Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Widebody Wednesday

"Sleeping off the sherry trifle at Christmas."

Mum is trying to rub that floofy belly. What a cuddly boy!
Sleeping it off? Maybe running it off will work better - so cute though!
He, he. I would not mind a bit of sherry trifle myself.
Such a cute floofy tummy!
Eric, every time you show that floofy belly of yours, mum wants to give it lots of rubs and kisses. If you didn't live so far away I would be worried.
My tummy can't challenge yours at all.
Yes, that is a very rubby tummy, if you ever need tummy rubs and no one is there for you, just give me a holler.
We had to google "sherry trifle" but now that we know what it is, we know why you're sleeping it off. You always look sooooo relaxed sleeping on your back. How DO you do that?
--Alberta, Sky, Blakcie, Charlie and Maggie Fu

P.S. That picture of you and Scratchy Mouse in front of your Devon Grandma's electic fire is one for the calendar!
I just love your tummy shots, Eric. I would love to be able to give you a tickle and a rub.
Eric, you are just so floofy and huggable, I'll betcha get hugged and squeezed all the time.

World class tum.
Your tummy looks so soft and fuzzy, I love it!
You have one of the floofiest tummies that I have ever seen! Great picture!

China Cat
Dude, you look so relaxed! -Shaggy

You are one big handsome boy!

Is it as windy in your town as it is in ours? We are sitting in the window watching the trees blow back and forth AND our fence blew down in our back garden! Oh no.
Eric, I pass on to you my title of "CatBoy with the Bestest Belly"! And thanks for visiting our blog. You asked about portrait commissions -- my VP Fracas has just posted a blatant commercial plug about a once-in-nine-lifetimes special on portraits. When you wake up, come check it out!

CEO, ArtsyCatsy
It looks like you are sleeping very soundly!
Mom says one just wants to pick you up and cuddle you! (Watch out: she kisses!)
My mommy wants to kiss your tummy. Good thing you're so far away!

You do look so comfy and happy and soft and fluffy!
you're the cuddliest looking kitty ever!
that's certainly a widebody Eric. We are worried cuz mum sez she wants to kiss that big floofie tummy, and we know the Beans are going away furr a few days to near Newbury next month, and she sez it is not too far furrom London. You'll haf to tell us if she comes around and kisses yer tummy.
Eric are you OK? We keep seeing pictures of big winds blowing trees, trains and all sorts of stuff over. Even planes doing funny weaving in the skys. Be safe.
You're a super floof, super floof
You're super floofy, yow!
Oh my. What a yummy tummy! Sherry trifle sounds delish. Be careful of all dem good foods or maybe you get da gout!

It's a good thing you're over the water and far away. My OTW is a belly kisser too. She would come right over and you wouldn't be able to pry her face out of your tummy with a CROWBAR!!
What a great photo. I just can't get enough of your tummy floof, Eric.
uho eric now mama is a kissy the tummy type of moood she going to kiss the frisst fluffy gigner and white cat she can find Oh wait thats me Uho better hide Drop us a line and let us know you okay wiff all that wind over in enland
Your tummy is so cute! I can't get over how fluffy you are.
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