the traffic jam. I got bored and fell asleep. I woke up an hour later. We were still sitting in the same place. I went back to sleep. I woke up an hour later. We were crawling along a very foggy lane being diverted, somewhere in Dorset. I went back to sleep. I woke up an hour later. We were in a totally foggy lane and from what my humans were saying, we were slightly lost. Then it got even more foggy. Then it got dark...

Anyway, we did get back on the main road eventually and we crawled through the fog and the dark and we got to Devon Grandma' 6PM. We were all furry tired, furry hungry, furry cramped and furry in need of a litter box. My humans said that I'd been a very good boy, but I was traumatised, so after a quick snack I went behind the sofa and stayed there all night. Then I came out, found Scratchy Mouse, had some food and went and sat on my mum to loudly tell her how traumatised I was. I am NOT happy!

Christmas spirit? Bah, humbug!

I am so berry sorry that you had such a horrible trip to Grandmas. I am glad that you made it safely. Hope you have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a better trip home.
Glad you all are safe but oh the horror!!!! And no litter box. Not even a tiny place with a little sand! AND NO FOOD! Well at least we cats can always sleep! Spend the rest of the holiday just relaxing now...SS&S
Oh Eric how aweful for all of you. Cuddle with Scratchy, get lots of treats and keep telling them you are not happy.

Bah, humbug to travelling at the holidaze.
Oh poor Eric, what a terrybull expeeryunss. We are so glad that yoo evenchully made it to Devon Grandma's. Hope yoo got extra cuddles an treats to make up furr yer trauma. We reely like yer Chris Mouse pichur an haf saved it so we can keep looking at it.
Poor Eric. What a horrible experience for you. What do you mean they were "slightly lost"? That sounds pretty serious to us. You could have starved if it went on much longer. Glad you all made to Devon Grandma's in one piece though and we hope you get extra special stinky goodness to make up for all the inconveniance ..
and that you all have a Merry Christmas in spite of it all!-- Alberta, Sky, Blackie, Charlie and Maggie Fu
Oh Eric,

I am so glad that you and your beans got to Devon Gramma's safe and sound. At least you have scratchy mouse with you.

Take good care and enjoy your holiday with Devon Grammie.
You were stuck in all dat fog? It must have been scary. At least you knew to sleep frew most of it. Wevver is strange efurrywhere.
Merry Christmas!
Oh poor Eric, that does sound very traumatic. But you were a very good traveler. Make sure you get extra treats for being so good. Merry Christmas.
Dude - what were your mum and dad thinking!! 8hrs in the dreaded cat carrier.

Shout at your mum lots...and snuggle your grandma :-)

Get treats and make them feel oh so guilty!

Wow. Were you cold? That sounds cold, being lost in the fog. I'm cold just thinking about it.
We are furry glad you made it safely--even if a bit cramped! YUCK.

Happy Holidays Eric.
The traffic here in Southern England is awful... especially at Christmas time.

I'm glad the fog has lifted and I hope you have a good holiday.


P & P
Oh, Eric - the horror! Maybe this is how Mary and Joseph felt, pulling into the inn that night. They didn't care if there wasn't a bed - a pile of hay probably looked pretty good.

We hope you find your Christmas spirit again, after such a traumatic experience. Maybe something really good in your stocking will do the trick.
That sounds furry bad and scary! We are glad you all made it to your Grandma's safely! We hopes you're feelin' better soon, Merry Chrissymouse!
A foggy day in London Town
Had you low and had you down

What a lousy way to spend a day! Poor sweet fluffy Eric...
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