Sunday, March 04, 2007


A Traumatic Experience

This is a scary story, so if you are of a nervous disposition, look away now...

My humans went away for the weekend to stay with some old friends in Eastbourne. They arranged with Uncle Andrew and his sticky little people to come in on Saturday night and Sunday morning to feed me. My humans fed me on Saturday morning early before they left. Then my mum kissed me on the head and told me to be a good boy and look after the house while they were away. They left and I snuggled up in my fleece bed for a good sleep. I slept nearly all day and then I woke up feeling peckish, so I went looking for dinner. I finished off the crunchies and waited for Uncle Andrew to arrive to give me my stinky goodness. I waited...and waited...and got dark...HE DIDN'T COME!!! I curled up for the night with my tummy rumbling - no dinner!

On Sunday morning I got up early and had a drink of water and waited for Uncle Andrew to come and give me my breakfast. I waited...and waited...and waited...HE DIDN'T COME! I was so hungry! I know I have (ahem!) some fat to survive off, but I am not used to going without my breakfast and dinner! I did have water but I was not happy with the empty food bowl...

Well, at about 2 PM the door opened and Uncle Andrew's wife rushed in. She started hugging me and apologising that I hadn't had any dinner or breakfast. You see, Uncle Andrew got taken ill and was rushed to hospital and his wife and the sticky little people were so worried about him that they forgot they were supposed to be feeding me. They were very sorry when they remembered me and my rumbling stomach. So I got my Saturday dinner in the middle of Sunday afternoon.

When my humans got back at about 6 PM on Sunday I had to tell them all about it and they were horrified to think about my hungriness. Of course, they were worried about Uncle Andrew too.

I got double dinner tonight and lots of treats, so I am feeling better now. Uncle Andrew is still in hospital but he is feeling a bit better too.

My humans said there was a cat in the house where they were staying who looked exactly like Kismet, a Big Man Cat tabby with big whisker humps. He was skinny, not fat like me. He was called Kiff. This explains why my humans smelt of Strange Kitty again.

The little calico girl kitty my mum was thinking of adopting has been adopted by someone else. I am furry happy that she has found a good furrever home. However, I am still being threatened with a sibling. I suppose the only good thing about a sibling is that if I ever have to survive a weekend without food again, I could eat my sibling, right?

ERIC!!! THAT'S TERRIBLE!!!!What a nightmare, are you all right? Are you still 21lbs. We are trembling with shock just thinking about it. Your Beans have a lot of making up with you to do.If you could have got a message to us, we have loads of Greenies and Tem-tay-shuns we could have brought for you. We hope you make a full recovery.
We hope your uncle is ok too.
oh NO, Fat Eric, that is awful. I am very sorry about Uncle Andrew, but if I'd known I could have rushed over with some food for you. You poor boy. We are sending lots of purrs and nosenuzzles, and hope your tummy is feeling nice and content now.
Oh, Fat Eric, that is a very terrifying story! Are you too weak to stand upright now? I am with Eric and Flynn, this calls for many special treats. I am glad Uncle Andrew is getting better too.

It is good that the calico girl got a forever home. But, I still think you would like to have a brother or sister. At least you could huddle together for comfort if that happens again!
Eric we rushed right over when we heard the news! How lucky you are to survive this! Tell Uncle Andrew he needs to not get sick anymore so he can fulfill his obligations to you!
Oh eiric,

How did you ever surrvie and not starve. thats too scary to think about Mu shue cheeks out is food bowl of poor eric. I hope uncle andrew feels better. we glad the calico girl got a forever home but we fink a sibbling might be fun. I even email you Lilly Lu.

Mu shue
You must have a lot of endurance, Far Eric, because I swear I would have fainted dead away after missing that first meal!
How horrific! We're lucky, mom and dad never go away, and if they do and the bean who is suppose to take care of us gets sick or forgets Speedy knows how to open the food bin. Hope your uncle feels much better now.
I'm sure I wouldn't have fared half as well as you, nor been nearly as forgiving. I'm glad that you finally got your dinner and I hope you get some treats to make up for all that wasting away you did.

I'm glad to hear things going well for your Uncle also
Oh Fat Eric, how dreadful for you! Two meals in a row missed and only a little water? Oh Dear Me! That sounds terrible. I am glad someone eventually remembered you! I hope Uncle Andrew is better, and can go home from the hospital.
The horror! I have NEVER heard such a tragic tale! (Shudders). I'm glad Uncle Andrew is OK. I have to check my food dish now- your story made me very nervous.
Oh my goodness Eric, that is toot terrible. We are so glad that you survided. And that you are getting lots of treats now.

We hope you have recovered and that Uncle Andrew is doing OK.

A little sibling sounds exciting, but we don't think you should plan on eathing him/her.
I glad dat your uncle iz gettin well. Purry Beans got emurjenciez. Yet I knohz what u went thru, dear Eric Kitty.

My mommiez gones away sumtimes. Stranjurz come and don't know what ta do.

Like one times befurr i waz born, dese peeples left da heeting on. It got so hot in da housie dat my step sibbies went to da basement and nefurr comes upstairz till mommie comedid home. Dey waz hungree & tirstee.

Dis last time, mommie waz gone two weeks!! She put 3 kitties in da vetties who waz on shots and stuff. Me and boo bear stayed home.

I snuck out & nobuddies knew. When Mommie cum home, she found me out side limpin. i waz hot wit fever. I gotz into fite wit charlie, da outside kitty dat cums by fur food sumtimez.

She took me to da vetties and gotz me medicine. I so happi ta see mommie dat I not minded so much.

Now mommie tinkin uv leevin all us kitties at da vettie, cuz it safer. just not so much fun! Our vetties iz nice. Dey brush kitties & luv on em but we dont getz ta go outside!!

Katie Ann Kitty too
Dear Eric,
Where is Walthmstow? I know where Harefield, Ruislip and Uxbridge are.

Glad you got ta eat finally and that your uncle is better. Lots of purrayers.

Katie Kitty's Mommy.

oh Eric, how HORRIBLE. we is furry sorry that your Uncle Andrew gotted sick fough. it's forgiveable, but getting 2 dinners is awsome!!! i haf fought about eating Sammy sometimes when I'm hungry - like right after brekfest, but his furs would prolly not taste too good. so i doesn't fink about it too much anymore. - Miles
Oh Eric - that was such a nightmare indeed! We're glad that you had some water but no food.... Hopefully this will never happen again! We also hope that Uncle is feeling better.

China Cat & Willow
Oh, no! Did you starve to deaf? My boy does that amost efurry week cuz he can't wait an hour to eat.

We haf lotsa crunchies out alla time an a self-feedin container of crunchies so we's ok if Mom an Dad are gone 1 or 2 nites, just lonely.

As a younger siblin, I must say no, I'm sorry Eric, you can't eat yur sibling.
Eric, you were lucky this time! No invading cat at your house, and if Uncle Andrew had come by to feed you, you might have caught something from him! Of course, your staff should have left a lot more food out just in case.

If they do that, here's what you do: Don't eat much until they get home, then stuff yourself and drop a nice, big "hairball" at their feet. It's great for sympathy.
What a horrible story! Im glad it has a happy ending and I hope your uncle will be back on his feet again soon. PS- If you want to eat a sibling could you eat mine? Guy is a stinky boy and drives me crazy. Thanks. Sultanfus.
Oh my goodness! First, I'm glad your Uncle Andrew is OK.
Second, you poor poor kitty. I'm trimbling with hunger just thinking about your ordeal.
I must say, I am an only kitty and the VET thinks that even if I didn't have FIV, I probably wouldn't be a good brother. I have no desire to share and I'm pretty spoiled. Then I see all the kitty siblings on the blogosphere (and all the former ferals living together...) It makes my mommy sad and she wishes I could have another kitty to play with but they can't afford another FIV+ kitty right now.
You already had a sibling once so you might decide you like the kitty company again! Good luck. I'm sure whatever your beans decide it'll be the right decision.
Oh we wished we were yur neighbors acoz we wuld haf maked sure you were fed. It wuz terrible bout yur uncle and we hope he's feeling better. Yur poor beans must feel terrible too. Fankfully efurryfing is back in proper order.
Eric how horrible that you almost wasted away! Your poor tummy rumbling from lack of food. Hope that everything is better now. Milk it for all you can. Hope than Uncle Andrew gets better too.

Keep us posted on the sibling issue.
Furst off, were sooo glad uncle Andrew is ok...alrite, now we can get into the issue at hand.

Yoo culd have been rushed to the hospitul just like uncle andrew if yoo didn't end up getting fud! (we wuldn't have told yoo that had uncle andrew not been ok).

And to think, yer peeple leave yoo withowt fud AND THAN they smell of a kismet luk alike!?!?! If it was Kismet smell that'd be ok, but it wasn't.

Gud thinking abowt having a sibling to eat...I nevur thawt abowt eatting Rosie but it's a possibility if I get hungry...hmmmm -Cheeto
What a scary story! We hope your uncle is getting better. Maybe you should ask your people to make backup plans or at least check on the people who are supposed to be checking on you. If you're locked in the house, you can't even go round up a mousie or birdie to eat. We're glad the story turned out well, but don't let your family forget it. As someone else said, "milk it."

As for eating a sibling . . . that's one way to eliminate the comptetion . . .

Eeeeek! This is our worst nightmare and you had to live it! We're glad to hear yer uncle is OK, but we hear the food in da hospital is furry yucky too - he may have lamost starved there too! What is da world coming to . . . the sky is falling!
Dood! That sux, not just for you but for your uncle too! I'm glad it wasn't for weeks on end...that coulda have been tragic. Good thoughts for your uncle coming from our end...I hope he feels tons better by now.
Oh no, no food for you and sicky Uncle. Not good! We sends purrs for bof of yall.
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree
Eric, what a traumatic experience! Not a good weekend with you having to go without food and with your uncle being so ill. I hope your uncle is feelin better and that he comes home from the hospital soon.

My humans are also talking about getting me a sibling. My breeder is expecting a litter of kittens in the spring, so four months after that I may have a new brother or sister.
I see my name in your food dish.

From Bon Bon
Thank heavens, after some much needed sustenance, you feel strong enough to talk about this horrible ordeal.
OH NO! What an absolutely dreadful thing to have happen! We're so glad you're regaining your strength and that Uncle Andrew is doing better too.
yu is one tough kitty eric. maybes yu cood try out for a spot on survivor. then yus coods wins enuff money to always hafs foods.
Eric, that was just awful. I think the double dinner and lots of treats bit has to go on for several more days. You just never know when such a thing might happen again!

Oh, and we're glad to hear Uncle Andrew is doing better. :-)
Eric, I just want to say that you are living proof that "failing to plan is planning to fail," or however that goes. If you hadn't had the foresight and wisdom to build up ample girth to survive famines such as this, you might have not survived this horrific event!

I hope your Uncle Andrew is on the mend and feeling chipper again.

CEO, Artsy Catsy
What a scary weekend for you Fat Eric. At least they had a good reason. Your humans owe you lots of treats because of this. Don't let them forget it.
Brrr...your tale made the hair stand up on Catsby's back.
Wow that is a very scary story. I am glad Uncle Andrew is feeling a little better too. FAZ
FAT ERIC....whare are yoo!?!?!? Yoo must be eatting and eatting and eatting...
Gosh that's terrible Eric that you got your dinner so late. But it sounds like they made up for it with all the treats. Really glad Uncle Andrew is getting along better. Take care O.K.

O......M......Gosh we do not know how you survived without food for TWO whole meals. We would definately let it be know that this is not ACCEPTABLE behavior in your 'beans, and we are glad yer Uncle is feelin' better too ~Merlin, SHadow, KO KO and the Poiland Tribe
OMG!!! Haven't they heard of Fatty Liver Disease??? Cats of a "certain size" are much more susceptible to it than more petite versions of cats. You could have keeled over!!! Then how would they feel about that? We don't think they should leave you any more. Never. Without tons of food spread out all over the place.

Our sympathies to you Fat Eric.

Luf, Us
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