Sunday, January 21, 2007


So Many Gorgeous Gingers

Thank you to all my friends who have been concerned about me being blown away by the very windy weather we have been having here lately. We are fine, especially me as I cunningly stayed indoors where it was cosy. Lots of people lost tiles off their roofs and bits of sheds and so on, but we were quite lucky here. We had our roof fixed last summer so we didn't lose any tiles - we had a few plant pots blown over, and the bins, and the lid flew off the waterbutt, but that was it. The pavements here are covered with twigs that blew off the trees.

Last Wednesday, just before the Big Storm, my mum took her class tree-planting in the woods with the Woodland Trust. It poured with rain and they had to walk for 40 mins across the muddiest fields ever. Although they were all wearing boots and raingear, they all came back coated in mud and had to find lots of emergency dry socks. My mum is glad she was wearing her waterproof trousers (even though she still got mud on the other trousers she was wearing underneath). When she got home, I wrinkled up my nose at the smell of her clothes! They wrote really good Mud Poems at school the next day, she says.

Today it is sunny but cold. We have been updating the Gorgeous Gingers site. There are now 52 Gorgeous Ginger members - can you believe there are so many? Our latest members are Fracas, Obi, Percy, Lionel and Tigger (Lionel and Tigger don't have blogs yet). We also have 10 very special Rainbow Gingers.

Talking of ginger kitties, this has to be the luckiest ginger kitty ever.

I also added a lot more links to my list of bloglinks. If you would like me to link to your blog, have a look at my links and, if you're not there yet, please let me know!

I'll be posting a special post on Wednesday as it will be my first blogiversary!

I'm glad you and your family are alright, Eric. On occasion, we get high winds here in Houston so I know exactly how you must have felt. Keep safe!

I can't even believe we have 52 Gorgeous Gingers! That's simply amazing. I think we might have the most members out of any of the cat groups. Woo-hoo!

Keep up the great work! It's really all thanks to you!
We're really really glad you're ok Eric! And your fambly too. You've done a great job with the Gorgeous Gingers site, and the Rainbow Gingers too. Good job!
Your bud Pepi

Pee Ess. I put your link on the WCB for Sanjee. She's gone to hang out with Miles and console him about the GOOP.
Good show, Eric! You've done a marvelous job with the GGs.
We're glad all is well in the UK. Maybe the high winds blew away the Evil Intruder Kitties?
Hey, Eric, thanks for making me a member of the GGs. For a catguy who started life as a greasy baby ginger stuck in the engine of a bad man's pickup truck, this is a great honor, indeed!

Glad you made it through the winds ok. I am very amazed at the story about poor Pumpkin. He flew everywhere during his 3 weeks hiding in that plane! Thanks fer adding me to yer links! :)
Hi Eric. We were very happy to hear from you and we're also glad that no damage or harm came to you during that very windy day.

Your mummy sounds like a dedicated and interesting teacher.
Glad you survived all the storms. Even we stayed indoors by the fire. One of our favourite climbing trees blew down. It was a 90' Ash. Dad has spent all weekend sawing it up for our woodburner to keep us warm.That's a great job on the GG's. Hope the new pic of Kitty YB works ok this time.
The story about Pumpkin is amazing.
Eric good to hear you and your family is OK after all of the winds. That was furry scary to see on the news.

And WOOOHOOOO for the GG's. 52 of us plus the Rainbow Gingers? Wow. I know when I see a new ginger I leave a message for them to join up.

I updated my linkies today too. I had mum add another 15 links to my list. So many blogging kitties!
Oh goodness - sounds furry scary! Glad you are all OK :)
We are glad to hear that you are okay, we did not realize that you are also in Germany, your location is blank. Can Monte be a member of the Gorgeous Gingers, he is a yellowish tabby cat.
Mom's pals said it was wickedly windy over the ocean. Staying inside was one smart idea!
ooh - maybe our step-brother Max who lives with our teenagers' daddy could be a Gorgeous Ginger? that'd be cool!
I'm very glad that you didn't have any damage with the very windy weather. Staying inside was very smart of you. Pumpkin's story is amazing.
52, wow! What a fine looking group!
Glad to hear you are safe! And it is so wonderful that Pumpkin is safe! And those v-e-t-s at Alameda East are good people! They are featured on Animal Planet!
I read that story about the ginger-kitty stowaway! I'm just glad they found him. Poor baby.
By the way, ginger cats are my favorite.
We are glad to hear you did not blow away! And Wow, what a survivor kitty that Pumkin is! It makes me very scared of letting my kitties fly.
Sorry, we were just going by the news and comments about the storm, we thought you lived in Germany, thank you for correcting us: another country we have friends living in.
Eric, when you posted at ArtsyCatsy that your Cat Age is only 48, while mine is 77, I nearly had a stroke! I'm relieved to learn that you're only 11 in actual years, while I'm 17. Given that I scored poorly for behavior, this now seems reasonable. Now I can calm down and stop hissing and burying my claws in anything that moves.

Offical Old Crone
Eric, we're quite glad that you're okay and haven't been blown away. That wind has been something this year, hasn't it?
Glad to hear you made it through the wind storm okay. We are okay here in Germany too, although one of our fence panels was blown out. But my dad thinks he can fix it.
I so furry glad you am ok Eric!
We's so so glad yu is OK Eric and we fank yu fur the Gorgeous Gingers...especially our own gorgeous Ginger Ping!

Oh No stay inside wind is bad it leaves your fur all messy!
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