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My mum dropped a TV remote control on my head this evening. It hurt. Luckily it did not fall far (I was sitting on her lap at the time) or I might have been worse hurt. She felt very guilty afterwards and tried to win back my affections with duck paté and cheese. This is not the first time I have been attacked by a remote control - it has happened before. I think I should stay well away from them in future.

Here are some more pictures from my holiday in Devon. This chair is the best vantage point in Devon Grandma's house. From here you can keep an eye on what's going on in the study, the living room, the kitchen, the hall and Devon Grandma's bedroom!

Devon Grandma has this really snuggly fleece blanket with snowflakes on it and she lent it to me.
Here I am getting very snuggly with my mum on Christmas Eve. You can't see much of me, I am all wrapped up and cosy.But then she went to bed and left me without someone to snuggle - you can tell I wasn't best pleased.I tried to stay up and wait for Santa but I kept yawning and eventually I fell asleep.

I have a few more Christmas pictures to post, but first I must go and remind my humans that my head is aching and I need more treats.

I guess being wrapped in a cozy blanket with snowflakes on it makes up for being hit in the head with the remote.
Eric... you are the most handsome boy.

About that remote situation... we've had similar incidents here at our house. Pumpy got smacked in the face with a gaming device a few weeks ago. He was so confused. The woman held him and held him and kissed him and kissed him. He soon forgot about it.
You look very snuggly!
Poor Eric, hope your head's all right, but at least you got cheese (lishus) and duck pate (Efun more lishus) to help you get over your trauma. You look very snuggly in that snowflake blanket with your mum.
It's nice you can go to someplace thats not your home and be comfortable there. Looks like you made yourself right at home. Now your gramma will think of you each time she uses that blankie.
Your mum needs to be more careful with that dangerous item. It is not for hitting little kitties on the head, even by accident.

You look all cozy with your blankie.
I think that remote has it in for you. You should kill it dead when you get the chance.
~ moose
Yes, those remote controls are dangerous objects. Ours like to leap through the air from a chair arm and land with a bang on the floor!
That's horrible about your head. However, the blanket is great.

Keep milking that sore head thing for all it's worth!
What a great holiday in Devon, lots of sleep and cuddles.
I don't think that remote control likes you, Eric. You should stay far away from it. Getting duck pate and cheese as an apology is very nice, though.
Hello Eric,

Great Photos. The neice thingy once
hit me in the head with a doll.She
told mommy it was an accident(Yeah right)now I hide when she visits.Kids
are bad.I'm sure your mom didn't mean it.
Oh, Eric! Be careful- people just don't understand the down side of being a floofy (yet macho) boy. They think it's all beer and skittles and don't realize the inherent dangers like weight shifting and falling off the bed, hairballs and inadvertently knocking ornaments off the table.
Mum wants to know what she has to do to get some of that duck pate and cheese...
I suggest putting the bitey on the remote control ... Teach it who's the boss, right?

I'm glad that you weren't hurt badly (just enough to warrant extra treats!).

Hay something simmlar happened to me there i was just doing what mu shue dose best sleeping right in the middle of the way to get to two room and mama Laura steped on my tail it too treets to win me back to her luff.

mu shue
The remote must go
Glue must be added to the human's fingers to the remote will not be able to jump frum her fingers again. Hrmph. To think that it may have hurt your beautiful head makes us furry sad.
LOL Hope your head is feeling better Fat Eric! You`re such a pretty boy!

Oh very cool pictures. You look very comfy with your fleece blankie.
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