Friday, March 30, 2007


Floofy Friday Again

If you're a long-haired kitty, join in!
Links to other Floofy Friday photos:
Faz's friends

Hi Eric!!!

Obi will be posted in the Friday am for Floofy Friday!! You guys look very similar!

Right now though, we are tagging you for the 5 Reasons Why I Blog MeMe!!!

Luf, Us
You are the king of floofy!
Heehee that is a cute picture ~Poiland Tribe
You look like a cat pillow in that photo, Eric!
Sorry, no floofiness here, but I can still admire yours!
You are very floofy and fluffy! :) That's a terrific photo. I can't imagine having that much fur but it looks great on you! :)
Hooray, it's Floofy Friday! And you are the very floofiest!
Ok, Obi is up for Floofy Friday!

Luf, Us
Wow - you are floofy squared! I posted my sister Puff last Wednesday, you two have A LOT in common!
I'm a bit floofy and I have a photo, although I'm not looking as floofy as you, Eric!
Oh I LOVE this picture. You look like one laid back cat.

I think it's very brave of you to show your tummy. That means that you are a very content and secure kitty.


our Lady thinks this is the best idea ever - thank you! she loves Mega Fluff, and you sure do qualify. we love the paws up pose too!
My floofy friday is up! -Shaggy
Hey big boy, I am sadly not a long haired kitty but I have put pictures of three of my long haired kitty friends on today's blog. Purr FAZ
Oh Eric

You are too adorable. Momma just wants to rub your tum.

Eric yoo are definitely King of the Floofies. Mum says she loves your tummy.Flynn likes lying on his back with his paws in the air too, but he hasn't got any floof.
You have such abundant floofiness that can't just be the King of Floofy, you must the Emperor, Sultan and Tsar of Floofy too!

I think Jasmine is addicted to your tummy floof. She keeps patting the pictures of you on the 'puter!
That's some major floofiness.
Wow, I'm totally impressed! I could never be so fluffy!
You have got to be the floofiest cat I have ever seen, Eric. I love the way you show it off.
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