Friday, April 13, 2007


Floofy Friday - Showing Off My Floofy Tail

Lots more floofy goodness today from the following floofsters:
Pumpkin (whose tail rivals mine for floofiness)

Oh, that is a lot of floofy goodness!
Very floofy pose Eric! Mom said your tail looks hust like her wand duster. Don't know if that's a compliment or not....
OH NO! Run and hide! My Mommy will want to hold you and nuzzle your floofy belly like a baby! She'll see that tail and want to play with it. Run for your life!

PS You look so sweet in your napping spot!
Grate, now I haf to lissen to Sadie going on and on about yoor gorjus tail and how lovely yoor floofyness is and...well, yeah, yoo got a grate floofy tail. Can't argue wif dat.
What a tail!!! It's bigger than mine!

Luf, Obi
Now I have to post a photo of my brother Rudy's tail! He looks an awful lot like you and he's in love with his tail! You are lookin' great!
A tail that is fitting you in all your fluffiness. Have a good weekend.
That's a gorgeous tail! I just have a skinny one.
Eric, that is a man's floofy tail, indeed!
That's the floofiest tail I've ever seen! Gorgeous!
All this floofiness makes me want to cuddle!
Hi there, Eric, and thanks for cheering me on during my ordeal! I tell you, though, my tail is getting almost as floofy as yours from having medicine dumped down my throat and in my ears!

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts ~DKM
Oh Eric,
That is indeed a beautiful floofy tail! The alternating rings of light and dark ginger color are very stylish.

But what I want to know is why your ears are flat?
Great photo of that floofy tail!
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