Monday, January 29, 2007


Man Cat Monday

Kismet invented Man Cat Monday so here's my contribution. I think this is a manly pose.

My dad has gone away for a couple of nights to visit Devon Grandma so I have been keeping my mum company. He was supposed to be coming back tomorrow but he just rang to say that Little Hans (our car, it's small and German) broke down. So my dad and Little Hans are coming back from Devon on a big lorry tomorrow. Oh dear. My mum says she hopes the car repairs aren't too expensive. I hope so too, I think the money would be better spent on luxury catfood.

Nice Manly tail! You certainly do belong on Man Cat Monday with that look and pose.

This is a perfect man cat picture Eric! You look like you have just extended one arm, and are saying "why yes, ladies, there IS room for you on this couch...mraw."
Hehee (directed towards Kismet's comment)! I was thinking along the same lines....What a sexy Man cat pose, Fat E! Emma wants me to print out all the man cat pictures now and hang them around for her viewing pleasure! [sighing and rolling eyes]
Eric! Oooh la la! You're cute. In a manly way.
Manly indeed!
Just relaxin' and chillin' waiting for the sound of the treat bag. Heh-heh, we guys have it goin' ON!
that's kind of like a manly bood-war pose!!
Very manly, Your Floofiness!

Last night, Mum dropped her IPod on me. I SQUAWKED real loud and she gave me lots of cuddles, Temptations and leftover cereal milk. Thank goodness I had remembered your strategy with the remote...
Thanks again.
I agree wiv the meezers. it does look rather like a bood-wah pichur. Yoo look furry manly.I haf put up my mancat pichur too.
You're such a handsome man!!!
Excellent man cat photo, Eric. Car problems are never fun, but the truck ride might be OK. He'll be way up in the air!
That is a furry good Man Cat pose. I agree that you have a 'come to me baby' look.

Sorry to hear about your car. Hopes it gets better soon and little cost. It might eat into your treat fund.
Goodness, guess there's weird weather everywhere. We have frosty mornings then it goes up to the 60's in the afternoon here in Northern California. Mom has been waiting for snow for about five or six years now. Mom thinks we are going to have a drought year since we are low in our rain fall for this time of year.

Great pose Eric. Sure hope your Dad gets the car back on road without costing a whole lot so you can still get some of that luxury food.

Great mancat pose, Eric. You do look like you are inviting some lovely ladies over to visit. I hope that fixing up Little Hans doesn't eat into your treat fund.
That's a great pose Eric. :) Wonderful Man Cat photo. :)
You are the very definition of Man Cat!
Our beans just got some car fixes done & it was $2000. We don't know what that is in pounds though.
Yes, luxury cat food sounds purrfect for XL sized cats like us! Very nice picture for Man Cat Monday!
Definitely a manly pose! FAZ
That's a nice, manly cat pose. You are very handsome.
We hope your car doesn't need too many repairs and that they don't cost much!
Luf, Us
very manly! you've sure got the man version of that "come hither" look!
Beautiful Man Cat picture, I will dream of you all night...Missy
Furry nice Fat Eric...yu look furry row-MAN-tick in dat pixchur. Reow....

Your metal monster is named Little Hans? Wow!! We don't know what a lorry is, big or little.

Dude!! You an' me should go for a pie n' a pint an' talk football...

Oh dear, car repairs stink. The scrimping should not, however, come from the cat column!
We love your car's name. Too, too funny. That is a great Man Cat picture. Sorry I'm delayed posting, blogger has been, um, difficult, this week.
That is a great pose Eric! All you are missing is the Hugh Hefner-esque smoking jacket!
That is a manyly pose Fat Eric ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO
Hey Fat Eric. I just dropped by and the lady peep says I have to say that your mancat picture is cool. You look like you need some company man. I bet there's lots of chick cats out there who'd love to curl up beside you. As long as my girlcat doesn't see your picture I'm probably safe. See you later dude. - Fat Eddy
I can't believe that bloggers being such a pill that we missed your Man Cat Monday shot. How lovely. You are a very manly cat!
You are a good looking cat! Maybe one of these days you can come for a visit and we can have man night. You know, cigars and poker!

Opus and Ros
OOOOOOH Eric, so strong & manly.
Such a mancat.
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