Friday, March 23, 2007


Floofy Friday

I have decided that Friday is a good day to be a Floofy cat. Maybe next week some of the other long-haired cats on the Blogosphere might like to join me in having a Floofy Friday?

My mum and I have been working hard on maintaining my floofiness. I am very good at grooming my long fur, but I have had some knots lately. My mum combs me most days and I am furry co-operative. I lie there and purr while she is tugging at the tangles. And I like to lick the comb. I also have a brush and a Zoom Groom - being floofy takes a lot of effort you know.

So, to mark the inauguration of Floofy Friday, I have chosen a picture which I think shows off my essential floofiness. What do you think?

You certainly are floofy Eric. I don't think I am floofy enough furr Floofy Friday, and Flynn certainly isn't.Mum sez you have a tummy just asking to be kissed.We had to change to new blogger yesterday. They've been trying to make us do it furr quite a while now, but we managed to get around it by leaving Dashboard, and going back a bit later, but that didn't work last night, so we had to do it.Everything seems to have gone ok though.
Hooray for Floofy Friday! That sounds like fun. And I think you are the absolute floofiest!
Your picture looks wonderfully floofy. But you tummy does look a bit tangled.

Your Royal Floffyness!
You are the Superme Floofmeister, Eric!
I will try to remember next Friday!
Oh look at how beautifully floofy you are! Now I will have a Friday photo to put up too 'cause I am furry floofy!
0h, Eric, so floofy are you!!!! We will try our best to be very floofy next "Floofy Friday". Great idea!

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Yoo are da King of da Floofys! All hail da king. None of us is floofy and we iz jellus.
Yur entire hole body is floofy but most of mine floof iz in mine tale. I haff to amember to post a floofy tale pikchur next week. Grr's Momma is gonna LUV that!
You are a whole lot of man floof.
Such beautiful floofiness!
Wure soooo not as fluffie as yoo are!! Yer the fluffiest kittie with the cuddliest belly evur!

Owr lady says she culdn't brush yoo cause she wuld start and then stop so she culd cuddle yoo! She's so silly sumtimes!
yes! we likes Your Royal Floofiness!!!
Hail the King of Floofiness! Mum said she could spend days brushing and cuddling you. She thinks that your tummy would make a nice pillow to snuggle up against.
Should I be jealous?
Your slightly less floofy friend,
Eric, you are the absolute floofiest, no doubt about it! You're floofier than all 15 of us put together!

& the Artsy Catsy bunch
Wow! That's a whole lotta floofiness! Obi is going to make a note to himself to post a floofy tummy pictor of himself next Friday. But he can't compare to you we're afraid to say. And Obi HATES to be combed or brushed, especially if Maw pulls a little too hard. He bites the brush or comb and then leaves.


Luf, Us
You are one Floofy cat Eric. Ace doesn't like to be brushed by Mom or Dad. He bites the comb, but I sure do like to be groomed.
You are supremely floofy, Eric. It's good that you help your mum to keep you at your floofiest, too.
Wow what a gorgeous fluffy boy! We have two floofy Kitty Cats - Merlin who has lots of knots and tiny Riot who is all fur and nothing else. We love FLOOOFY!
You're definitely the King of Floofiness, Eric. Sorry, being short haired, we can't join in your Floofy Friday idea, but I know there's lots of long-haired bloggers that will.
Maybe my brother Rudy could join! I even posted about him today!
Eric I think your a very handsome floofy kitty.
what a handsome, floofy kitty!!
Floofy Friday? It's like a dream come true!
Karen C.

are any of us floofy enuff ta join in? we're only mee-dee-um floof kitties. an Midnight not effun that much yoo-shully.
very foofy Fat Eric ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko and the Poiland Tribe
You are very floofy and quite poofy like a big poof of a floof and beautiful. I love floofy friday.

i hope today was ultra floofy for you.
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