Monday, March 12, 2007


I Spy Spring

The sun is shining today. The temperature in London this afternoon was 17ºC. (That's about 62º F, for my Mericky friends). I could smell Spring in the air, so I set off on a little tour of my garden. Most of the garden still looks a bit bare and depressing, but there are signs of Spring all over the place.

On the front wall outside our house there are some crocuses growing and some of these grape hyacinths.
Just outside the front door is this pot with these pretty dwarf tulips and little daffodils in.

Outside the back door is this bucket with hyacinths in, and if you go out of the back door you can smell them very strongly!
A few daffodils are out and lots more to come.
Isaac Newt has woken up and is swimming round the pond with his newty friends. We tried to take a picture of him but it was hard because he was underwater. Can you see him in the middle of this picture? (pointy tail on the left, little round head on the right)

Haven't seen any of my frogs yet, but there are lots of birds twittering. I am glad Spring is in the air.

Yay, spring is coming here too. It was in da fifty's today and the snow is melting!
Your flowers are looking purrty.Mum has been putting her flower and vegetable seeds in what looks like lots of litter boxes.At the moment she has got mostly weeds growing, and I can tell you it's not a purrty sight.
::sigh:: I tried to sneak outside tonight, but mum putted her shopping bags down so I couldn't get out. Mum says the flowers look nice. It was about 55 F here today!

She was visiting London three years ago this week. It had snowed the day they got there!

I spied newt!
Yep, yep - Spring is here in Merika! Mommakitty worked furry hard in the yard last weekend cleanin' up patio furniture, filling the birdie feeders, and cleaning out the water fountain - we gots to hang out in front of the screens and smell all da fresh Spring smells - including flowers!
It may be spring where Kimo & Sabi are, but not where we are. We have lots of snow left to melt and there is not a daffy or anything coming up yet!
We see the newt. He looks like a ghost!
Oh those are such beautiful flowers!! Luf the smell of those big hyacinths!! We spy Isaac Newt! Your garden is so lovely FE!

Luf, Us
The flowers are beautiful, but kittie is the prettiest of all.
I love those grape hyacinths. We have some in our garden, but they aren't up yet. I did see some tiny pansies on my way to work today, so spring is almost here, too. I think I see Isaac Newt, but I'm not sure. Enjoy the warmer weather.
Would you mind if we popped over and took a look know, to get the feel of spring? We don't see flowers here for a few weeks yet 'cause there's still snow, and the daffodils in our yard won't be in full bloom for another month.
Hi Eric... Yes... three days in a row of sunshine here in SE England. Can you believe it? I'm loving it. Guess what? Yesteray a grey tabby cat was in our garden and this morning a ginger cat was in our garden. Hum. Looks like Pumpkin and I are going to have to go on garden patrol again.
Those flowers are pretty! My favorites are the tulips. I'm glad you get to enjoy the spring weather.
Eric, your mum's flowers are furry beautiful. Our mum was glad you named all the flowers. There are little purple ones beside our house, and she never knew what they were. Now she knows they're grape hyacinths. Thank you! And Isacc looks yummy ...

**Cosmo & Cleo
you've got spring all over the place! it's 80 degrees here, and we know it's spring cause the Lady started blocking off the dryer vent again to keep the fev-vers from building nests in it.
Hi, Fat Eric. Your garden flowers look lovely - we have some flowers too, but the biggest surprise is lots of tiny purple violets which planted themselves.
I saw the newt too, and I agree he does look like a ghostie.
pee ess .... I furgot to say, you are looking particularly handsome today.
Spring isn't quite here yet, although the snow is melting. You look very handsome in the garden. I saw the newt! We don't have those, but we have peepers, which are tiny frogs that make a BIG noise.
Mum sighed when she saw all the pretty flowers.
Yes, I would say you spy spring! It looks lovely. I can't wait until it's really here (and not just with the rain).
Great minds Eric! I've just put pictures of my spring garden on the blog too. Yours looks lovely and full of flowers. I was even sunbathing the other morning. FAZ
Very beautiful photos.
We am so envious of yur pretty fleurs. Ours are covered in about 10 inches of white stuff today. Hope it gets warm and melts it all away.
Oh spring looks furry beauotiful there Fat Eric. You are furry lucky to haf a pond of yer very own ~Merlin, Shadow, KO ko
Purdy nice photos Eric!
Don't ya just love spring grass?
Eric, your Spring is there! Ours is still off somewhere, but I keep trying to run outside and look for it, even thoough I freeze my foofy bottom!

You have some purrty flowers in your garden.
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